How to Optimize your Amazon FBA Product Listing Using Intellifox

by Tomer

May 19, 2022

How to Optimize your Amazon FBA Product Listing Using Intellifox.mp4

How to Optimize your Amazon FBA Product Listing Using Intellifox

How to Optimize your Amazon FBA Product Listing Using Intellifox

Tomer [00:00:05] So let’s welcome today we have a special guest with a very exciting tool that he created to help Amazon sellers, mainly in Europe. We’ll talk about how we got into building this tool and a little bit about himself.

But I want to welcome you, Conrad. It’s a pleasure having you. Thank you very much for the opportunity to show to our audience how they can use your tool. And like I told you in previous calls that we had, and like I always say, I only want to recommend tools and things that I think that will give value.

Being approached a lot of times with the tools and stuff that want to be featured on the channel that I’m not using and I don’t see honestly the potential. And I’m always putting them aside. And at first, honestly, I thought that’s one of those too, but then realized the more we talked that it could help a lot of sellers, whether they are beginners and also for advanced sellers that do it on scale.

And we will talk about all the features later, but I want to introduce you. Why don’t you tell who you are, where you’re from, a little about yourself? And then we can do a little quick demo about that tool.

Conrad [00:01:21] Perfect. Yeah. Thank you so much Tomer for having me. It’s a wonderful way to be accepting my request because like you said, Intellifox is an interesting tool that’s very different from whatever you have seen for, having set on Amazon.

So I’m really happy to have to be able to speak about Intellifox because that’s my passion. You know, everything, every ounce of energy I put out it in Intellifox. So as you might have heard, I’m not a native English speaker. I’m French, from France. Yeah.

And I’m a software engineer. That’s my main quality. I love to create software. I love to tweak things and make stuff. I’m a creator of value for people. And at some point in my career, I wanted to have more like not have a job but work for myself and I’ve looked into opportunities. And to me, Amazon FBA was like, this very interesting opportunity. Like this really made market where you just have to work on the marketing, sourcing and that spoke to me.

And so three years ago, I spent some money and some time learning how to do this. And while doing it, I was also in my entrepreneurial mindset, you know. And I was in a group of many French sellers like a one more than 2000 sellers. And every day I was in this group and I was trying to understand how Amazon worked.

At some point I was just helping them because there are so many issues, technical issues, and how do I do this? How do I make this image? How can I optimize my things and myself? I was going through the struggle of putting my listings, creating my listing with making everything as beautiful as possible. And I had a lot of variations and I was looking around the tools and how can I make this easier for me?

And basically, there were no tools that was making listing optimization as efficiently as I would love for people to have access to. It was not a very perfect sentences. I wanted to make it really easy for people to optimize their listings, and that’s what I built about the under during the last two years. It’s the, to me, the easiest solution to build and optimize listings.

Tomer [00:04:10] I want to interrupt there and kind of get more details. So you started like the idea of being an Amazon seller was really appealing for you. The lifestyle we all know about this amazing lifestyle that it can give and provide, and the scalability you can relatively create something big with very small team and lean team and you so you just started to learn by joining this Facebook group or you took like a course or something that will teach you.

I don’t know how in Europe things work. Not talking about the UK because I guess people from the UK since it’s English, they’re kind of mixed with how people in the US learn through courses is very similar.

But you know what I also teach is, you know, always when you create your listings, do it like by the books send it to like a special photographer, but it’s a little different approach with what you and the group there are doing correct me if I’m wrong.

Conrad [00:05:05] Yeah, kind of. I think there are many approaches to solving the same problem. Yes. So yeah, no.

Tomer [00:05:15] That’s my point. Like, there is no one way that’s what I want to really figure out, like how we can learn, how we can take this idea and really maybe implement this to other stuff. Maybe we’re not there. That’s not the right approach. Or maybe we can learn and improve from that approach or other approaches as well.

Conrad [00:05:30] Yeah, definitely. So in my situation, I went through a course that was the starting point because I was looking at marketing. And basically, you have a lot of free knowledge out there, but when you have access to free knowledge, you know you have to assemble the pieces and make your own thing.

