Amazon FBA Cost Calculator – All You Need to Know

by Tomer

April 8, 2021

What Is Amazon FBA Cost Calculator?

The Amazon FBA Calculator is a useful tool for sellers on Amazon who might be deciding to make use of the FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) feature or go for any other fulfillment method. When you have access to a FBA cost calculator, as a seller, you can either compare FBA & FBM (Fulfillment by Merchant) or simply opt for calculating the overall fees associated with FBA.

Using a reliable FBA cost calculator helps the sellers to make instant, well-informed decisions about the respective products, their pricing, and the overall profitability of the business. Thankfully, for your ease, you can come across a myriad of FBA cost calculators available out there. You can come across both Amazon’s patent calculator and various other web-based tools. These tools make it simpler to calculate the overall FBA fees while browsing existing products on the portal. 

When to Use the Amazon FBA Fee Calculator

As a seller, when you are browsing and researching about new products to sell on the portal, FBA cost calculators can help. The tool aims at providing with detailed information about net margin and net profits that you can expect as you start selling the particular product on the marketplace with the help of FBA. At the same time, the tool also aims at providing access to free FBA estimates on a per unit basis of the given item.

FBA fees estimator or calculator also helps in understanding the respective margin impacts when you wish to lower or increase the sales price of a particular item. You can also leverage the data in the calculator for determining the cost budget range of the product. This aids in analyzing the minimum customer price for being profitable in the business. Additionally, you can also use FBA cost calculators when you wish to make the switch from SFP or FBM to FBA across your entire business. 

What are common Amazon FBA fees?

Typically, Amazon is known to charge 15 percent of the selling price of the item on every product that is being sold –irrespective of the ecommerce fulfillment process that you choose. In addition to the seller fees, Amazon FBA usually charges two types of fees: 

  • Inventory storage fees
  • Fulfillment fees

Let us know about these in detail

Fulfillment Fees

The given fee structure is known to include every aspect of the fulfillment process. Fulfillment fees would vary depending on the shipping weight and product size of the item that is being shipped. Based on item size, the categories are:

  • Standard size
  • Oversize

For standard size items, the fulfillment fees would range from $2.41 (for items weighing under 1 pound) to $4.71 (for items weighing over 2 pounds). In case of oversized products, the fees commence at $8.13 for smaller items. Ultimately, the fulfillment fees would depend on what you are going to sell. 

Product Return Fees

If the given product is eligible to be used for Amazon Prime, then you have to pay extra fee for ensuring FBA returns

Inventory Removal Fees

If you do not wish to make use of FBA any longer, then it can become quite expensive to remove the inventory from the respective fulfillment centers. If you go for the option of Amazon remove, you will be charged $0.50 to $0.60 per item –based on the size of the item.

Penalty Fees

If the sellers will not follow Amazon’s rules, it might even penalize them. For instance, unplanned FBA preparation fee might be charged to the sellers who might not have prepared the products as per the essential preparation guidelines and stringent packaging rules.

Package Preparation Fees

Indeed, you will be required to choose Amazon package and prep products. However, it comes at an additional cost. Based on the overall order volume and margins, you will be required to pay the necessary fee amount. 

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Why Should A Seller use FBA COST Calculator

The reason sellers should opt for FBA cost calculators is that they can be extremely helpful when a seller might be scouting or researching new products. The tools are particularly effective to provide a ballpark profit (net) as well as the net margin that a seller would expect while starting to sell products through Amazon using the FBA facility. It can also help to provide a cost estimate of a particular product in terms of per unit.

On top, the FBA cost calculators can help understand the impact on the profit margin if a seller decides to modify the selling price or the product cost of an item. The data associated with the calculator can be used for determining the budget range of a product that a seller would need to stick with or have an idea about the minimum price to the buyer to sustain profitability. The most appropriate use of the Amazon FBA calculator will be if a seller is considering switching from SFP or FBM to FBA either partially or fully.

How Is The Amazon FBA Fee Calculated?

The biggest perk of FBA happens to be storage and inventory management. Amazon sellers will be spread from spending large capital upfront for storage if they opt for this service. The cost is nominal compared to the benefits associated.

Amazon would charge a monthly fee for the entire inventory at the fulfillment centre. The fee is calculated depending on the volume, the size or the dimension of the product, and the time of the year when it is stored. The storage fees go up during the holiday period i.e. October till December.

The storage fees on a monthly basis are calculated & charged between the period 7th&15th of every month. It is just after the month during which the fee is applicable.

Apart from the monthly storage fee, if the product has been stored for more than a year at a fulfillment centre, a long-term storage fee will be applicable and detected every month. In case a seller is not careful enough, this fee might add up quickly and may drastically impact profitability.

In order to use the calculator you need to have a seller central account.

