FBA Rank Chart | How It’s Beneficial for the Sellers?

by Tomer

March 26, 2021

No doubt, Amazon is one of the biggest eCommerce platforms out there when it comes to revenue and sales. As per a report, third-party sellers contribute up to 50% of the total units sold on Amazon. 

And that’s the reason why sellers are always curious to know about the FBA rank chart or Amazon sales rank. The FBA rank chart helps you track down the popularity of a particular product in its niches, such as health, household, gardening, and more.

fba rank chart

Moreover, the chart helps sellers in scouting and sourcing popular products so that they can make more sales and thus generate more revenue.

Does the FBA rank chart really make sense? Do you really need it to upscale your FBA business? This article rounds up everything you need to know about FBA rank charts. Also, I have listed an updated sales chart that you can have a look at to understand how it works.

Everything You Need to Know About Amazon Sales Rank or FBA Rank Charts 

Some people find it daunting to understand the sales rank chart, especially the newbies. However, understanding a chart and acting based on its stats is not that hard. 

fba rank chart

Before I show you the sales chart and explain how it works, it’s essential to understand what a sales chart is.

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What is an Amazon FBA Rank Chart?

The sales chart or also known as the FBA rank chart, helps you understand how well a product sells based on its category. The lower the rank, the more the product is selling.  

On the other hand, products with a high rank, such as 100 or 200, denote a low-selling product. To help you get this thing better, here’s an image of the best-selling book on Amazon. 

The data belongs to a book “It’s Not Easy Being a Bunny (Beginner Books).” As you can see, it says #1 in books, and that means the book is the best-selling one on Amazon. Furthermore, it has a rank #1 in some other sub-categories as well, such as Children’s Nature Books and Children’s Family Life Books.

What’s an FBA Rank Chart? And Why Is It Important for You?

The above information belongs to just one product, and the sales chart covers numerous categories with their rankings and other essential details. 

An FBA rank chart covers information accumulated on a monthly basis. This information varies from category to category and has different percentiles as well. 

Sales rank charts are essential for scouting products in order to generate more sales. Yes, FBA rank charts are essential for every seller, but they aren’t the only factor to boost sales.

 A sales chart shows you the item that’s selling the most in its category. Furthermore, it offers multiple suggestions of different items that fall in the same percentile and has a better selling rate. 

An FBA rank chart is only beneficial in understanding what’s selling, and it doesn’t help you in enhancing sales. (I’ve covered a few tips in this article to use sales charts for your benefit)

How Does Amazon Decide Which Product Will Rank First? 

The rankings entirely depend on the algorithm that Amazon uses but never shares with anyone! There are multiple factors that affect the ranking of a product. I’m into the FBA business for years, and here’s what I got to know so far when it comes to factors that impact product rankings in the sales chart.

Sales history 

In order to earn a good score in the sales chart, a product should have a good sales history. Any fluctuations in the sales history will directly hit the rankings, and it can slash to the bottom at any time. 


To calculate the sales rank, Amazon recognizes the category of a particular product. Suppose it has to calculate the ranking of an Apple iPhone 12; it’ll calculate it against the products that fall under the same category, i.e., “Cell phones and accessories.” 


A category is huge and has numerous products, so the smart algos of Amazon determine the sub-category. As I gave you an example of iPhone 12, it falls under the category “Cell phones and accessories” and sub-category “Cell phones.” 

Sales recency 

The recent sales will have the most impact on the sales rank of a specific product. A sudden increment in sales will take your products to a lower rank in the sales chart.

However, if the sales go low in any case, then the rank will increase gradually, which isn’t good for the product.

Listing optimization

Listing optimization or commonly known as SEO (search engine optimization), also impacts the rankings of the products. Updating the product by adhering the Amazon’s algo will help buyers find it easily, and there are more chances of closing sales. 

