How To Find Amazon Storefront Link: A Complete Guide

by Tomer

November 10, 2021

You’ve set up your Amazon Storefront and feel really excited about how it looks and want to share it with the world. Now you want to promote it to get some sales!

The best way to promote your storefront is to share the exact link for it rather than promoting just its name alone or the name of your products. Many sellers sell similar-looking products, and if you are promoting your store to people, you wouldn’t want them to accidentally buy a similar product from a competitor.

But how to find amazon storefront link?

In this article, we’ll show you a step-by-step on how to get the direct link from the Seller Central dashboard as well as other ways you can promote your storefront.

How Do I Find My Amazon Storefront Link?

how to find amazon storefront link

To find your storefront link, you only need to go onto the Seller Central dashboard, hover over Stores, then click on Manage Stores.

Once there, your brands will appear, and underneath them will be your direct Storefront link.

You can copy and paste this link all over the World Wide Web to get some clicks on it.

Why is it Important That I Have My Amazon Storefront Link Handy?

how to find amazon storefront link

Sellers should have their storefront link handy at all times so that they can easily share it to anyone. 

For example, if you are posting on your social media about a specific product and want people to also take a look at your whole storefront, having the link handy to insert in the description will give you a higher chance of selling your other products too aside from just the promoted product.

Have you ever thought about working with influencers and product reviewers? While working with people with a big following to help you promote your storefront, it’s best to send them direct links instead of asking them to search for your storefront by its name to make their job easier for them. This way, they can also promote your direct storefront link to their followers. Easy way to get views on your storefront!

This idea may come on later in your Amazon journey, but having your storefront link available at all times will also be crucial if you are thinking of selling your FBA business down the line. Swiftly providing your direct storefront link to potential buyers makes sellers appear very professional and good communicators.

I Don’t Have an Amazon Storefront Yet, How Can I Make One?

how to find amazon storefront link

Here is how you can set up a storefront in just minutes:

  1. Log on to Seller Central. On the main toolbar, hover over Stores and click on Manage Stores.
  2. Click Register Your Brand underneath Your Brands
  3. Read the instructions and click on Enroll a new Brand.

After enrolling your brand, you will be able to use Amazon’s interface to set up the design of your storefront.

In What Ways Can I Promote My Amazon Storefront?

Of course, you have posted your storefront on your social media and shared it with friends and family. You may be wondering what other ways are out there!

Like mentioned earlier, working with influencers and product reviewers are becoming very popular in the Amazon world. They usually post a video or write a blog post talking about your products and show their audience how it is used. It is effective because, with the rise of social media, these content creators have a large following that really listens to them. 

Another way you could promote your storefront is by linking it to all of your product listings that are currently live for sale. Having a direct store link underneath each individual listing will give customers easy access to how they can buy other products from you.

You can also share your storefront link in forums where people are already talking about the kind of products you sell. Through this method, make sure that while composing your post, you create a link over the URL so that it is easily clickable for readers.

How Can I Find a Storefront Link for Other Sellers?

As Amazon sellers, it’s important for us to periodically observe how the competition is managing their storefront in terms of design, product naming, photos they use, and other factors. However, if you are not a seller yourself and you are a frequent Amazon buyer, it is still nice to keep a list of your favorite sellers.

You will not be able to find their Storefront link in the same way that you accessed your own on Seller Central, but what you can do is access it through their product listings.

If you don’t already have a product listing link, you can then start by searching for their product or store name, clicking on the most relevant search result, and finding “Visit the [store brand] store” link that is in blue underneath the product title.

You can then either right-click on the link and click on Copy Link Address, or click on their store and copy the URL once it opens.

In Conclusion

If you’re an Amazon seller, or know someone who is, then we hope this post has been helpful. If you’re looking for a complete Amazon FBA guide, you can check out my Amazon FBA course and enroll.

We wanted to share with everyone the importance of having your personal storefront link readily available for all kinds of reasons. It is a simple yet crucial way to be proactive in promoting their own storefronts.

It’s also handy if you want a record of store links from competitors so that you can keep track of what they are doing in case there are any changes down the road. 

Tell us in the comments below what reasons you want to save a storefront link.

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