Tomer [00:05:52] So yeah, it can be overwhelming.

Conrad [00:05:53] It’s a bit overwhelming, but also you get enough time and you get enough experience quickly when you’re telling someone that had a lot of experience. So that’s the game all the gurus are playing out there and then I think many of them have a lot of values to sell basically.

But I think that to me, that was an interesting starting point. In the course, there was no explicit advice, you know. You should take the pictures yourselves, should you outsource that. It was more about what kind of message you need to send through your listings.

What, how are you going to structure your offer, to make it appealing to people and the mean to achieve that? Yeah, I guess some companies we go to agency and the way that we have done for them, listings. They wanted to provide for people with less budget. And how can they do this themselves, even if they have the pictures of their product?

That’s the most important thing you need to work for e-commerce. Even if the picture of the product you’ve outsourced them to a professional photographer. You still have to make things in a certain way on the listing, and they wouldn’t do that for you. Sure you can outsource everything.

But what I wanted to create and give is something where you have to control yourself. You can do it yourself, you can control it, you can tweak it in the future. You can well, make it, make everything like you want it and keep the control.

Tomer [00:07:28] But yeah, I want to add something. So I always suggest that when you work with the photographer that he has a background in design. That he cannot just photoshop and give you like plane pictures and white background, but that he can also do attaching to them shadows. He can play with elements, text and overlays.

But I think this is more like for advanced sellers that want to really make it like a very competitive market. They have to do it very professionally and even after they get the photos, that’s it. You can’t really do revisions. So I think that’s when your tool come into place. We’ll talk about it later, but how exactly to do things and demo. But yeah, I’ll let you continue from where you left of.

Conrad [00:08:17] Yeah, I guess what do you want to know, what can I say I’ve got well, I can talk a little bit about the Intellifox. That’s the name of the tool Intellifox.

Tomer [00:08:27] So you help others, you join the group, you had your own listings and then your background as a software engineer and kind of got you into, OK, get out and make things better. Correct me if I’m wrong, and I was in the background of listening to your podcast with Joe is I kind of know a little about the history, but so you kind of joined the group. You figure out how we can help them, and then that’s how you started Intellifox.

Conrad [00:08:50] Yeah, basically by popular demand, I would say now I did a prototype and I talked to my coach, Amazon coach. And he saw a lot of value in it. So I first started showing Intellifox to a larger audience, his audience and the response I had from the sellers. It was from this group of 2000 people. It was overwhelming. I had so many like they wanted. They wanted this because it was serving something that was really important for their business.

So that’s the starting point, and it was May 2020 during the start of the pandemic. And since this day, I never stopped. I’m working constantly in order to improve the product. To make it simpler, I can get feedback from all the Intellinotes I call them that, the users of Intellifox. And just making your product better and better every day.

Tomer [00:09:51] What was their main problem that you were so eager to fix?

Conrad [00:09:59] I think for them, it was really building the picture. Building the like, the seven pictures in it to sell on Amazon and all the technical difficulty that was associated with that. Yeah, the worst thing I’ve seen is people trying to create images with paint. That was the level I was cringe at. You can’t just use paint from Microsoft to create all these. That’s not OK. Yeah.

Tomer [00:10:30] And why don’t we then showcase the tool to people? I guess a lot of people at this point like asking yourself, OK, so what is this tool, what it does and how it can help us? And we’re going to show it right away. But before we do it, if you like the tool, you know, will appreciate if you use the link at the bottom that supports Intellifox and will support us as well, bringing in this beautiful content.

So let’s start. Could you maybe share the screen and maybe we’ll start with what you suggested at the beginning? I think that a lot of times before holidays or events, a lot of people want to add some, you know, Christmas elements or change things or even just adding text in general, you know, as you know, a product of a life cycle. So when you launch it and it could be successful or sell a lot after a while, more competitors and more players coming into the market.

So one way to fight this is by improving your listing. So doing it could be. And then you don’t really have the photographer anymore because you got the photos that say a year ago, you are kind of by yourself. So I think this tool would come to be very handy at that point for a lot of sellers and even for you sellers that just starting and want to create beautiful images. So let I’ll give you the stage now to show us a little bit about how those things work.

