How to Get Ungated on Amazon: 4 Easy Steps to Get Ungated

by Tomer

June 2, 2021

So, you have a killer selling strategy ready to drive more sales on Amazon but don’t know how to get ungated in the particular product category? 

Well, Amazon lets you sell almost anything, but some restricted categories require you to be ungated. 

Amazon wants its users to have a great buying experience with it, so to sell some products, FBA sellers require approval to list their products on Amazon.

But how to get ungated on Amazon? Here is your guide to getting approval for selling “restricted category products” on Amazon. 

This post highlights getting ungated on Amazon in different product categories.

Let’s get started:

What Does It Mean to Get Ungated on Amazon?

There are several categories on Amazon that are not open to every seller, especially the new FBA sellers, and to sell products of these categories, you need to get ungated.

For example, collectible books are a restricted category on Amazon that requires the sellers to get approval first. Even if you scan such products, you won’t be able to add them to the Amazon Seller Central, without getting ungated.

Most sellers think that getting ungated is a complex process and requires one to comply with many policies. But getting ungated in Amazon is not that hard, and that’s why I’m here with this post.

Below you will find the gated categories and a four-step approach to sell products in these categories.

Categories that Require FBA Sellers to be Ungated

Amazon continuously revises the list of restricted categories. These categories contain products that have the potential to be fake or counterfeit. Or products that are heavily regulated, such as collectibles, wines, jewelry, and more.

Being one of the largest e-commerce stores across the globe, Amazon wants its customers to get what the sellers promise, and to keep the scam artists away, it has come with a policy of gating some product categories. 

These are some product categories that require sellers to be ungated to list and sell:

How to Get Ungated on Amazon
  • Collectible books 
  • Gift cards
  • Fine jewelry 
  • Major appliances (fridge, oven, washing machines, and more)
  • Sexual wellness 
  • Watches (especially the branded ones)
  • Collectible coins 
  • Powersports and Automotive 
  • Accessories, shoes, clothes, and luggage 
  • Entertainment collectibles 
  • Gourmet and Grocery foods
  • Textbook rentals 
  • DVD, video, and Blu-Ray 
  • Alcohol 
  • Fine art 
  • Personal safety and household products
  • Made in Italy 
  • Holiday selling requirements in toys and games 
  • Join Amazon handmade 

As Amazon keeps on adding new product categories to this list, it would be great to check the list of restricted products so that you don’t have an overwhelming experience selling on Amazon.

4 Easy Steps to Get Ungated on Amazon 

The reason why some FBA sellers avoid getting ungated is the stringent process. Moreover, some categories have different steps to get ungated. 

In this article, I have listed the general as well as category-specific processes to get ungated on Amazon.

Step 1: Sign Up for a Professional Selling Plan 

How to get ungated on Amazon

Start with signing up for a Professional Selling Plan on Amazon. Sellers should have a Professional Plan to sell in restricted categories. The cost of signing up is $39.99 a month, and the additional fee includes the fulfillment fee and warehouse fee. 

So, get your Professional Plan, and then go ahead with other steps.

Step 2: Search for the Products You are Looking to Sell 

Now log in to your Amazon Seller Central Account, and click on “Add Product” under the Inventory Menu. Start searching for the products you want to sell, such as alcohol, collectible coins, jewelry, or anything else.

Step 3: Get to the Application Form 

After selecting the products you are looking to sell, click on the “Listing Limitations May Apply” link. You will find the link next to the item name. Now click on “Request Approval.” Amazon will redirect you to the application form you need to fill to sell a particular product.

Step 4: Fill the Application Form and Submit It 

You will see the required instructions on Amazon that’ll help you complete the application form. Every application is slightly different depending on the type of product, so fill the form carefully. 

Amazon may also ask you to upload images or scanned invoices to prove the authenticity of the products. Click “Submit for Approval,” and then wait for Amazon to respond to you. 

