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by Tomer

October 15, 2020

Amazon A plus premium content, if you’ve been an Amazon seller for quite some time, you might have come across Amazon A+ Content as Amazon Enhanced Brand Content.

While the name has been updated to read Amazon A+ Content for both sellers and vendors – the idea and the concept remains the same.


Amazon A+ Content (also known as Amazon Enhanced Brand Content) is a feature that enables Amazon FBA brand owners to change the product descriptions of branded ASINs.

Using this tool, you can create an enhanced marketing content page that makes your listing more appealing to customers by describing your product features in a different way.

What are the Eligibility Requirements?

This feature is currently available to Amazon FBA sellers who have been approved as brand owners thru the Amazon Brand Registry process.

And the GOOD NEWS is..

The Enhanced Brand Content is a FREE feature and will not cost you any money!

What can you include on your A+ Content brand story?

  • Enhanced photo and text images
  • Detailed graphic descriptions
  • Charts
  • Videos
  • High Quality Photos

You can customize all of these and add it to your product details page according to your preference.
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What are the benefits of Enhanced Brand Content?

Adding a visually appealing Amazon A+ Content will give you the following benefits:


Conversion rate is one of the most important metrics to understand.

It analyzes the data of potential customers that actually clicked on your product listing and ended up buying your product.

This additional content can help customers to better understand and visualize your product and can inspire them to click on the “Buy” button.


When a customer has a deeper understanding of your product details and specifications..

They won’t have the need to return your item after they purchase it.

In short, Amazon A+ Content helps a customer make a better decision before buying!


As you know..

A happy and satisfied customer has a higher chance of leaving a good product review..

And better product ratings will also give your product an extra boost to get those extra sales!


A very convincing and attractive A+ Content will get more customers to buy your product without the need to click on your PPC Campaign ads.

Therefore, it reduces the cost of each advertised sale – and it will increase your ROI!

Now, how do you create and upload an Amazon A+ Content?


1. Login to Amazon Seller Central. Select A+ Content from the Advertising menu.

2. Then click on A+ Content Manager and choose Start Creating A+ Content.

3. Choose the content type that you want to create.


You can add an Enhanced Product Description to proactively answer customer’s question about the product.

These are in depth details on product features to augment the bullet points and images on the main product detail page.

4. Put the name of the product in the Content Name.

6. Then select the modules that you want and create the style that you desire for your listing.

5. Add text and image on the slots.


While you are adding content, you can click Preview at any time to see what your content will look like in both Desktop and Mobile versions.

6. Apply ASINs.

7. Click Review and Submit to see the preview of you listing page.

8. Once done, click Submit for Approval.


There are a few different modules available in Seller Central that can be mixed and matched to your liking.

You can configure your content with the available modules – brand logo, product description, features, headers and the images.

But if you choose to hire a professional photographer or designer to create your Amazon Enhanced Brand Content..

Here are some of the best practices that I am using that might help you too:

TIP # 1:

When I give specs to my designer, I give them an example of the Enhanced Brand Content from other listings.

I suggest searching an example of EBC and giving it to your designer.

Check the in depth detail on what are the specifications you can provide your designer on how to create an A+ Premium Content.

TIP # 2:

If you find a listing that you want to use as an inspiration for your Amazon A+ Listing Module structures..

You can copy it by inspecting the elements and share it with your designer.

Please watch the entire video for the actual step by step procedure on a sample listing.

TIP # 3:

Use relevant keywords as you add images to your content.


Overall, adding Enhanced Brand Content is a win-win for an Amazon FBA Seller and an Amazon Customer.


As a seller, you can promote your products better and get a higher conversion rate..

..for FREE!

The Amazon A+ Content creates a unique engagement by adding high quality images and well-structured modules.

And as buyer, they get a better “view” of the product, its features and the value it can provide them.

Amazon’s EBC (A+ Content) is a great way not just to increase sales..

..but also to optimize your product listings and improve customer experience!

So what are you waiting for? Upload your Amazon A+ Content to your listings now!

Get the benefits of this FREE feature!

Try it on a few of your best selling products and track the results.

And if you have any questions about the process of creating and adding an Amazon A+ Enhanced Brand Content, please write your comment down below and I will reach out to you 🙂

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