Amazon Influencer Storefront Examples: How Sellers Can Benefit

by Tomer

July 27, 2022

As an Amazon seller, it helps to try different marketing strategies to help boost brand awareness and, of course, your sales. One Amazon program that you can explore is the Amazon Influencer Program.

It pays to see some real Amazon influencer storefront examples to give you an idea of how they can help you with your business.

In this article, I will discuss the Amazon Influencer Program and how it works. I will also provide some of the top Amazon influencer storefront examples you can check out and how you can benefit from them.

I will also explain the difference between a seller storefront and an influencer storefront to avoid confusion between the two. 

Read the entire article to learn how you can find the right Amazon influencer for your business to help increase your customer reach and sales. 

What is the Amazon Influencer Program

Amazon influencer storefront examples

The Amazon Influencer Program is an expansion of the Amazon Associates (affiliate) program that allows influencers to post content on Amazon about products that customers may be interested in.

Anyone with a sizable social media following may be considered an influencer. Any influencer from any category is eligible to take part in this initiative. Right now, you need a Facebook, Tiktok, YouTube, or Instagram account to be eligible.

Influencers or content creators who participate in the Amazon Influencer Program can earn commissions for any qualifying purchases on Amazon. 

How is an Amazon Influencer Storefront different from a Seller Storefront?

Now, some may be confused with an Amazon Influencer Storefront and a Seller Storefront. 

Since Amazon is always looking for ways to help small businesses on Amazon, they had created the Amazon Stores. Those who are registered under their Brand Registry program can create an Amazon Seller Storefront. Keep in mind that not all Amazon sellers need to be registered under Brand Registry.

However, private label brand owners, manufacturers, distributors with licensed trademarks, and those with written agreement or permission with brand owners may want to register their brands under Brand Registry for protection.

Basically, the main difference between the two is that the Amazon Seller Storefront is for sellers enrolled in Brand Registry, while an Amazon Influencer Storefront is for content creators who wish to bring product-related content to Amazon to help customers discover products. 

I have an article on how to make a storefront on Amazon if you’re interested in exploring this self-service advertising tool. Once you’ve set up your Amazon storefront, the next thing you need to learn is how to find Amazon storefront link and promote it. 

Top Amazon Influencer Storefront Examples

Here are some of the top Amazon Influencer Storefronts you can check out and see if they can help you promote your products.

Adventures in Familyhood

For those who are in the children and family niche, you may want to consider Lisa Cameron. She is a family blogger whose content is about fun family activities and tips. If you check out her Amazon storefront, you can find some recommendations for backpacks, board games for the whole family, and more. 

Her best social media channel is Pinterest, as she has over 12,000 followers. However, she also has a presence on Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook. 

Chanel Oldham

One of the many items that are promoted by influencers is products intended for mothers. Just like Chanel Oldham, her storefront is filled with products that are related to parenting and pregnancy. She promotes a wide range of baby books and toys, pregnancy must-haves, and products for first-time moms.

If you’re selling parenthood essentials, you may want to check her out. Her best channel is YouTube, with more than 12.000 subscribers, but she also has her own website.

Retail Nomad

Now let’s move on to the fashion industry. Retail Nomad, also known as YviG, is an Amazon influencer that is perfect for those in the fashion and wellness category. What’s great about her is that she wears and models the clothes she’s promoting. This way, shoppers have an idea of what the clothes or shoes look like when worn.

Aside from clothes, she also promotes beauty and health, and fitness products. Her best channel is her Amazon page.

Jalissa Queen

Jalissa Queen is not just an Amazon Influencer. She’s also a content creator, live streamer, and product reviewer. If you visit her Amazon page, you’ll know for sure her favorite color is purple. 

She offers a wide range of products from electronics to fashion and beauty. Her page has reviews of different products to give shoppers an idea of how the items work. While her best channel is her website, she also has a presence on different social media platforms, such as Instagram and YouTube.

When you visit her website, you’ll find how much her rates are and some case studies on the products she reviewed. This can help sellers decide if she’s an effective influencer and if her rates are worth it. 

Beauty by Carla

Another beauty enthusiast is Carla Stevenne. She loves trying on different makeup on herself, which she shares on her Amazon storefront and Instagram account. Her Amazon storefront is filled with different makeup products and video tutorials on how to apply them.

Aside from makeup, you can also find skin care products, fitness, home and furniture, jewelry, and more. Her best channel is her Instagram account, with over 17,000 followers. If you want to widen and increase your customer reach, then she may be worth checking out.


If you’re selling tech products, then Lon.TV might be a good choice. His Amazon influencer storefront is all about tech reviews. He reviews his products in a detailed and informative way that is not boring at all. His unboxing and product testing videos will keep the audience hooked until the end.

His best channel is his YouTube channel, where he has over 322,000 subscribers. So if you’re into tech products, you may want to reach out to him and let his 300,000 subscribers see what you have to offer. 

Gracefully Glam

Gracefully Glam is a lifestyle and fashion blogger. This social media influencer has over 230,000 Instagram followers. Her Amazon Influencer Storefront is filled with recommendations from a wide range of products. 

From fashion to Christmas home decor, she’s got you covered. So, if you want to increase your holiday sales, then head on to her Amazon Influencer Storefront and see what she can offer you. 

How Can Amazon Sellers Benefit from Having an Amazon Influencer?

Amazon influencer storefront examples

If you’re still unsure of how an Amazon Influencer can help your business, here are some benefits you can enjoy.

  • It can significantly increase your visibility in Amazon product search results.
  • Higher chance of increasing your sales on Amazon.
  • It can help improve your click-through rate and conversion rate.
  • Increased Amazon reviews since most Amazon Influencers’ followers are more active and passionate in leaving reviews compared to regular Amazon customers.
  • Increased customer reach since most Amazon Influencers has more than one social media account. Even those who are not active on Amazon can learn about your brand and products.

How Can Amazon Sellers Find the Right Amazon Influencer Storefront?

Amazon influencer storefront examples

If you want to find the best Amazon Influencer Storefront to promote your products, here are some of the things you need to consider. 

Consider Your Niche

You don’t want to get just any Amazon Influencer to promote your product. Of course, for it to work and be effective, you need to consider your niche. If your niche is home decors, then you wouldn’t want to reach out to an Amazon Influencer that is into tech reviews.

Organized Ideas List

Another thing to consider is what their idea list looks like. Look for someone with an idea list organized by category. This way, customers can easily browse through their offerings and can easily locate your product. 

Also, customers would prefer to browse on an organized idea list compared to someone with a cluttered one. 

Modes of Engagement

Amazon Influencers have other channels or modes of engagement aside from Amazon. It can be through their own website, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, or Pinterest. Check their other channels and consider how many followers they have as well. 

It’s also a good idea to see who their followers are and how active they are. Check their content to see if people are actually engaging with their posts or not. They might be a lot of followers, but if they’re not engaging enough, then you might not get good results with your products too.


Partnering with Amazon Influencers can help sellers improve their brand awareness, visibility, and of course, in the end, sales. But be sure to choose the right Amazon Influencer for your business since each of them is unique and has its own way of communicating with customers. 

Check out the Amazon Influencer Storefront examples mentioned above and see if anyone suits your niche. Have you tried an Amazon Influencer before? Share some tips and your experience in the comments below to help others find the right one for them too. 

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