Here are the possible responses you can expect from Amazon: 

  • Successful: If you receive a message congratulating you, get ready to list your products for sales. FBA sellers can start making listings of the products.
  • Unsuccessful: Sometimes Amazon rejects the un-gating requests, but the best part is they tell you the reason for it. If you have mentioned something wrong in the application form, or the product invoices submitted by you aren’t matching the product, then you may not receive approval from Amazon. 

How to Get Ungated on Amazon in Each Product Category

Amazon has some strict guidelines for several product categories, so I have explained them in detail. FBA sellers looking to sell the following items should comply with these guidelines in order to get ungated on Amazon.

Getting Ungated in Fine Art Category 

Amazon has kept this category exclusive to fine art dealers that are in business for years. Here are the requirements sellers should fulfill to sell fine art on Amazon.

  • A Website Registered on the Brand’s Name 

Sellers should have a website registered in their or brand’s name. Galleries with a website can also apply for un-gating on Amazon. 

  • Establishment in the Business

Dealers and galleries that are selling fine art for more than three years have chances of getting ungated on Amazon. 

Getting Ungated in Grocery and Gourmet Foods Category 

This particular category has a long process to get ungated. Also, it’s a bit complicated, but you can enjoy achieving good sales, as fewer sellers fulfill the requirements of this product category.

  • Create an Account with a Trusted Distributor 

To begin with, you need to create an account with any trusted distributor registered on Amazon or already selling products on the platform. 

Look for a good and reputed wholesaler on Amazon, several sellers go with DollarDays, and USGrocer due to higher chances of getting approval. 

When creating an account with these wholesalers, use the same email address you have used to create a seller account on Amazon Seller Central. 

  • Satisfy the Performance Targets 

FBA sellers must satisfy the performance targets in order to sell grocery and gourmet products. As per Amazon, sellers should have a late shipment rate below 4%, a pre-fulfillment cancel rate below 2.5%, and an order defect rate below 1%.

  • Place a Successful Order 

It may sound weird that how can someone place an order before getting ungated on Amazon. But this is the policy, and sellers have to comply with it. FBA sellers interested in selling grocery and gourmet products should place an order of the products they are willing to sell on Amazon.

Amazon also requires copies of invoices as it’s a part of the application process.

  • Scan the Invoices 

After receiving the order, the FBA sellers should check if the information they have provided Amazon meets the info on the product invoice. This information includes phone number, email id, address, and some other details.

In case any of the following details don’t match, then Amazon will not allow you to sell in this category. Scan the invoice or take a picture of it. If you can take some pictures of the products, it will be much better. 

Make sure to take some high-resolution pictures and use a good photo editing tool

An Important Note: 

Before sharing the invoice, check if it has your (seller’s name) on the top. Also, add the ASIN, item model number, and UPC for every product mentioned in the invoice. 

  • Submit the Application 

Sellers can now submit their applications to get ungated in the following category. Amazon usually takes around 5 hours to a few days to respond, so wait patiently. 

If you get rejected, don’t worry. Amazon will tell you the reason behind it so that you can make a fresh application again to get ungated in this category.

Getting Ungated in Alcohol Category 

How to Get Ungated on Amazon

Here’s another product category that has strict guidelines, and that’s why some sellers avoid it. Sellers need the following things in order to sell wine/alcohol on Amazon.

  • Adhere to the Regulations 

This product category comes with heavy regulations, so the sellers must adhere to them. Anyone willing to sell wine or other alcohol-containing beverages should meet the state’s regulations on selling alcohol.

  • Be Registered as an Importer or Winery 

FBA sellers looking to sell wine on Amazon should be registered as a California Winery, a domestic winery, or as an importer/wholesaler or retailer. 

  • Fulfill the Shipping Requirements  

It means that the FBA sellers should ship to at least one state Amazon supports. 

Getting Ungated in Watch Category 

It’s pretty easy to get ungated in the watch category than the grocery category. Here are the requirements Amazon wants the sellers to comply with in order to start selling watches.

