Best Sites Like Alibaba: Top 10 Alternatives for Sellers

by Tomer

May 20, 2021

When it comes to buying wholesale products at low prices, Alibaba is the foremost option. From FBA sellers to small retailers, everyone finds Alibaba a lucrative option due to the vast product selection and easy buying process.

As per stats, “The Alibaba Group managed to generate a revenue of around 21.5 billion by the end of 2020 fiscal”. And that shows how the B2B business model of the company has skyrocketed their revenue over time. 

But sellers these days have started looking for sites like Alibaba or Alibaba alternatives, scams being the prominent reason.

Arguably, Alibaba has a strong customer support cell, but still, there are a lot of scams going around. As an FBA seller, I also source wholesale products from Alibaba and haven’t had any issues so far. But having some alternatives at hand is always a great idea as you get better product selection and scope of price negotiation.

So, here are the best sites like Alibaba you can use to source wholesale products

Why Should I Choose a Site like Alibaba?

Most of you might be thinking, what’s the need of looking for a new site when I am getting everything from Alibaba!

Well, there are a lot of sellers that faced product quality issues or got scammed on Alibaba. Either they didn’t receive the shipment, or the product quality was not at par. Check out these 12 types of Alibaba Scams. 

Furthermore, Alibaba is a massive platform with umpteen products. Also, several middlemen, manufacturers, and traders are involved, so finding good quality products can be a task. 

Your competitors can also go to Alibaba to buy the same products you are selling on your eCommerce store or through Amazon FBA. If you need diversification, choosing alternatives to Alibaba is a good idea.

Lastly, some good suppliers don’t use Alibaba due to their stringent policies, but you may find them on other sites. 

Benefits of Buying Wholesale Products from these Sites Like Alibaba 

There’s not just one or two, but hundreds of benefits of using these sites. If you have been using Alibaba, you’ll agree that there’s a massive price difference when compared to products manufactured in the United States. 

So, if you are looking to double the profit with less investment, these sites aren’t less than a boon. 

Here are a handful of perks sellers can expect to experience from these sites.

A Massive Range of Product Selection 

When you have more alternatives, you have access to a wider range of products. There are thousands of products available on Alibaba, and the post covers ten more sites like Alibaba so that you can explore a big collection of products.

Cheap Prices 

Alibaba is a Chinese brand that deals in Chinese goods, so the prices are on the cheaper side. However, most of the alternatives listed in this article also belong to China and other countries that produce cheap goods. 

Cheaper products attract less import price, and that’s how you can earn big after selling them through platforms like Amazon FBA.

The Product Quality is Good 

Have you ever ordered anything from Alibaba? Most of the time, the product quality is good, and the products are sellable. Furthermore, these sites like Alibaba also sell quality products.

Most of the products even pass a QC (quality check), so rest assured about the quality.

Huge Profit Margin 

There’s a big profit margin when importing goods at wholesale from these websites. You can easily sell the products in the domestic market for a price 3-4 times higher than the gross cost, including import fee and storage.

However, the price of the products may vary depending on their demand and how you sell them.

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Top 10 Sites like Alibaba

No matter what your e-commerce platform demands, these sites will surely fill the gap. All the sites that I’ve listed below are in English, so there’s no need to hire a Chinese language expert to place orders for you. 

1. DHGate

DHGate is a reliable platform for wholesale sellers due to its online payment system. The company only releases the payment of its sellers once you (the buyer) have received the shipment successfully.

sites like Alibaba

Furthermore, DHGate uses the Escrow system, which is a preferred system by online buyers. Another benefit of going with DHGate is the smaller MOQs. The minimum order quantity is low, and that’s how you can expand your product selection.


  • It offers buyer’s protection
  • Discounted price for big wholesale orders 
  • Ships globally 
  • Easy-to-use interface


  • The discounts aren’t that high as Alibaba 
  • You need to pay the return shipping fee to get a refund

A Pro Tip: If you use the DHGate mobile app, you tend to get better deals than using the website. So, install the app today and start selecting the products you need for your eCommerce store. 

