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by Tomer

April 22, 2021

RevSeller– the famous Chrome Extension, is a useful tool for Amazon FBA sellers. It is a reliable solution for FBA sellers who are looking for a useful browser extension for effective sales estimations on the e-commerce portal –Amazon. While using it, you can try out some of its innovative features including:

RevSeller extension
  • Real-time ROI calculator
  • Availability of information as needed
  • Improved access to FBA & MFN vendors
  • Flexible customizations of settings

Before using RevSeller, you can go through our detailed information about this Chrome extension.

What is the RevSeller Extension?

RevSeller is one of the highly useful Amazon FBA Google Chrome extensions. Amazon sellers can choose this tool to identify the best opportunities and increase the profit level. We can refer to it as a reliable arbitrage tool.

Do you know that detailed research is highly important for every Amazon seller? But, it is a time-consuming process, and sellers find it hard to accomplish it.

That is why Amazon sellers need RevSeller. This advanced extension minimizes the time needed to find products and compare price rates.

It takes minimal time to browse through products from different third-party platforms. Using RevSeller, you will have comprehensive data about the product category, sales status, and profit potentials.

You can easily make the right decision on launching a new product.

By identifying the right product, you can set the best price for customers. Thus, there is a chance to gain higher profits.

RevSeller lets you calculate your product margins, FBA charges, and ROI. Based on your investment level, you can create diverse scenarios. The tool also informs you about the available products and out-of-stock items.

 Moreover, you will notice how suppliers have made price gaps in their products.

Who is it for?

RevSeller extension is a useful tool for sellers who source products with multiple variations. However, the tool is also valuable to analyze products with no variations. It is easy for sellers to use the tool and get the advantage of it. 

You may also rely on the information and calculation tool. As the tool is a desktop-friendly solution, it targets someone who-

As RevSeller is all about the Google Chrome browser, you will find it valuable for your retail arbitrage needs. 

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How RevSeller Extension works-

You may have once reached the product details page while browsing Amazon products. You will find the extension there.

There is no need to quit that page. The extension will place the seller tool naturally below your webpage’s product title. You will have a clear display of the product data. For instance, when the product is footwear, you will see the size and color in the Variation Viewer box. 

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Features of RevSeller extension-

Before buying the tool, you can check out RevSeller features-

  • ROI calculator- 

It is the most desirable feature available with the extension. You can calculate both profit margin and ROI. 

Most importantly, you do not need to open another window and multiple pages. Use a single window to measure the profit potential of a product. 

How do you know that profit level and the amount that you must invest? You have to enter the shipping cost and FBA selling rate. It will help you to know the necessary details of an item.

Therefore, you can use the calculator to save effort and time. Due to the seamless integration, the calculator does not cover much space on the screen.

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  • Variation Viewer-

 You might have noticed product variations while browsing items, like clothes and footwear. 

The Variation Viewer is a feature to display the product’s available varieties.  You will find the data relevant to every variation. The easily comprehensible data includes the product’s colors, selling prices, sizes, and some other details.

By analyzing the data, you can make your decision. What is more, the tool displays your present stock level, which is highly important for every seller.

Feedback is one of the notable functions of Variation Viewer. You will find the feedback related to the chosen product. Track the customers’ reviews and some other details that measure a product’s value and performance status. They inform you about the popularity of the product across other platforms.

Some Amazon products are available with multiple variations. A seller can encounter a problem while tracking the performance of every variation. Although you are a highly skilled FBA seller, you will not find it easy without tool.

To simplify your task, you may rely on the Variation Viewer. With minimal effort, you can manage several products. 

You will also learn about other sellers who presently sell that product. Furthermore, the tool lets you track the product’s selling price.

How will you take advantage of this useful feature? Find the viewer option and hit the button. You will see the product variations at a time. With a few clicks, you may sort out the relevant products and find their availability for sale.

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  • Percentage and sales ranking-

As a seller, you may have learned about the fluctuating metrics- sales rank. This rank is never stable. That is why you must check a product’s percentage ranking and sales ranking. It helps you in investing in a product confidently.

Interestingly, higher popularity does not always indicate higher sales rates. Wrong sales ranking details can cause the loss of money. The RevSeller extension eliminates this risk by providing accurate ranking details for the investment decision.

There is no need to be a professional data analyst to use the tool. The tool presents easily understandable data. 

  • The Affiliate program-

This Affiliate program can draw your interest. However, do not confuse it with other standard affiliate programs. 

Do you know that RevSeller and Amazon are two different companies? Amazon itself has an affiliate program. By promoting a product, the affiliates get a referral fee. But, the scenario is different for RevSeller.

