✔ How to Remove Amazon Hijackers? |Remove Amazon FBA Hijackers Without Brand Registry in 2020

by Tomer

October 29, 2020

How to Remove Amazon Hijackers? If you’re looking to report an Amazon seller, then you’re in the right place. In the Amazon business, we typically call them hijackers and they’re becoming a real threat.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear they’re going away anytime soon. But don’t let this keep you from starting your own Amazon Business.

Here’s a template I use. Feel free to copy it word for word or alter it however you like, but rest assured that it’ll make an impact.

1st Notice: Threatening Letter Example

Hi [Amazon Seller],We see that you are also selling [Your Brand] product. However, We have created the [Your Brand] from scratch, and have never resold any wholesale items to any other reseller.

We own the brand and have not authorized you or anyone else, to sell [Your Brand] items on Amazon.

If you are selling a different brand, while posturing as [Your Brand], then you are selling counterfeit products, which is something that Amazon takes very seriously and will shut down your account without warning.

If you do not remove your product from the [Your Brand] listing within 24 hours, We will have to contact Amazon and issue a formal Cease and Desist letter. This is obviously not an ideal situation for either of us, so I hope that you take heed of this note and remove your product from [Our Brand] listing immediately.

Thank you for your prompt attention.Sincerely,Your Name, CEO [Your Brand]

Don’t forget to edit the following when you write your actual letter:Amazon Seller – the seller you want to report to AmazonYour Brand – your brand name

2nd Notice: Report the Amazon Seller (a.k.a hijacker) to Amazon

Another way on How to Remove Amazon Hijackers

How to Remove Amazon Hijackers

Dear [Amazon Seller Brand],

It has come to our attention that your Company is using the [Your Brand]® and/or the [Full Company name®] name and trademark to sell products on Amazon[.COM] marketplace, in violation of multiple international and national criminal laws, as well as civil laws regarding trademark infringement and unfair competition.

Our company, [Full Company name®] is the exclusive distributor and the owner of the brand. We have never granted permission to your company to sell our brand nor have we sold you inventory for resale.

This will serve as your legal notice to cease and desist all further actions described above, including any mention of our products/company on your listings on any marketplace, websites, or marketing efforts.

You are hereby instructed to comply with this letter immediately or face legal sanctions under applicable International, Federal, and/or State law.I have also reported your trademark and copyright violation to Amazon Seller PerformanceYou have 24 hours to comply or we will take further legal action against you.

Sincerely,NameFounder, BrandName®, City, State

Don’t forget to edit the following when you write your actual letter:Amazon Seller – the seller you want to report to AmazonFull Company name® – your company name

Amazon Hijackers

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