What Is Amazon OTP mean? Take Action To Protect Your Account

by Tomer

October 5, 2021

With technology’s constant developments, data privacy issues on online platforms are arising. Many are concerned about their safety on the internet, and Amazon takes this seriously. As the prompt appears on your screen, you may be wondering, what is Amazon OTP mean? Today we will tell you all about it and show you how to get your two-step verification set up!

What Is Amazon OTP Mean And Why Is It Necessary?

what is amazon otp mean

To put it simply, OTP on Amazon means “One-Time Password.” It is a form of Two-Step verification wherein aside from the basic email address and password, it is a second level of protection that gets sent to you for you to input into Amazon’s app or website to log in. This verification system helps protect accounts from being hacked. Not only does this prevent unwanted access to your account, but it can also protect what you have stored in the account from being stolen. 

By the name itself, an OTP is unique and will never be reused. Many websites, including social networking platforms, make use of an OTP authentication system to prevent unauthorized users from accessing accounts with sensitive and personal information. 

Amazon OTP For Customers

Aside from basic access to your account, the OTP is sometimes also requested for the security of packages upon delivery. Instead of just leaving your package at your doorstep, Amazon wants to ensure that valuable packages get hand-delivered to the intended recipient. In these cases, Amazon will send an OTP to the customer’s email after the item is shipped, and it will be valid until the end of the delivery day. The OTP can also be located on the tracking page of your package under Your Orders.

When you are about to receive your package, you will be asked to recite the OTP to the Amazon driver to authenticate your identity as the person who ordered the item.

If you are unavailable upon delivery, you can share the OTP with a trusted person who can receive the package for you. Only share the OTP to someone when it is meant for deliveries and never for logging in to your Amazon account, otherwise you may get your Amazon account locked for security purposes.

Amazon OTP For Sellers

Just like customers, new Amazon sellers need to verify their identity, especially because seller accounts hold a lot of private information, including orders & sales, payments, banking & finances, employee information, tax information, and more. Amazon will ask that sellers enter an OTP before gaining access to Seller Central.

An Amazon OTP is also required when sellers are trying to withdraw earnings. It can be found in the “Security” settings section of your account under Payments and Transfers, which will redirect you to a page where it asks for an OTP code prior to granting access.

In addition, sellers may also need an Amazon OTP when reporting items sold and tracking inventory levels of what’s available in their stock. If your account was flagged as at risk due to suspicious activities such as unauthorized access or changes made on your seller portal by someone else, you will be prompted to enter an OTP code, which will ensure that your activities are authentic.

How Does Amazon Request For An OTP?

what is amazon otp mean

Upon logging in with the correct credentials, Amazon adds an extra layer of security by requesting a 6-digit numeric OTP code. The OTP can be retrieved from a text message to your phone, a call from Amazon, in an email, or to a dedicated authenticator app. The platform contacts you at the phone number and email address associated with your account information, so it is crucial that you have entered the correct contact information you have direct access to.

An OTP is time-sensitive for your account’s security, so you have to enter it quickly.

Setting Up Your Two-Step Verification / OTP

It is highly recommended to set up two-step verification for your own peace of mind.  If you would like to set up your two-step verification with an authenticator app, just visit your Login & Security page on your Amazon account and select the “Edit” button next to Two-Step Verification Settings.

You will be given options to choose where you would like to authenticate your logins, such as through a phone number (text or call) or an authenticator app.

If you choose to receive codes through text or call, make sure you enter your active phone number that you have immediate access to at any time. 

On the other hand, if you choose to verify yourself through an authenticator app, they will provide a QR code. Install an authenticator app on your cellphone to scan the QR code. It will then generate an OTP for you to enter into the page Amazon. There are many authenticator apps, even Google and Microsoft have one.

What Should I Do If I Am Experiencing Difficulties Accessing My Account With An OTP?

what is amazon otp mean

It may be frustrating when we experience restrictions on Amazon, but they do this to protect us! If you are experiencing difficulties accessing your Amazon account with an OTP, it is possible that you have entered the code incorrectly. It is always best that you access your account from the device and network connection where you are logged in to your account the most often so that it is recognizable by Amazon.

Still no luck? You are given an option to recover your account. You will then be asked to verify your identity by providing a scan or photo of a government-issued identity document.

Accepted documents include: 

  • A state-issued driver’s license
  • A state ID card
  • A voter registration card

Since the verification process can take 1-2 days, it is important that the uploaded photos are high quality and the information is clearly readable. However, you are allowed to cover up or conceal sensitive information such as account numbers or identification numbers. The necessary information that needs to be visible is your full name, address, and issuing authority (e.g. state or country).

Once you are verified, Amazon will email you and temporarily allow you to access your account with just your password, but it is recommended that you re-enable the ability to receive One-Time Passwords.

There is also the slim chance that Amazon’s servers would be experiencing downtime when you are having difficulty accessing your account. Check Amazon’s social media accounts to see if there is any news about this. You are also welcome to contact Amazon customer service and ask for help at 1-888-280-4331. This phone number is available to receive calls 24/7.

Final Thoughts

Amazon takes your account security very seriously to make you comfortable enough to continually transact with them. They provide a variety of options where you are most comfortable receiving OTPs, showing that your convenience is also prioritized by the platform.  If necessary, you may want to read about “How Do I Log Someone Out of My Amazon Account” to keep your seller account protected.

If you’re reading this article because you are new to Amazon and interested in selling, we can help you through 1-on-1 coaching or by enrolling in my Amazon FBA Course!

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