RevSeller offers a percentage, which is not based on the sales percentage. You need to understand how this affiliate program works. As a seller, when you refer a fellow seller to use RevSeller, you will receive $30. 

You will get this commission when your referral has paid for the RevSeller membership. 

RevSeller Pricing-

You need to pay $99.99 per year to continue using RevSeller. However, you can check out the available discounts on this pricing. The coupon codes will help you to save money. 

How to Getting started with RevSeller-

  • Go through some steps to start using the extension and get the advantage of it.
  • Open your account – Your first step is to reach the RevSeller’s homepage.
  • Add setup details – In this step, you need to deal with Amazon MWS API keys. RevSeller uses it to manage the seller’s account. Analyze the data to know the price details and product-related data for a page that a seller presently uses.
  • Download RevSeller to add it to your Google Chrome browser. Use Chrome store for this step.

Now, RevSeller is ready for your use.

What is MWS API ?

MWS refers to the free API, known as Amazon Marketplace Web Service.  RevSeller users can use the API for the integration of its system into Amazon’s data. 

But, why does Amazon offer it to sellers? As a seller, you can use MWS-

  • To make your selling activities more efficient
  • To ensure better response time
  • To reduce your labor duties

The MWS features include –

  • Regular order and inventory management- You will find it easy to check, add, and edit your product prices. You will also get payment and schedule the preferred order times.
  • Reporting- This feature is about making queries, sending requests, and downloading reports.

The Chrome extension is all-around worth purchasing-

We have personally tested it and found several benefits to the business. As it provides data, it increases the opportunity of gaining higher profits. When you become familiar with the tool, you can make the best use of it. Moreover, the annual price rate to use RevSeller is not high. New sellers will find it easy to pay for it.

What Information Does Revseller Provide?

RevSeller lets you know the information necessary to a reseller to assess a product.

  • The comprehensive information includes 
  • The product’s ASIN number 
  • Parent ASIN
  • The product’s weight and dimensions
  • Average and present pricing and sales status
  • An integrated ROI Calculator- Used for FBA and MFN products
  • Links directing to Keepa
  • Links for restrictions checks

Can I try a RevSeller free trial?

Yes, you will get a free trial offer for one month. You can try out different features of RevSeller and learn how it works for your business on Amazon.

How accurate are estimates?

The Amazon Seller Central API has an integration into RevSeller extension. Based on Amazon’s data, the tool will automatically calculate your selling prices, ROI, and fees. That is why it minimizes the risks of errors.

Still, there is one recommendation from the team behind RevSeller.

It asks Amazon sellers to use the Calculator regularly before finalizing a decision.

One of the notable things is that the Amazon API provides limited data. Thus, you may notice some accuracy problems with your estimates. The safest option for you is to look for some other reliable Amazon sources for data validations.

Final Thoughts-

FBA sellers can rely on RevSeller as the reliable extension to Amazon sales estimations. Make sure you have created a seller account before starting to use the tool. Without seller accounts, you can never receive data. That is why you need a Amazon seller account to take advantage of it. Thus, use the best features of RevSeller and increase your revenues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use it on more than one computer?

You may have a single account to use RevSeller. Still, there is an option for operating this tool on multiple computers. You do not need to pay an additional amount to use it for a new PC. 

Until you stick to one account, you will have no extra charges. You have to pay only for an annual subscription.

Why do I need to complete the RevSeller MWS API setup?

Amazon has created some MWS policies. That’s why sellers must authorize the access to trigger calls on their behalf.

What API data do you access with my RevSeller MWS Auth Token?

You will get only the product-related details about the currently visited page. There is no presence of seller-oriented data.

How accurate are the net proceeds estimates?

The Amazon API uses different types of services for the fee estimation of different products. However, there is still the question of accuracy due to the limited availability of damage from the API. The Amazon team has claimed that it has put effort into maintaining accuracy. But, you need to do your best to avoid errors.

Will this work on my phone or tablet?

Presently, you have no way of using RevSeller extension on tables and smart phones. Google has not provided the extension installation option for your mobile browsers. It is one of the demerits, as several Amazon sellers like to use mobiles to analyze RevSeller’s data.

Is it available in Canada, the UK or other marketplaces?

Sellers using and get access to RevSeller. The UK sellers in the Amazon platform do not have a chance to use it.

Besides Google Chrome, can I use the extension in Firefox, Safari or another browser?

No, you can use the extension only with your Chrome browser. Google has not designed it for other available browsers. Thus, make sure that your computer has the Google Chrome browser.

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