Here are a handful of tips that will help you optimize the list properly:

  • Always add clear product images
  • Select the accurate category (if you are selling lawn mowers, choose Garden and Outdoor, and not Home Improvement)
  • Include care information, warranty details, and dimensions in the descriptions
  • Include the keyword that helps people find the listing 

With these factors in mind, you can understand how the sales rank charts work and how Amazon determines the score of a particular product.

How Does a Good Amazon Sales Rank Look Like?

A good FBA rank depends on the particular category or sub-category. Even if the product hasn’t attained #1, it can still be the best-seller in its category. 

Anything between 0-50 is great because these products get displayed on the first page of an Amazon search. A rank above 1000 isn’t that good, as hardly a few people invest efforts in browsing products listed on 3-4 pages. 

Time-tested Tips to Improve Amazon FBA Rank or Sales Rank in the Charts 

Now that you know what an FBA sales rank chart is and how it works, it’s essential to understand how you can get your products better rankings. 

Taking your products to another level is no rocket science, still, most sellers on Amazon aren’t aware of the tips to use for better rankings.

Choose the Right Category 

There are several product categories on Amazon with numerous sub-categories. Choosing the wrong category will confuse Amazon, and your products will not rank. 

When you select the wrong category, Amazon displays your products for a different search query, as a result, there are fewer or no sales. 

Fewer sales lead to poor rank, so you should ensure you are choosing the right category. It’d be great to browse multiple categories before you list your products on Amazon.

 Optimize the List Properly 

Optimizing the list properly is another thing that helps you attain better ranks. Optimizing the product list includes:

  • Adding high-quality images 
  • Add product title
  • Add product features
  • List everything related to the product in descriptions 
  • Selling verified products 
  • Setting competitive pricing 
  • Using Amazon FBA 

Here’s an example of a perfect product description that’s essential to achieve a better rank in the FBA rank chart. 

As you can see, the product title is clear, and it displays everything the buyer may be looking for. It includes the generation, color, and compatibility of the particular product. 

This image shows the technical details of the product, so the users can understand it better, and that affects their buying decision. 

Adding details like these will help in optimizing the product and getting better ranks in the sales chart. 

Always Search the Best Sellers Lists 

Searching for the best sellers on Amazon is easy, and that’s why most potential buyers always choose the best-selling products to get value for money.  

 Checking the bestseller list will help you understand what other sellers are doing to get better sales for their products. 

Make Limited-time Deals 

Creating a limited-time deal can help in getting better sales, and thus better rankings in the FBA rank charts. Create a strategy, and determine the exclusive benefits you can offer the customers so that the product sells quickly.

Amazon FBA Rank Chart: Updated Version 

How Do I Find Out the Ranks of My Products?

Finding the rank of your products is easy and merely takes a few seconds. All you need to do is find your product on Amazon, open it and browse to the “additional information” section.

You will find the best sellers rank there, and that’s where you will find the product’s rank. By following the aforementioned tips, you can improve the rankings.

Frequently Asked Questions: FBA Rank Charts 

Q: How long does it take to see changes in the bestsellers rank?

A: The algos that Amazon use are highly effective and quick when it comes to changing the seller’s rank. The ranks can even fluctuate within hours depending on the recency in sales and the sales history.

Q: Are Amazon FBA rank charts nonsense?

A: Not at all! If you are an FBA associate, then you will surely agree that these rank charts are not nonsense. It is essential to determine the rankings of products to ensure your products get displayed on page 1 of the Amazon search list.

Q: Where do I check the updated sales rank chart?

A: Stay tuned with me to have information about the updated sales rank chart. Subscribe to the posts, and get the best information related to FBA.

Q: Why has my product rank disappeared?

A: It may be temporary due to a glitch or Amazon has changed the product category. Wait for a few hours, and then contact Amazon if the rank is still not there.

Final Words 

The rankings can fluctuate every hour, so in order to be at the top, one has to improve the conversions. When you get more conversions and customers are happy with the product, it will help you with better rankings.

Just make sure to apply the tips listed in this post, and always keep checking what the competitors are doing in order to outrank them. 

Lastly, you really need FBA rank charts as it’s the only way to scout new products and find out how your products are doing.

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