Conrad [00:11:59] Yeah. Perfect, So the starting point on Intellifox that all your products from your seller central are automatically imported in the tool. You don’t have to manually do anything. You can have your existing product or you can also start to create your own listings directly from the tool.

Tomer [00:12:17] it’ll save you a lot of time. I know because when I have to change photos, it’s very messy process. I have to go to the folder, send them to a guy on Fiverr, then you do the right thing and back and forth. It’s really time-consuming process. We know time is money and this tool like save you a lot of this time because you have to connect your seller central and then it’s pulling all the pictures automatically, right?

Conrad [00:12:39] Yeah, exactly. All the pictures, all the texts, everything. Well, it’s to me, that’s the ideal workflow you’d want to have with your listings.

Tomer100 percent. I agree.

Conrad [00:12:39] So basically what you can see all your products, so you have all of your important products then you can. Well, maybe for the US, it’s not as important, but that maybe your listeners there sell on Canada and Mexico as well, maybe on the matter. Yes.

Tomer [00:13:12] I mean, a lot of sellers do sell on Europe. You know, we start in the US and then we expand to Europe like myself. And you know what? A lot of times we have to change texts from US to German and Italian, France. You know, that’s a big demand. So, you know, just to make it all your products cost your fortune. And with this tool, I guess you just do it one time and then you just changed it. The translation, right?

Conrad [00:13:40] Yeah, yeah. But it’s exactly that. And so you have a lot of because it was born in Europe, and you need to have access to many languages in Europe, you can be able to set up across Europe. So it’s just like built-in Europe, the Intellifox.

Tomer [00:13:57] Yeah, yeah. I’m actually going through this process right now and I just made a video about the service providers in Amazon in beta. It’s a beta thing, and they actually offer a free translation services with your Amazon team, so they will take your videos and it will give you a script in the German, I guess maybe to the idea to you or you may be able to do for videos like text overlays and things like that.

And also for your images so they will translate your listing, your images and videos for free. So but once you get it, you need a tool like this one to actually implement this. So this is really powerful. What about the pictures that already have text built-in in them? Is that possible to change it or not?

Conrad [00:14:42] Well, let me show you an example for that. So let’s say you have, I imported pictures of this product right here. Let’s say, you have this image, yeah, I think that’s the easiest part right now to modify the text you can. But to be honest, I don’t have the little color picker you know, so I won’t be able to get the right orange, but basically, you can put a mask in front of the text then.

Tomer [00:15:22] I mean, do you have a color picker

Conrad [00:15:24] like, yeah, I don’t have the color picker because I’m going to have to go, by the eye.

Tomer [00:15:29] By eye. OK, but I guess it’s something you will add or it’s not there yet.

Conrad [00:15:34] Yeah. You know, it’s always evolving. Yeah, but everything is in the details. You know, you have to get everything perfect. It’s coming, it’s coming. Everything. It takes time.

Tomer [00:15:45] Yeah, but you can put the actual color code.

Conrad [00:15:48] Yeah, yeah. Obviously.

Tomer [00:15:49] So a quick solution is just to, you know, I like a chrome extension that they have a color picker there. And then you just check the color with the color code. We can. Maybe you can make later video for like, quick solution. Yeah, that’s fixed. That’s really good because for even pictures that you get from a photographer back then, you can still change the text. This is very powerful.

Conrad [00:16:15] Yeah, yeah. And after that, you just have to put a text and well, basically you can you can do whatever you want right here. Amazing. I’m going to put it in white and I don’t know, a very strong magnets that’s quite too big. Yeah, well, the thing is, I’m not a marketing guy, you know.

Tomer [00:16:46] Yeah, we get it, but it’s very powerful that way you can just change your message. Yes, exactly. And or countries or variations or whatever, like very, very quickly.

Conrad [00:17:01] One thing I want to say is just that you have to understand the next step once you’ve done this, this modification. So you’re trying a new messaging. You have the step. The next step is something that people need to understand to listen the value of Intellifox. First is not just your listing there, but the next step is not to save image, go to the seller central, click on save and hope that it’s going to get published.