Download the DHGate App: Android | iOS

2. Made-in-China

Made-in-China is an excellent hub for suppliers and sellers that are looking to buy products in large quantities. You can order products with or without a private label, so brands can also use Made-in-China to order personalized products

sites like Alibaba

The site doesn’t have an inventory, but it connects you with various sellers in China, so it acts as a medium to deal with suppliers. Preferred by sellers interested in machinery or car parts, the site offers great deals on hardware products. 

When buying on Made-in-China, you can even ask the seller to ship a sample. And once you are happy with the quality, you can place an order in bulk. 


  • Extremely low prices 
  • Hundreds of product categories 
  • Supports multiple languages 


  • Minimum order requirement is big
  • No buyer protection policy 

3. Ciga Buy or Formerly TinyDeals

Ciga Buy is a hub for buying electronic devices. Based in Hong Kong, the company has its tie-up with numerous Chinese manufacturers that product good quality electronics and other products. The site offers a huge range of wearable tech, watches, toys, and electronics. 

sites like Alibaba

CIga Buy is a good site like Alibaba as it offers products at low prices, so you can expand your product category without making a massive investment. Lastly, the site has a policy that helps you get a complete refund if you report a bad product within 30 days.

Moreover, you don’t have to pay the refund fee for returning the products within this timeframe.


  • Multiple payment options 
  • Relatively low prices 
  • Thousands of products and sellers 


  • Not suitable for drop shipping
  • Shipping may take time due to huge orders 

4. OverStock

If you are interested in purchasing cheap but good quality furniture, OverStock is the best site you can go to. This site, like Alibaba, has a huge range of home improvement products and furniture. 

sites like Alibaba

The lowest price on the site is around $100, and you can expect decent quality products that can sell for around $200-300 so you can get a good return on your investment.

However, the site only deals in furniture and similar stuff, so if you are looking for electronics and other products, consider other sites like Alibaba. 


  • Ships to multiple countries 
  • High-quality goods 
  • Multiple manufacturers with a range of products 


  • Not all items are refundable 
  • You only get a partial refund after 30 days of the date of purchase

5. Global Sources

Global Sources isn’t a new name in the industry. Just like Alibaba, it’s a reputed site that has lesser middlemen, so there’s less or no fuss at all. When shopping from Global Sources, the sellers may also ask for your information to build trust and to determine if you fit their requirements. 

sites like Alibaba

Overall, if you are looking for a reliable source to buy good quality products, Global Sources should be your choice. The platform is popular for fashion accessories, electronics, and gift items.


  • High-quality products 
  • Lesser chances of scams 
  • Excellent user experience 


  • The product category isn’t that big as Alibaba 
  • Requires a lot of initial work to get quotations  

6. Yaaku

If you sell products related to fashion, land at Yaaku and explore a wide range of beautiful clothing products. The site deals in all types of clothing for women, men, kids, and even babies. Furthermore, you will find products categories like sports, casual, and party wear. 

sites like Alibaba

Sellers at Yaaku also do retail, so you can even use it for drop shipping business. The site connects you with the seller, and you can negotiate the price to crack a great deal. The minimum purchase you need to make on Yaaku is $1000.


  • A wide range of clothes and accessories 
  • Ships to almost all countries 
  • Major shipping partners 


  • You can only ask for a refund within seven days 
  • Products are a bit pricey 

7. ChinaBrands 

Here’s a reliable site that gives neck-to-neck competition to Alibaba. If you are looking for cheap products and a huge range, then choosing ChinaBrands is a great idea. Furthermore, the site supports drop-shippers and is a good option for buyers looking to get wholesale products.

sites like Alibaba

For every category, you will find multiple sellers competing to get more sales, so expect to get a good deal here. However, you have to register for membership to use ChinaBrands.


  • The sellers on this site support drop-shipping
  • You can subscribe to it for free 
  • It supports drop-shipping 


  • The return time frame varies with products 
  • You have to prove if you receive a damaged product 

8. DealExtreme or DX

DX has been in business for more than 14 years, still, not many people are aware of it. The website has a range of products, including electrical tools, sports, and hobby items that you can buy for low prices. 

sites like Alibaba

Furthermore, you will find several sales going on the site, and that’s where you can stand a chance to buy products in bulk for cheap rates. If you are really looking to make a considerable profit, land on DX and start searching for products. 


