How to Ask a Question on Amazon: Helpful Tips for Customers and Sellers

by Tomer

December 5, 2022

Are you wondering how customers can ask sellers a question on Amazon and how they can reply to them? There are different ways a customer can reach out to an Amazon seller, and it’s important for sellers to find out where they can find these questions so they can reply accordingly. 

In this post, I will show you how customers can ask a question on Amazon and how sellers can reply to them. I will also explain why it is important for sellers to answer their customers and how they can benefit from it.

Be sure to read until the end for some tips on how to properly answer customers’ questions to help you become the customer’s choice. 

How to Ask a Question on Amazon?

There are two common ways a customer can ask Amazon sellers a question on Amazon regarding a product. 

Product Listing

How to Ask a Question on Amazon

The first option is through a product listing. When customers visit a product listing, they can scroll down below, and they will see the Customer Questions and Answers section. They can first type in a keyword on the search bar to see if their question has been asked and answered before. 

If they can’t find the answer to their question, they can simply click on Post your question, and the seller will receive a notification, so they know that someone had asked a question about their product.

All questions asked on a product listing must be related to the item. Amazon has the right to remove any questions or answers that are not compliant with Amazon’s community guidelines.

By Sending a Message

How to Ask a Question on Amazon

Another way to ask a question on Amazon is by sending a seller a direct message. To do this, go to Orders and click on Contact Seller. Type in your question and click Submit.

The customer’s message will be forwarded to the seller’s email by Amazon, and the seller can reply to the email to answer the customer’s question.

Why Should Sellers Answer Customers’ Questions?

How to Ask a Question on Amazon

It is vital that sellers check and answer customers’ questions as they can help with their Amazon business. Here are some benefits of answering customers’ questions.

Build Trust

Customers appreciate it if sellers answer their questions right away and clearly. It builds trust with the customers knowing that sellers are knowledgeable about their products. If customers trust you and your products, you can expect them to become loyal customers and bring more customers and sales to your store.

Customers hate it when they are being ignored, and building a better customer experience can go a long way. 

Improve Product Exposure

Each time a customer asks a question and replies to their queries, they sometimes use keywords that you haven’t used with your listing. These keywords can improve your product listing’s relevancy.

Aside from that, answering your customers’ questions can help increase your positive reviews, thus improving your conversion rate and ranking.

Improve your Product Listing

Another benefit of answering customers’ questions is that it can help you improve and optimize your product listings. By analyzing the common questions your customers ask, you can find out what your customers are looking for and what’s missing from your product listing. 

For instance, if customers keep asking about the size of your product, maybe you forgot to include it in your listing, or maybe it’s not clear enough. These questions can help you improve how you present your product listing and avoid confusion from your customers. 

Providing all relevant information on your product listing will help them decide to purchase right away, rather than having to ask a question first and wait for your reply. This could also prevent them from looking elsewhere. 

Tips for Answering Customers’ Questions

How to Ask a Question on Amazon

Now that you know how important it is to answer customers’ questions, here are some tips to ensure you can provide the best answer and customer service to them.

Answer in a Timely Manner

Whenever you receive a question, make sure to answer them as soon as possible. You don’t want to keep them waiting because they may move on and look for another seller and purchase from them instead. 

Also, the faster you answer their question, the quicker they can make a decision to buy your product.

Add Relevant Keywords for Indexing

Another tip is to add relevant keywords to your replies for indexing. But be sure you don’t overdo it and include them in a way that doesn’t sound spammy. It’s important that your reply still makes sense.

For instance, you’re selling a pack of nail polish, and a customer asks what shade of green is included in the pack. In your reply, you can include the colors that were not included in your product description, bullets, or title to help index your product. 

By adding relevant keywords to your reply, Amazon can index your product listing to other customers who may be looking for the same shade of green.

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Personalized Replies

As much as possible, avoid canned replies to your customer’s questions. You can call them by their name and make sure you provide them with the right answer. By providing personalized replies, you can stand out from other sellers who don’t practice it. 

Provide Solutions to your Customers

If a customer reaches out to you regarding a wrong order or a defective item, make sure to stay calm and helpful. You can offer them a replacement without additional fees or offer a full refund. 

Yes, you may lose some money here, but you can potentially lose more money and sales if the customer leaves a negative review. 

Keep Answers Short but Informative

Make sure that your answers are short, informative, and straight to the point. Customers don’t have the time or patience to read long answers. Ideally, keep your answers between 1 to 3 sentences only but ensure that all necessary information is included.

If the customer’s question is answerable by yes or no, avoid answering with a simple yes or no. Try to add more words and value to your reply. If your customers ask if the crayons are non-toxic, instead of replying with a yes, you can reply with “Yes, they are non-toxic and are safe for kids aged three and up.”

Be Professional

Your replies should always be polite and professional. Never be rude to your customers. If they know that you’re a professional seller, they will feel more confident about the products you sell and will win their trust.

Being rude or unprofessional may lead to a negative review and may affect your brand’s image. 


Being professional and polite with answering customers’ questions can set you apart from other sellers. Make sure to always check the notification from Amazon for any new emails or questions from the Question and Answer, so you don’t miss out on any inquiries from your customers. 

Do you have other tips on how to answer a customer’s question properly? Share them in the comments below, and let’s help each other provide better customer service.

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