What Size Labels for Amazon FBA: A Complete Guide

by Tomer

August 5, 2021

Wondering what’s the right label size for Amazon FBA? Does the label size really matter when shipping products to FBA warehouses? Here are all answers you’ve been looking for!

Amazon uses the FBA labels to determine the sellers when the products arrive at their fulfillment facilities. So, it is necessary to print and stick the labels correctly. 

A lot of new FBA sellers often find it confusing to determine the right label size. However, printing the labels of the correct size is important to enjoy a hassle-free experience selling on Amazon

Here is your guide to What Size Labels for Amazon FBA. I’ve even recommended some great printers and label templates you can use to make the job easier.

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Which Printer Do You Need for Printing Amazon FBA labels?

Now that you know Amazon wants you to print the labels and stick them to the product box, it is essential to choose the right printer. You can use a regular office inkjet printer for the task.

However, using a thermal printer lets you print numerous labels in one go. Moreover, using a thermal printer is considerably cheaper than the inkjet counterparts. 

Another benefit is that you don’t have to worry about changing the cartridge. As these printers use heat to dry the ink.

As per Amazon, most of their fulfillment centers use Zebra GX430t model printers with a direct thermal setting.

what size labels for amazon fba

What Size Labels for Amazon FBA: Everything You Need to Know

Amazon wants its FBA sellers to print and stick two labels outside every box being sent to the FBA warehouse. These two labels are the shipping label and the FBA box label.

FBA Box Label 

Executives at the Amazon FBA warehouse scan the products using the barcode printed on the FBA box label. Also, it helps Amazon identify the seller, and they get every detail about the seller. 

As per Amazon, the size of the FBA box label should be 4 X 6 inches. However, the label size can be up to 6 X 8 inches depending on the size of the box. 

When applying the FBA box label, make sure there is at least a 0.25-inch gap between the label and the edge of the packaging. 

The FBA box label looks something like this:

what size labels for amazon fba

Specifications and Description of the FBA Box Label: 

Label ColorWhite 
Label Size 4 X 6 or 6 X 8 inches 
Label TypePermanent Adhesive 
Font See the Label font specifications

Shipping Label 

The shipping label helps the shipping companies like FedEx and UPS to track where the parcel is being sent. In short, this label helps the shipping partner determine the warehouse you want to send the items to.

The shipping label is of the same size as the FBA box label, i.e.: 4 X 6 inches, However, you cannot increase or decrease its size. The barcodes printed on the label should be clearly visible and should be scannable.

Here’s how the shipping label looks like: 

what size labels for amazon fba

Specifications and Description of the FBA Box Label: 

Label ColorWhite 
Label Size 4 X 6 
Label TypePermanent Adhesive 

FNSKU Label and Its Dimensions 

The FBA sellers stick the FNSKU label to the individual products and not the box they are sending multiple products in. 

FNKSU or Fulfilment Network Stock Keeping Unit helps Amazon differentiate between sellers. Yes, you can send products to the Amazon warehouse using the Universal Product Code, but there is a risk that the products may get mixed with the items shipped by other sellers.

Furthermore, if other sellers are also sending a similar item with the same title as yours, there is a risk that your customers may receive the other seller’s products, which can be problematic.

It is essential to stick the FNSKU label to each product you want to send to the Amazon warehouse. 

Talking about the dimensions, the FNSKU label should be around 1 X 2 inches. Some sellers even prefer 2 X 3 inches for bigger product packaging.

As per Amazon, these labels should have at least 0.25-inch free space on each side of the box, and 0.125-inch from the top and bottom.

Here’s how the FNSKU label looks like: 

what size labels for amazon fba

Label Sizes for Amazon FBA when using Zebra Printers 

If you are using a Zebra thermal printer for printing the FBA labels, it is essential to buy the right label roll. These rolls come in the right size as directed by Amazon, so you can print them, peel them, and stick them to every box and item as required.

For Printing FBA Box and Shipping Label 

The FBA box and shipping label are the same in size, so you can use the same label roll to print them. I recommend BETCKEY – 4″ x 6″ Blank Shipping Labels Compatible

Just place the roll inside the Zebra printer, and you are good to go. These have strong adhesive and are BPA-free labels, which make them a good choice.

For Printing FNSKU Labels 

The FNSKU labels are comparatively small, so you cannot use the 4 X 6 label. I prefer using Avery 1″ x 2″ Blank Rectangle Labels. These labels stick well to the product and help with better print quality. Just put one label sheet in the thermal printer, and you can quickly print a batch of FNSKU labels.

Label Sizes for Amazon FBA when using DYMO Printers

If you are using DYMO printers, you cannot use the Zebra compatible labels. DYMO offers a range of labels, especially for Amazon FBA sellers, so you should use these labels while sending products to the fulfillment warehouses.

For Printing FBA Box and Shipping Label 

The LW Shipping Labels, Extra Large 4″ x 6″ by DYMO, work the best for printing the shipping and FBA box label. With this roll, you can achieve high-impact labeling that’s durable and cost-effective.

For Printing FNSKU Labels 

You should use the LW Multi-Purpose Labels 1/2″ x 1″ for printing barcodes on the FNSKU label. Each roll contains 1000 labels, and you can print the labels quickly using the DYMO printer.

Things to Avoid When Printing Amazon FBA Labels 

Amazon has a set of rules you need to follow when printing the FBA labels. Furthermore, the eCommerce giant wants you to avoid some problems when printing labels. 

Missing Barcode 

Make sure the labels you are printing have proper barcodes that are scannable. Some sellers prefer printing QR codes, but they are not scannable by all scanners. 

Mislabelled Unit 

The items you are shipping in the box should match the barcode attached to them. If that does not happen, Amazon will not ship the products to the customers.

Unscannable Barcodes 

It’s pretty common that the ink on the FBA label gets smeared or smudged and makes the entire barcode unscannable. However, I’ve recommended some good quality labels below in this article that you can use with Zebra and DYMO printers to avoid this issue.

Final Thoughts

If you want to have a smooth experience as an Amazon FBA seller, make sure to use the right label size.

This guide has everything you should know about printing the right size label. I’ve heard a lot of FBA sellers using tools like AzLabels that help print hundreds of labels with a click. Lastly, make sure to invest in a good thermal printer to make printing labels as easy as a breeze. 

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