No, you have a preview button that allows you to see the image you modified and then you just have to click publish. You click publish. And then it will publish everything about the listing, all the texts, all the images, all of this in the prices you have, and that’s just one click you can publish. And that’s it is going to do it for you.

Tomer [00:17:53] So, from what I see. So, yeah, we all know we can do the same thing in many different ways from what I see, what it’s actually the best value here, that it’s in one centralized place and you because it’s in one centralized place and it saves you a lot of time, it make it convenient. And when things are easy and convenient, just people will do and use it more.

Instead of you thinking, Oh, you know what? I need to do this and that and continue and come all these moving parts and come up with one image. I have it in one place and I know it takes me like two minutes and I publish it. That’s, I think the power behind this tool for me and correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m looking from a seller point of view, you know, what are the benefits of it?

Conrad [00:18:39] Yeah, that’s the main benefit is everything you need in one place. And yeah, I really like the idea of having everything in one place. That’s how I, when I develop you know, that’s the same. I want to have everything in one place. So I don’t have to. I just I don’t have to spend energy chasing stuff. Everything is there and like.

The second benefit from that is that almost anyone can do this. That’s the thing. You don’t have to guess. Yes, what is the next step you have to do? The way I’ve organized this tool is that you have an optimization score and you have a guide that’s basically guiding you through a process of listing optimization. One of the step is setting up seven images, and that’s it, and everyone can do this, and it’s all step by step explained. There are no hidden areas.

Tomer [00:19:37] It’s simple to use you don’t have to break your head that’s guiding you, and it’s kind of leading you to get to where you want in a very simple and steps way. What other things that you will adjust? That’s one way to just change existing picture or change text on picture. What about let’s say someone wants to add Christmas elements? Can you show maybe how it works? And I’m sorry if you wasn’t prepared, but that this is something

that a lot of time is happening.

Tomer [00:20:13] times happened. We have Valentine’s Day and it will do with our hearts and roses or whatever.

Conrad [00:20:18] Definitely. So, yeah, you have an ever growing list of collection of elements that you’re going to be able to add to the listing, to your images.

Tomer [00:20:31] Give me a live one an example.

Conrad [00:20:33] Of course, I’m going to put a nice,

Tomer [00:20:38] let’s say, Valentine’s this probably. And even though it’s not Valentine’s.

Conrad [00:20:44] So this is straight on the collection, but you also have access to a picture library. So if I can put heart. Yeah.

Tomer [00:20:54] Oh, OK. And I can upload customize my own images to, let’s say I’m going to, you know, Shutterstock and I find the beautiful elements that I want to add them here, can I do that?

Conrad [00:21:05] Yeah. You have your own collection of pictures, and that’s OK. That’s also something that’s important to me. Your pictures are organized. You know, you’ve got a picture library. You can get pictures from stock pictures and from the outside.

You have your global images and your logos and everything that’s replicated across your products. But you also have the pictures of your own products and they are not scattered across just in this folder at the right place where you need them. And yeah, that’s a.

Tomer [00:21:37] Sometimes I’m breaking my head. You know, I’m doing uploading pictures to Etsy, for example, where are my images, where there are. And then if it’s one place, can you show how it works? Let’s click on other pictures. Let’s see what we see.

Conrad [00:21:48] Yeah. Basically, there you can have. You can upload. You want to see. My upload form is just a classic, drag and drop your images right there and they will appear.

Tomer [00:22:02] What about versions like, let’s say, I did that the original version, then I had the version two it will save it or it will overwrite it.

Conrad [00:22:11] So that’s a great question, because that’s something I actually want to do in the future with Intellifox. To simplify this process. It doesn’t mean it can’t do this right now. But if you want to do this like the best way right now would be to have created a draft. You can create as many drafts as you want and then you can. Work and save images from another project, so that’s the lame response I’m giving you, but basically

Tomer [00:22:44] that they’re working on it.

Conrad [00:22:45] Yeah, that’s a workaround.

Tomer [00:22:47] Yeah, OK, yeah. I mean, that’s a question that came to my mind because a lot of times we do have versions and we test things and then we see it’s not good, and then we have to find the old version. And it’s kind of it came to my mind when I saw the pictures there.

Conrad [00:23:04] Yeah, that’s why I want to improve Intellifox. Clearly, I just want to show one feature because that’s like the most loved feature of the Intellinotes. Yeah, you have. Maybe you have pictures from your photographer and maybe you want to. Well, you get, for instance, this picture that’s not from the photographer. That’s just one of the makers who made this picture up.

It wasn’t the right blanket, and it just have to click one button like remove background. And this will actually remove the background from your product. I’m just going to click it because it’s already done, but that’s the image you get without any click. To me, that’s crazy.

Tomer [00:23:57] OK, so it’s a remove the background. Yeah, that’s very powerful and then OK. I get it.

Conrad [00:24:03] And the thing is, I’m not that’s kind of my craziest customer. He took this image and look what he did with that. I think it’s crazy, I wouldn’t think you could do this with Intellifox, but took a stock picture of a guy and he strapped the element to it.

Tomer [00:24:29] And it’s like you rotated the element to fit the right angle of this arm.

Conrad [00:24:35] And to me that’s the fun use of Intellifox. It is very flexible. You can do whatever you want.

Tomer [00:24:40] Wow. So you can take stock photos to demonstrate your product to make it look like. Honestly, it’s not that bad. But in my standards, it will not pass because it looks, you know, I’ll always tell them you can use stock photos to like for lifestyles for as long as it looks like a hundred percent real.

Well you know, maybe for me because I’m a seller and I know about design, it looks. And you also told us that so it looks to be actually from top zoom out view. It doesn’t look that bad, actually. It looks good. Maybe with the colors to make it more like the colors of the picture with fading, I think it will look better. But yeah, there are a lot of times you just want to test something. You don’t want to invest in the photographer to test that idea.

So this come to perfect use of it, in my opinion, because I want to test this stock photo comparing to the other stock photo. And then let’s say I say the new stock photo is better and then I say, You know what? We know that it’s better. Let’s just do it. Real photos similar to that, you know?

Conrad [00:25:49] Exactly. And that’s that’s the main thing you want to do when you have a product is it’s experimenting always and gets data from your experiments and fit this data into your listings and make this as much as possible to try and to squeeze every sales you can get from your listings.

If you just put a listing out there and hope for the best and yes, working, you have, I don’t know, eight percent, 10 percent commission that generates. If you’re not doing anything to try to make it better, you don’t know how much you’re missing. And this allows you to make changes. Yeah.

Tomer [00:26:29] how did you create this one, this one looks awesome. So maybe you can show a little bit about how you can create those text overlays. Beautiful, this one I love it.

Conrad [00:26:39] Yes, thank you. That’s one of my customers that I asked him, Can I show it to the world? She said, Yes, go ahead. So, yeah, everything was made with Intellifox. So you have this background, I will show you all the elements. So that’s a good thing. Maybe I can show you how we can try to recreate this with a blank canvas.

Tomer [00:27:05] Yeah, that would be awesome.

Conrad [00:27:07] Okay. So you get to the backgrounds and I will find other. I know if I were, I do something similar, you know. That’s a nice looking background, so I don’t know. Now I put the picture.

Tomer [00:27:28] I guess those who depends on the type of product, but yeah, yeah, just for example, just for example.

Conrad [00:27:36] So I will try some words I’m not sure is going to. I think that you can you can get any image from any website and import them in Intellifox to make sure you’re listing.

Tomer [00:27:50] So you can put the URL it will import or you just upload it from your computer.

Conrad [00:27:54] Yeah, you can. You can’t put the URL. You need to upload it from your computer. OK, So the images they are from Pixabay Everything is free, but that is very convenient because you just have you don’t have to manage files, just click. And that’s it, that’s using all.

Tomer [00:28:19] So this connected to Pixabay the tool. Yeah, Oh, so you don’t have to start your search from within the tool?

Conrad [00:28:28] Yeah. And you can definitely use it in your in your designs.