  • Test the Watches 

The sellers should test the watches for accuracy and water resistance. It implies especially for the sellers dealing in pre-owned watches. 

  • List the UPC Codes 

The FBA sellers should list the UPC manufacturer’s code with every watch they want to add to the product listing. When applying for approval, list the UPC on the watch pictures. 

  • Satisfy the Performance Targets 

Amazon wants the sellers to have a pre-fulfillment cancellation rate below 2.5%, order defect rate below 1%, and late shipment rate below 4%. Furthermore, the sellers should meet the specific requirements of a third-party watch certification organization.

Getting Ungated in Collectible Books Category 

Selling books on Amazon is painless, but you have to comply with several guidelines if you are looking to sell limited edition books. Here’s how sellers can ungate the collectible books category:

  • The Books Should Be Collectible 

Sellers cannot list just any book under the collectible category. The books must be the first edition, signed by a renowned personality, or possess any quality that makes them special or collectible.

Furthermore, the books should be authentic and not counterfeit. 

  • List the Products Under the ISBN 

Amazon requires the sellers to use ISBN (International Standard Book Number) when listing books for selling. The FBA sellers should list the 13-digit or 10-digit ISBN number when asking for getting ungated under the collectible books category. 

For pre-ISBN, the sellers must create a new product page to get ungated and sell their stock on Amazon.

Getting Ungated in Major Appliance Product Category 

How to Get Ungated on Amazon

Getting ungated in the major appliance product category is the easiest, and there aren’t any strict policies. The FBA sellers get a basic application form to fill in order to get ungated in this category. 

However, Amazon may ask you to show some documents to prove the source of your products, such as invoices sent by the manufactures or warehouses.

Getting Ungated in Sexual Wellness Category 

Another category that’s easy, and sellers can get ungated quickly without any hassles is sexual wellness. Amazon doesn’t ask the sellers for any solid proofs or documents. 

The FBA sellers interested in selling sexual wellness products should fill out a form and wait for the team to respond. 

Getting Ungated in Kindle Category 

Sellers looking to sell products in Kindle Category need to comply with the Amazon Device Accessories Fair Use and Compatibility Guidelines in order to get ungated. 

Also, the sellers must agree to the 45% cut that Amazon takes on every sale made on its platform. If sellers agree to the following requirements, then they can get ungated in this category.

Getting Ungated in Automotive and Powersports Category 

All products that have a built-in motor, such as automotive parts, come under this category. Getting ungated in this product category is easy, and sellers should comply with the following requirements:

  • Sellers Should Have a Website 

FBA sellers interested in selling automotive and powersports products should have their own website in order to get ungated.

  • Compliant Product Images 

The sellers need compliant product images that are suitable for reviewing on image hosting sites or independent websites.

  • List the UPC codes 

All products listed under this product category must have UPCs listed on them. 

  • Warranties 

Any certified refurbished automotive or powersports products should have the manufacturer’s certified warranty.

  • The Sellers Should Review the Parts 

Amazon even wants the sellers to review the fitment parts to ensure they fit a particular vehicle, sellers are advertising them for. 

Getting Ungated in Entertainment Collectibles Category 

There are only two steps sellers need to follow to get ungated in this category. Furthermore, sellers don’t have to fill an application form, instead, they have to email Amazon at [email protected], with the following details.

  • Satisfy the Performance Targets 

The order defect rate should be less than 1%, and the pre-fulfillment cancel rate should be less than 2.5%. Furthermore, Amazon says that the late shipment rate should be less than 4%.

  • Check all Listing Requirements 

Sellers must comply with the product-specific requirements, such as the products should have all the required documents to prove their authenticity.

Getting Ungated in Fine Jewelry Category 

How to Get Ungated on Amazon

This is the hardest category to get ungated in, so a limited number of sellers try to get ungated here. If you are still interested in selling fine jewelry on Amazon, here are some things you need to know.