10 Best FBA COST Calculators

1. Amazon Revenue Calculator

It is a leading web app by the seller central of Amazon. This application is considered to be a treasure chest of various resources and information for the FBA sellers of Amazon. The entire app is quite simple to use while offering a clear idea of the respective FBA fees. The calculator also reveals whether you should opt for FBM or FBA. 

Amazon Revenue Calculator

There exists a provision for users to know about price drops when it happens along with history charts of Amazon. The data relating to the price history and sales rank is of considerable importance for the Amazon sellers.


  • Price drop & availability alerts
  • Price history chart
  • Simple & user-friendly interface
  • Proper charts for revenues, seller proceeds, and fees

2. Jungle Scout FBA Profit Calculator

In comparison to other Amazon FBA cost calculators available out there, this one by Jungle Scout is available as the XLS file that can be downloaded. You can receive the same in your mail. At the same time, the tool also allows you to get accurate estimations of net margin, product profitability, FBA fees, and net profit.

Jungle Scout FBA Profit Calculator

The given calculator comes with a pricing plan that is transparent enough. It is also equipped with a blog section that is regularly updated. This app’s best feature is the advice and product comparison for almost every aspect of sales that takes place on Amazon.


  • Easy to use –both online as well as offline
  • A comprehensive presentation of expected loss or profit and estimated costs
  • Ease of using the downloadable file on laptops, computers, and PCs.

3. Amazon FBA Calculator by Sellerapp

It is a basic tool but is a very useful one. The tool includes a price tracker. It also has a section related to deals that highlight the most popular products on Amazon, along with products that go through frequent price drops.

Amazon FBA Calculator by Sellerapp

The app is available in both Chrome & web extension variants. The web-based version of the tool allows for searching specific products on the basis of the respective Amazon or ASIN link. 


  • Free calculator available for both web & Chrome extensions
  • Offering the quick overview of FBA fees & costs
  • Ease of analyzing profit profitability and margins

4. AMZScout FBA Calculator

AMZScout is one of the major competitors of Jungle Scout. It is a free app and can be easily downloaded from the Chrome Store. The objective with which this tool was developed was to help speed up the product search for sellers on Amazon. The tool is available with both Chrome and Web extensions while being similar to the one by Sellerapp. 

AMZScout FBA Calculator

The best part of the tool is that it offers access to one-click estimation of the income and sales level. 


  • Access to FBA fees, margins, sales volumes, and revenues
  • Estimated levels of sales & income
  • Full information on commissions by Amazon

5. Salecalc

This is an application that helps find the perfect product so that a seller can start dominating on Amazon. This tool can be installed free of cost and can be quite handy to supercharge the Amazon product research. The tool does not exactly measure the estimated profit for a particular product, but offers the profit estimate for any product in any category.


It further allows analyzing the entire Amazon market and gives an idea about what product can be an excellent opportunity to maintain dominance on Amazon. The sale and revenue estimate feature is derived from actual figures extracted from hundreds and thousands of live products. It allows evaluating the profitability of any category with confidence, thereby eliminating guesswork from the product selection.


  • Unified dashboard
  • Results available as both graph and lists
  • Sales estimations per product

6. Viral Launch FBA Calculator

Viral Launch serves to be one of the leading providers of a myriad of services and specialized tools for Amazon sellers. Most of the products and services by Viral Launch are available with some fee. However, the Amazon FBA calculator by the brand is available for free.

Viral Launch FBA Calculator

With this tool, all you are required to do is to enter the product or ASIN link. You can also enter additional information like landed unit cost. Then, you can select the button for receiving accurate estimations of the profits and margins. 


  • Revealing realistic estimates of the involved Amazon FBA fees that you can expect
  • A great tool to be used for understanding Amazon FBA fees 
  • Complements the Market Intelligence & Product Research tools by Viral Launch

7. Fetcher Profit Calculator

The Fetcher Profit Calculator is a great tool for calculating the potential FBA fees on Amazon. In addition to this, the tool is also capable of calculating the overall profits. To achieve the same, the calculator takes into consideration several factors. Some of these might include fixed costs, upfront costs, variable costs, and the FBA fees. You can also know about the marketing costs. All of these factors allow you to make informed decision about the overall productivity of the product. 

Fetcher Profit Calculator

Those who have used this application have claimed that this FBA calculator is quite effective and handy. For extra convenience, a user guide is included for easy handling.


  • Offering accurate estimations of product profitability on the basis of several variables
  • Can be used for free with proper email subscription
  • Capable of complementing other Fetcher tools for delivering a highly comprehensive understanding of expected loss or profit

8. Shipbob Amazon FBA Calculator

Serving as an ideal alternative to the famous Amazon Seller Central Calculator, the given tool by Shipbob is known to base the respective results on the prices for Amazon’s FBA services as practiced during last few months. For deliveirng access to acurate results, the tool enables its users to calculate the number of orders received, the package size, average weight of the item, and various other factors that might impact the FBA fees.

