[Kevin David Net Worth] | How Much Does the Lad Make?

by Tomer

May 5, 2021

Kevin David Net Worth:

“Without Ambition One Starts Nothing, Without Work One Finishes Nothing, The Prizes Won’t Be Sent To You, You Have To Win It.”- Kevin David.

Kevin David is a celebrated name in the online entrepreneurial space. The man has extensive experience in making interesting YouTube videos, owns a highly engaging YouTube channel, and has great knowledge of how to make money online.

The self-made millionaire entrepreneur has bagged several awards for his prestigious achievements. But who is Kevin David? What’s Kevin David’s net worth? Is Kevin David his real name? Is Kevin a legit guy or just another scammer with a goodwill in the market?

This article rounds up everything you need to know about Kevin David. Read on and find out how he managed to make so much money in a short period of time.

Who is Kevin David? And How Does He Go from Rags to Riches?

kevin david net worth

First off, Kevin’s real name is Kevin David Hulse. The entrepreneur belongs to Eugene, Oregon. 

He wasn’t born to some super-wealthy parents with a silver spoon in his mouth, and that’s why he’s a self-made millionaire.

The founder and CEO of ThatLifestyleNinja, Kevin, built his fortune and kept it growing in the online world.

What did Kevin do before entering the online marketing space? 

Well, Kevin was a regular guy like most of us who completed his graduation and took a job as an accountant.

However, dissatisfied with the job, Kevin decided to do something big to make an impact. So, he shifted his focus to making money online. 

He started with Amazon FBA and ran the business making good earnings within months. 

Kevin says the first few weeks of running the Amazon FBA business were hard. Still, he somehow managed to earn $1,000 a week.

As Kevin worked as an accountant, he was well aware of the 9-5 struggles people do to earn their bread and butter. The entrepreneur decided to help these people grow financially, and that’s how his online marketing courses came into existence.

Kevin’s YouTube channel has around 1.29 million subscribers, and his other platforms like Ninja Revolution also enjoy a whopping 600,000+ registered students so far.

Furthermore, he also managed to thrive his Facebook community using his excellent growth tactics. Kevin even released some online digital courses that landed him several awards.

Kevin David Net Worth 

I know most of you are waiting to know Kevin’s exact net worth. Well, it is hard to figure out his exact net worth since the eCommerce market is highly volatile and encounters several ups and downs every day.

As per Wikibioworth, “Kevin David’s net worth is around 20 million dollars as of 2021”. The millionaire adds $2 million to his net worth every year, thanks to his YouTube channel, marketing courses, seminars, and investments.

How Does Kevin David Make So Much Money? 

More than two million people are working with Amazon FBA, but how did Kevin manage to make millions out of it. Well, to most, it sounds untrue, or some think the tactics he used made him rich.

To be precise, the entrepreneur utilized multiple online streams to channelize his income and made millions quickly, with YouTube money as the biggest contributor to his fame and income.

While researching about Kevin, and his net worth, I bumped into the followings main platforms that he uses to make millions:

  • Digital training courses 
  • YouTube (AdSense)
  • Amazon FBA
  • Drop-shipping using Shopify 
  • Affiliate marketing 
  • Selling merchandise 
  • Investments 

Let’s get deeper into each stream and how much Kevin makes out of them:

Digital Training Courses: Estimated Monthly Earning- $60-70K

This is the big one, as Kevin’s official website has around 600,000+ registered users he calls Ninja. As per Kevin, selling digital products is a brilliant thing since it doesn’t include anything physical, requires no stock management, and is easy to scale. 

While not all the online Ninjas have purchased the online courses, Kevin sells, but I believe thousands of them have subscribed to his courses. 

The most popular course by Kevin is the Amazon FBA course which costs somewhere around $1997. As an example, if 1500 people sign up for the course, it can add up to $3,000,000 to his fortune. 

He even sells some other courses that are highly popular among people interested in eCommerce. 