Tomer [00:28:32] That’s very powerful. And that’s through API or scraping

Conrad [00:28:38] API that’s that access that allows me to do this perfectly legal.

Tomer [00:28:43] OK, that’s nice.

Conrad [00:28:45] You have many nice options, what they like to do, often is just make like a small radius on the bonus and have shadow rounded corners. So you just drop shadow, that’s looking better already. Oh yeah, that’s fine. Oh yeah.

Then you take it takes a little of a time. Yeah, a little time to learn how to use this, but it’s very straightforward. Once you manage to use it, it’s pretty easy. You take this simple rectangle elements.

Tomer [00:29:23] I guess it’s similar to Canva, which I showed in my channel, but the difference is that this one is more like it’s for Amazon sellers, so it’s definitely going to save you time. And you don’t have to go back and forth, back and forth with the tools.

Conrad [00:29:39] Yeah, exactly. And so this box, I’m going to put in the same thing like the box. And just get it in white, it’s beautiful. Yes, beautiful. We have a small shadow for the text. It’s very cheap and it looks great. Well, that’s it, that’s what you can do with Intellifox.

Tomer [00:30:09] I may even though it’s not the product, it’s a construction building or whatever, but it definitely demonstrates what you can do with it. Even take existing products that you didn’t just a lifestyle photo and add life to it with text. I always say use text a lot of sellers don’t use text in their text overlays in their images.

That’s one of the most powerful ways to touch people emotions by connecting what they kind of confirming what they feel with what you want them to do. And you know, I talk about this a lot. So, you know, some people don’t have photos, text overlays in the photos. That’s one powerful way to just edit without being, you know, hundreds of dollars to a special photographer.

Conrad [00:30:57] Yeah, definitely. That’s something very important I try to tell all my customers is you’re not selling a product, you’re selling a solution to a problem and you have to illustrate the problem you’re solving with pictures and with text. That’s how you do this.

You have to talk to perhaps, trigger their emotions and then make it moving back to their logical process and make everything clear. And that’s what you do with the copywriting, on the images, on the text. That’s the secret. That’s the thing.

Tomer [00:31:39] It’s secret, but it’s simple. So when they actually see the picture, they say to me that I was having a break. Aha! That’s what I want. Let’s buy it. They don’t have to think they just buy, you know?

Conrad [00:31:47] Yeah. So one thing important, if you’re starting from scratch, you get access to templates, also an ever growing list of templates, and you can be also customizing the colors of your red

Tomer [00:32:07] This is again and this you didn’t show me before. This is nice.

Conrad [00:32:10] There is many things to show you.

Tomer [00:32:14] I can see this save a ton of time because, you know, wow. This is powerful, I can see how I can use myself actually, like now. Wow.

Conrad [00:32:23] Let me put it in context just to you. Click this, not that’s not. You click here and so the color template I’m going to put this one and then you can try take this image delete it and put your own product in place.

Tomer [00:32:43] Yeah. Wow.

Conrad [00:32:45] Wow. It’s really like two clicks

Tomer [00:32:47] that specifically for Amazon. Like, it’s not the template for like whatever. Yeah. Wow.

Conrad [00:32:52] And the thing I’m going to be honest with you Tomer. The tool, we are small team. I’m

I have one and three and a half. We are small team. We are working all day to make this better. But the thing is, the more customers they’re going to be are going to be in Intellifox the more money we have. The more money will have and we’ll be able to invest in more templates and making everything better. That’s kind of the other thing that makes sense.

Tomer [00:33:25] So in this sense, so let’s support him and let’s make this bigger because I see the templates is also going to also be something amazing that will allow sellers to this current pictures they have with new ones, easily, quick, bump with the one click. But then you just create like, I’m very excited about this. I didn’t know that it exists will you show this again. What are the other templates we have?

Conrad [00:33:50] Yeah. So yeah, but my point was that there are now no, not enough templates right now. I want more templates.

Tomer [00:33:56] And yes, that’s great. But I think that’s like especially this one with the on the left side, the one that have like watering extension, the third one. I think that’s very powerful. The top. Yeah, this one.

Conrad [00:34:10] