Helium 10 Black Box: Find Profitable FBA Products Within Minutes

by Tomer

July 15, 2022

One of the most challenging parts of selling on Amazon is finding the right product to sell. The good news is there are Amazon FBA product finder tools to help you find the most profitable products to market. One of which is the Helium 10 Black Box

In this article, I will discuss what an FBA product finder tool is and how it works. I’ll also show you how to navigate the Helium 10 Black Box dashboard. Next, I’ll guide you on how to search for new products to sell and discuss the Elite Analytics tab on Black Box and how to use it.

Read until the end to learn how you can benefit from Helium 10 Black Box to find out if it’s worth trying out.

What is an Amazon FBA Product Finder and How Does It Work?

Helium 10 Black Box

A product finder is a tool that Amazon FBA sellers use to identify potential products that they can sell in their stores. It is designed to help sellers save time and lessen the guesswork in searching for a profitable product. 

An Amazon FBA product finder works by collecting product-listing data from Amazon and processing and comparing data gathered to give sellers meaningful insights about a product.

Some of the information it can provide is the estimated revenue, the number of sellers selling the same product, the average selling price, and more. 

Learning about these insights will allow sellers to find the best product to sell that can help them succeed in their business. 

What is Helium 10 Black Box?

Helium 10 Black Box

Helium 10 is one of the commonly used software many Amazon sellers use. It comes with different powerful tools such as Product Research, Keyword Research, Listing Optimization, Marketing, Analytics, and more. 

Under Helium 10’s product research tool is the Black Box. It is an Amazon FBA product finder that allows Amazon FBA sellers to find profitable products to sell on Amazon.

Within the Helium 10 Black Box dashboard, sellers can perform different searches, use smart filters based on their needs, and organize and save results for future reference. 

But how does Black Box differ from other Helium 10 tools, such as Helium 10 Adtomic, Cerebro, and Magnet?

For one, Black Box is designed as a product research tool, while Helium 10 Cerebro and Magnet are keyword research tools.

Cerebro uses reverse ASIN product research to spy on your competitor’s listings, while the Helium 10 Magnet tool allows you to perform product research using words and phrases. 

Adtomic, on the other hand, is an AI-powered advertising tool that allows users to manage their ads with ease. 

How to Navigate the Black Box Dashboard?

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to navigate the Black Box Dashboard.

  1. Login to your Helium 10 Account and access Black Box by clicking on Tools, going to Product Research, and clicking on Black Box.
  2. Once you’re in the Black Box dashboard, you will find two areas. One is where you key in your search criteria, and the other is where it shows the results.
  3. Within the dashboard, you can do five different product searches. These can be Keywords, Products, Niche, Product Targeting, and Competitors.

Every product search tool has many similar basic parameters but also includes unique parameters based on its function.

For instance, Niche, Keywords, and Products use words and phrases to search the Amazon database, while Product Targeting and Competitors use ASIN numbers when searching.

  1. You can do a basic search for quick searches, but Helium 10 Black Box also offers Advanced Filters, where you can find additional options for setting your search parameters.

Search Option Filters

Before you begin with your search, make sure to choose the country where you are selling your products. By default, it is set to the U.S. marketplace. It is important to choose the right marketplace first because words and shopping habits differ from region to region. 

If you are selling the same product in a marketplace where the English language is predominant, best to conduct searches for every country separately so as not to confuse the search results. 

Product Searches – This can be narrowed down to specific categories. You can select several categories by clicking on the drop-down menu. 

Shipping Size – This allows you to limit the product size you want to research. Shipping size can impact your profits and helps you decide whether it is more suitable for FBM (Fulfillment by Merchant) or FBA. 

You can also limit the fulfillment parameters on the Advanced Filters tab and decide whether the product is FBM or FBA.

Product Targeting – This allows you to research products that are identified by Amazon as Customer Also Bought, Amazon Suggested, or Frequently Bought Together.

Niche Feature – This allows you to research long-tail keywords.

The search results are shown under the search option fields, which include:

  • Brand
  • Sellers
  • Product Category
  • Size
  • Fulfillment Type
  • Variations
  • Listing Images
  • Weight and Dimensions
  • Monthly Revenue
  • Price
  • Monthly Sales
  • Best Seller Rank (BSR)
  • Storage Costs
  • How long the product has been listed on Amazon
  • Customer Reviews

The last column allows you to take several actions, such as adding the product to your list as a future reference or visiting the product page to see the complete product listing.

Once you have the search results, Black Box allows you to sort the list using the Sort By feature by clicking the drop-down menu. 

How to Use Helium 10 Black Box Products Tab to Search for New Products to Sell?

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to search for new products to sell using Helium 10 Black Box.

  1. Login to your Helium 10 account and click on Black Box. The default setting is the Products tab. 
  2. Conduct your research by choosing which Amazon Category you wish to sell in. 
  3. Set the basic parameters such as size, price range, ratings, and sales.
  4. After selecting the search criteria, click on the Search button and wait for Black Box to run your report. 
  5. You can use the Advanced Filters to refine your search. Using the Advanced Filters feature, you can exclude some products from the search results. For example, if you wish to exclude some title keywords, you can add the key title words in the Exclude Title Keywords.
  6. If you want to save your research results, Black Box allows you to save them as projects. Just click on the Save Project Button, and a window will pop up to allow you to name the project, then click OK.
  7. You can access your saved projects under the Load Project button.

What is Elite Analytics Tab in Black Box and How to Use it?

The Elite Analytics tab under Helium 10 Black Box is a tool that allows users to identify keyword opportunities. When you upload your keyword list, you will be provided with key metrics that will help you identify niches and keywords with the highest potential.

Please note that Elite Analytics is only available to Helium 10 Elite subscribers. 

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use Elite Analytics to identify keyword opportunities.

  1. To use the Elite Analytics tool, you need a ready list of keywords to upload. Black Box supports different formats. These are Black Box Keywords, Custom List, My List, and Amazon Brand Analytics.
  2. Once you have prepared your list of keywords in one of the formats mentioned above, click on Black Box in the Tools drop-down menu, then choose the Elite Analytics tab.
  3. Click on the Upload Keyword Report button.
  4. Click on Browse and choose the file you wish to upload, then click on Open. After you have selected the file, hit the Upload File button. 
  5. If the upload was successful, you would be presented with a File Validated message. To see the results, click on the Show Results button. To avoid getting an error message, make sure that the file format you use is compatible with Elite Analytics. 
  6. The results will be displayed by summary metrics and individual metrics.

For Summary Metric, it will show the Title Density, Search Volume Trend, High Review, and Most Frequent Seller Country. 

For Individual Metric, it will show the Title density, Search Volume, Search Volume Trend, High Review Count, Median Review, and Most Frequent Seller Country.

Benefits of Using Helium 10 Black Box

Helium 10 Black Box

Here are some of the benefits of using Helium 10 Black Box to help you with your Amazon business.

Saves Time

Instead of manually scanning for profitable niches and gathering valuable data by yourself, Helium 10 Black Box can do this for you. Why spend hours of data gathering when you can quickly get more accurate results in minutes. 

Provide Product Ideas

With all the available products on Amazon, it would be difficult to decide which products will be profitable for your business. With the help of Black Box, it can provide you with product ideas that are not only performing but also those that have great potential for growth. 

List of Keywords to Boost Sales

Black Box doesn’t just provide product ideas but also relevant keywords. You can utilize these keywords to optimize your listings to increase traffic to your products and boost sales. 


Before you even launch your product, you already have an idea of how much money you can earn from it. Black Box can provide you with valuable data such as sales volume, ad-spend Return of Investment, break-even point, and more.

You can use this data to find out if a product will be profitable or not. 


Helium 10 Black Box is just one of the many eCommerce tools to help you beat your competitors on Amazon. However, not all tools can provide you with profitable product ideas to sell to help keep your Amazon business successful. 

Apart from product finder tools, you can also use Amazon product comparison tools to help you make wiser decisions in terms of marketing strategies and pricing. 

Do you think Helium 10 Black Box is the best product research tool out there? Please share your thoughts in the comments below and help each other grow our Amazon businesses. Want to learn more about other tools to help you with your Amazon FBA business? Read my complete Amazon FBA guide!

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