Shipbob Amazon FBA Calculator

Even though the application is free to install, there is a charge for the support services. Therefore, taking the help of a forum would be the best way in case there is any need to troubleshoot any issue. Over, it is no doubt a handy tool that can be used for quick checks. It is important to note that this application has been developed specifically for Amazon and will be of no use in the case of other market places.


  • Observing full product details
  • Comprehensive results available in the format of a sheet with monthly breakdown
  • Estimation of potential revenue & profit increments
  • Calculation of monthly profits & margins

9. IO Scout Calculator

This calculator offers an easy-to-use and precise way of calculating the accurate FBA fees. As frequent updates keep occurring on the existing data, you can have the assurance that changes affecting FBA costs for the sellers on Amazon are always included in the calculation. 

IO Scout Calculator

With this tool, you can be assured that the values that you obtain out of FBA calculator are accurate. Additionally, you can also get access to important information on the overall revenues and expenses. The best thing of using this tool is that you can use this leading cost calculator for free. 


  • Increase in the overall sales
  • Precise information about specific parameters
  • Available for free

10. Amazon FBA Calculator by Sellerdynamics

This innovative FBA calculator by Seller dynamics is created for Amazon sellers in the United Kingdom. The best part of the tool is that it is quite simple and intuitive to use. With this tool, you are only required to fill in the necessary details. Upon doing so, you will get a comprehensive breakdown of the associated FBA fees along with the overall profits that you can expect out of the same.

Amazon FBA Calculator by Sellerdynamics


  • Easy to use and intuitive user interface dedicated to the UK sellers on Amazon
  • Profit calculation of the product is known to include VAT and postage fees along with other fees that might not be considered by other FBA calculators 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How To Pick The Best FBA Calculator?

The first thing is that you need to see whether the calculator allows adequate scope for research or not. The tool must provide an estimated net profit and net margin. If not, the calculator is of no use.

Secondly there are various types of calculators available for Amazon sellers spread across different countries. Therefore, the calculation will be done depending on the currency of a particular nation. So, the first thing that you need to check is whether the calculator is giving you the estimates in the correct currency or not.

How much does FBA cost?

The cost for selling through Amazon FBA includes a monthly fee, cost of the product, shipping expense, and maybe third-party tools. A monthly storage and fulfillment fee will also apply for using FBA.

Usually, the cost would include:

A professional seller account. It may not be a monthly fee but a fixed per item cost along with a selling fee.

Cost for locating the product, packing and shipping fees, customer handling fees and finally, return fees.

A fee is applicable if a seller decides to pull inventory or clear up unsold stocks.

What is a ‘pick & pack’ Amazon FBA fee?

It is order picking. The one who will do the pick-up will see a snap of the product on screen and then wait for a KIVA robot to come over with a yellow colored bin having stowed products. The area where the product is illuminated needs to be grabbed, scanned, and shifted into a tote. Thus, this is the pick process, and a fee is charged for this.

The tote is sent to one of the packing departments depending on the product. Items are individually inducted into a sorting tray which is re-binned. An alert is sent to the packers when a shipment is ready with all the required items. Finally, the item is taped and forwarded to the conveyor so that Auto-SLAM applies a shipping label. This is the pack process.

How Hard Is It To Sell On Amazon Fba

It is not difficult at all. With the Amazon FBA fulfillment, it is very easy to use the platform and scale the online business. There won’t be any need to hire any storage space since Amazon would take care of everything, including customer care.

However, sellers need to keep an eye on profitability. Since the service is not for free, sellers must conduct good research for the best returns.

How To Use AMZ Researcher FBA Calculator For Calculation Of Profit Margin

The AMZ FBA calculator has been designed to estimate the Amazon fees. It is a good way of comparing bottom-line profit estimations between FBM and FBA. Sellers will need to keep track of sales and profit daily using the profit dashboard. The profit is determined after the expenses like taxes, fees, and other costs have been eliminated by the application.

How To Calculate The Ship To Amazon Cost?

Unlike any of the other freight rate estimators, the freight rate estimator makes use of real data to determine instant surcharges and freight costs. The calculator takes into account dimensional weight as well. The data is calculated on real-time freight rates from numerous freight providers. It helps to come up with accurate and real-time quotes. The calculator includes all fees and surcharges related to shipping by land, air, and water.

To find out the cost for shipping to Amazon, sellers will have to create an FBA shipment using the Send To Amazon option, whether it is done using the old system or the new one.


As an Amazon seller, the biggest decision you will be making is with respect to fulfilling the orders on your own or through FBA. Every option will have its own merits & demerits. However, the ultimate decision should be based on the overall profits. 

FBA delivers a myriad of benefits to Amazon sellers. Thankfully, Amazon has a totally transparent FBA fees or pricing policy. With the help of a reliable Amazon FBA calculator, you can check the overall profitability, estimated fulfilling fees, and margins of the product. Therefore, you should choose the best Amazon FBA calculator for your use. 

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