  • Sellers Should Have an Established Business 

Sellers that are looking to sell fine jewelry should have a well-established business. Furthermore, Amazon says that the seller’s business should generate at least $50,000 in revenue annually.

  • Meet Amazon’s Quality Assurance 

All the products listed under this category should meet Amazon’s Quality Assurance Standards. Also, they should be priced under $300,000. 

  • Pay the Fee 

Another requirement to get ungated under this category requires the sellers to pay $5,000 as an entry fee. Sellers must pay this fee while asking for approval.

  • Satisfy the Performance Targets 

As per Amazon, the order defect rate should be less than 1%, and the pre-fulfillment cancel rate less than 2.5%. Furthermore, the late shipment rate should be less than 4%. 

Also, Amazon says that the seller must have been selling fine jewelry for at least one year. 

Getting Ungated in Accessories, Clothes, and Luggage Category 

Here’s another category that doesn’t require the sellers to comply with stringent guidelines. The sellers must fill the application form while providing details to their retail store (e-commerce stores will also work).

Sellers that don’t have a retail store can set up an e-commerce store to enjoy selling on Amazon as well as on their own new store.

Getting Ungated in Toys and Games Category 

Toys and games don’t come under the restricted category, but it is essential to get ungated in order to sell these products during the holiday season. 

November and December are the two busiest months for toy sellers, and Amazon wants them to fulfill the following requirements.

  • Satisfy the Performance Targets 

The order defect rate should be less than 1%, the pre-fulfillment cancel rate should be less than 1.75%, and the late shipment rate should be less than 4%. These figures will lead up to the holiday season.

  • The Seller Must Ship a Certain Number of Products 

Amazon also requires the seller to ship a certain number of products leading up to the holiday season to get ungated in this category. There is no exact number specified by Amazon, though.

Is It Worth It Getting Ungated on Amazon: What are the Pros and Cons?

How to Get Ungated on Amazon

Before you start with the process of getting ungated on Amazon, it is essential to understand its pros and cons. 


Non-restricted categories on Amazon have more competition than restricted categories, so sellers will find it easier to get good sales. Not every seller tries to get ungated on Amazon, and it can be a great move to bag higher sales.

Furthermore, once a seller gets ungated, it can sell on Amazon without any issues.


Amazon continuously revises the policies for products that come under the “restricted category.” So, it is no surprise that Amazon may ask the sellers again to comply with the new policies. 

It can be pretty daunting to get ungated again and again in a particular category. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Can I apply for un-gating again once my application form gets rejected? 

A: Yes, you can apply for un-gating again if your application form gets rejected by Amazon. The best part is that Amazon tells you the reason why they have rejected your application, so you can make the possible fixes to apply again.

Q: Is it hard to get ungated on Amazon?

A: It depends on the product category you are applying for. Getting ungated in the Clothing category is much easier than getting ungated in fine jewelry. I have listed the process to get ungated on Amazon in different categories, so you can check and send your application form for approval.

Q: Can I pay to get ungated on Amazon?

A: Several brands out there can help you get ungated on Amazon, but I don’t recommend that. The sellers should complete the process themselves. Hiring third-party services can even lead to an account suspension if something gets wrong. 

Q: How long does it take to get approved to sell on Amazon 2021?

A: Getting approval can take around 3 hours or up to a few days, depending on the category you are applying for. If you are looking to get ungated in the sexual wellness category, expect a quick approval, whereas getting ungated in the fine jewelry category is a long process.


How to Get Ungated on Amazon

This post covers everything you need to know about getting ungated on Amazon. Check out the particular product categories you are planning to sell your products in, and then follow the guidelines while sending an application form for approval.

Getting ungated on Amazon is not as hard as sellers think, provided you follow the right approach. Next time when any of your seller friends asks “how to get ungated on Amazon,” help him with this post and make it easier for them to get ungated.

If you are looking to start selling on Amazon or need help setting you an Amazon store, get in touch with us. We provide coaching to Amazon FBA sellers to help them streamline the selling process while achieving better sales over time.

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