Let’s do some numbers to figure out how much Kevin earns through his digital courses. As an estimate, Kevin made around 2.1 million dollars selling his Amazon FBA course in 1.5 years. 

After some maths, the average comes out as $46,680 per month. And it’s only from the Amazon FBA course. He is dealing in some other courses as well, and that means the entrepreneur is easily making 60-70k per month from online courses.  

It was quite challenging to calculate the YouTube income Kevin generates every month. But after spending hours on the web, I figured out how much he is currently making by posting videos on the platform.

Kevin has around 1.29 million subscribers on YouTube. He has some other channels as well with varying subscribers. Every video that Kevin posts generates around 50-500k views. 

I used an average of 100K views per video. His channel has around 423 videos, so it was easy to calculate how much YouTube money he is adding to his wealth every month. 

As per a report by Business Insider, “100k YouTube views can generate a creator around $500-$2500”. However, the figure depends on several factors such as the type of video you are posting, the geographic region your audience belongs to, and YouTube’s algos use a lot of stuff to calculate the money, but that’s not the topic here.

Kevin posts around six videos a month, and it sums up to around 300K X 6 = 1.8 million views in a month. I took an average of the money YouTube pays for 100k views. 

So, after some maths, Kevin gets around 18K-20K per month from YouTube. 

kevin david net worth

Amazon FBA: Estimated Monthly Earning- 20-25K

Amazon FBA is the platform that helped Kevin kickstand his journey in the digital world. The entrepreneur found the working model of Amazon FBA interesting, and that’s why he left his job to continue with it.

As per Kevin, he was able to generate up to $1000 as profit every day after attaining some success in Amazon FBA. 

Regarding his FBA earnings, I was a little skeptical because Kevin David Hulse’s claims seem too good to be real. But after extensive research, I managed to find out how much Kevin makes from Amazon FBA alone. He is generating around 20k dollars from Amazon FBA. 

However, the number is just my estimate and depends on several factors. 

Drop-shipping Using Shopify: Estimated Earnings – Not Yet Disclosed 

Shopify is another platform that Kevin claims has helped him make money. If you are into Amazon FBA, you might be well aware of what Shopify is and how it works for sellers. 

Drop-shipping isn’t an easy business and making some serious money out of it requires strategies and efforts. However, Kevin hasn’t disclosed his earnings regarding Shopify drop-shipping, so there is no estimated figure of how much money he is getting from the platform.

Affiliate Marketing: Estimated Earning – $45-50K

Affiliate marketing is promoting someone else’s products and getting commissions on them after successful sales. Kevin David is also into affiliate marketing and is getting good money out of it. 

The millionaire uses several techniques to generate revenue through various channels, including Facebook ads. These ads redirect the audience to the landing page of the product/service Kevin is promoting, and this is how he gets commissions on them.

Furthermore, he provides links to tools and software Amazon FBA associates use, including Helium 10, Jungle Scout, and more. 

Kevin even marketed his digital training courses using ClickFunnels and made a great amount from it. The income from affiliate marketing varies on several factors, such as the brand you are working with and the rate of commissions, so predicting Kevin’s income from this source is a little daunting.

As per my research, Kevin is making around $40-50K from affiliate marketing. 

Selling Merchandise: Estimated Earning- Not yet Revealed 

Kevin has his hand in everything that can generate money online. You might have seen his merchandise on the web, as it is popular among his Ninjas.

Kevin has added multiple apparels to his online collection, which are generating him a good amount of money. However, the numbers aren’t clear yet, as not everyone in his Ninja team buys the merchandise. 

Investments: Estimated Monthly Earning – $50-60K

Apart from putting money in the online world, Kevin holds some decent investments in stocks, real estate, and retirement funds. He earns a good profit in return for his money deposited in several accounts.

As per my research, the entrepreneur is making around $50-60K per month from his investments. Kevin is a smart investor, and he’s well aware of the platforms that can help him grow his money quickly.