  • Multiple payment options 
  • Hundreds of product categories 
  • Ships to most western countries 


  • The return process is daunting
  • Payment confirmation may take some time

9. EC21

EC21 is a large B2B marketplace with its headquarters in Seoul. You will find hundreds of suppliers with umpteen product categories. The site is popular among Amazon FBA business owners that are into selling technical stuff.

sites like Alibaba

Furthermore, the site offers you a premium and free membership service, and you can contact several manufacturers to get private label products to sell them through your channel.


  • Free to use 
  • Product quality is good
  • Suppliers from different countries 


  • Some suppliers don’t speak English 

10. Gear Best 

If you are looking to sell hobby items through your eCommerce store or FBA business, you should consider Gear Best. The site has a range of products such as USB cables, smartwatches, mini scooters, and more. 

sites like Alibaba

You will even find various suppliers selling accessories and apparels, so you get a good value against the investment. Gear Best offers different programs that will help you earn more.


  • It ships products globally 
  • Ten payment options 
  • Multiple warehouses around the globe for quick deliveries 


  • Shipping may take time due to high order volumes

Still, Want to Buy from Alibaba? Here are Some Time-tested Tips to Avoid Scams 

Apart from these sites like Alibaba, if you think you need some products from Alibaba as well, it’s essential to follow these tips.

I also buy from Alibaba to sell products through my Amazon FBA account, and here are the tips I make sure to follow every time.

Don’t Buy from Free Account Members 

It is advisable to stay away from free account members if you don’t want to get robbed or scammed. Most of the serious suppliers usually pay for the Gold account, which shows their commitment. 

Moreover, Alibaba doesn’t verify free accounts, which increases the chances of scams. In a nutshell, you should go for Gold account suppliers to get the exact same products delivered to you, as promised by the supplier.

If It’s a New Account, Stay Away!

All it needs is a computer and an internet connection, and you can start selling on Alibaba. When purchasing products in bulk, make sure to go for aged accounts. Also, you will be able to see reviews on an aged account only. 

Since new accounts don’t entertain a lot of buyers. It’s always not necessary that a new account will scam you, but it that aged accounts are better for trading.

Check the Scam Listing 

There are several websites, such as Ripoff Report, ScamWarners, and more, where you can check the supplier’s reputation. Many users share their experience on these forums, so with a little research, you can find out if the supplier you are choosing to buy products is genuine or not.

It would be great to check the seller’s site on Government websites if your country has some restrictions on imports and exports. 

Always Keep an Eye on the Payment Method 

Fraud accounts on Alibaba will never use trusted payment networks as they can get traced. They tend to use platforms like Western Union so that they can never get traced. 

Moreover, scammers always ask for full payment in advance, and this can be a sign you should be aware of. Alibaba has a lot of payment options that you should use to deal with trusted suppliers.

Ask for Documents 

When you are buying something on Alibaba, you are making a big investment. It is indispensable to ask for documents to ensure the company you are dealing with is genuine. 

Furthermore, you can verify the documents to check if the company you are dealing with is registered or not. If the company refuses to share their documents, walk away, and look for different suppliers.

Once you get the documents, verify them here to experience ultimate ease when importing the products. 

Don’t Go for Big Brands when Buying Electronics 

This is the biggest scam going on Alibaba. Those lucrative deals on smartphones and premium headphones may excite you but beware before placing an order.

Big brands don’t sell their products through Alibaba, if some of them do, then the product quantities are huge. In short, avoid buying big brands like Apple iPhone from Alibaba. 


That sums up the list of best sites like Alibaba. You can explore thousands of products across several categories on these websites. Moreover, when you go with a genuine site and a good supplier, there are lesser chances of getting scammed.

I also shop from a lot of these sites, and things are good so far. However, make sure to stick to the tips mentioned in this article when shopping on Alibaba. 

You are putting in your hard-earned money, why not get the best return on it! Lastly, always do some basic research online before placing an order.

Check the supplier’s background, and go through the customer reviews to make a smart choice. If you need more help with product sourcing and selling on Amazon, you can enroll and take my Amazon FBA course.

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