Now you have an idea of how much Kevin makes every month and the platforms he uses to earn money. After seeing these figures, anyone would love to live a life like Kevin. 

So, here are some details about the digital training courses he offers.

Online courses Kevin David Offers: Are They Worth It?

Kevin has covered numerous strategies in these courses he used to make money. Furthermore, Kevin claims some of these courses cover the experience he had with several platforms like Amazon FBA. 

Let’s have a look at the courses he offers: 

Course 1: Amazon FBA Ninja Masterclass Course

The Amazon FBA Ninja Masterclass Course is a guide to start with Amazon FBA. Kevin says the course covers the required strategies to search for products that are in high demand. Furthermore, it teaches you the way to search for the products your competitors are dealing in.

Selling products isn’t as daunting as searching for them, and you may find some detailed information in this course. 

Course 2: Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass Course

Kevin has good knowledge of the importance of traffic and knows how to convert it into revenue, and that’s the reason he was able to bag the Two Comma Club X Award.

Kevin claims the course covers strategies and tactics that will help you generate online traffic and convert it. Furthermore, the course contains several crucial puzzles that learners may find useful to know more about getting traffic online.

Course 3: Shopify Ninja Masterclass Drop-shipping Course

Since Kevin uses drop-shipping using Shopify, so he made sure there’s a course about the same. Some people say he has scaled a model that worked well for him and helped Kevin earn a lot of money out of it.

However, the reality is still unknown as making money with Shopify is not a cakewalk. Kevin says he has included his success, failures, and some strategies to succeed in drop-shipping using Shopify in this course. 

Furthermore, the course will give you access to five in-depth modules and more than 65 videos with tutorials.

Course 4: Ultimate ClickFunnels Masterclass Course

This course cannot be cheaper than what Kevin is offering it for. You can get a subscription to the course for $10 only or even less. 

In this course, you will find information that’ll help you master ClickFunnels. Kevin has made good money from ClickFunnels, so this course can be helpful.

Are these Courses Legit?

Some of these courses by Kevin David are expensive, and anyone may think if the courses are legit and really worth the money!

Well, I haven’t attended any of these courses, so I am not sure if they will be helpful or not. It’s your call to join these courses. I recommend doing some research about the courses before enrolling and putting your hard-earned money in them.

My Opinion on Kevin David 

No doubt Kevin’s YouTube videos are good and interesting, but that doesn’t mean he’s the right guy to help you scale your business.

There are some controversies going around regarding the courses and unethical marketing tactics he uses. 

In my opinion, Kevin is a great guy with the ability to engage the audience. But the strategies and tactics he uses seem fishy sometimes. However, it’s my opinion, and it’s up to you to agree with it or not. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Kevin David

Q: How did Kevin David make his money?

A: Kevin David makes his money through several platforms, including Amazon FBA, online digital courses, drop-shipping by Shopify, investments, and more. Read this article to know more about how Kevin makes his millions.

Q: How much does the Kevin David course cost?

A: The cost depends on the course you want to opt for. The most popular course by Kevin is the Amazon FBA course which costs $1997. You can pay for the course in five installments that cost $599 each.

Q: What’s the estimated worth of Kevin David?

A: As per Wikibioworth, Kevin David holds a net worth of $20 million in 2021. He adds around 2 million to his worth every month and will be much more than $20 million when you are reading this article.

Q: How old is Kevin David?

A: Kevin was born on July 20, 1991. He’s 29 now!

Kevin David: A Genius or a Hustler?

The article covers everything, including Kevin David’s net worth and the businesses he is into, and the courses he offers. I even included some awards Kevin bagged during his journey.

Some people believe that he is a genius as making so much money at this age isn’t that easy. However, some people believe he’s a hustler because of the fishy marketing strategies he uses and promotes. So, that’s all about Kevin David’s net worth, and the courses he offers. 

Stay tuned to know more about Amazon FBA and for such interesting posts.

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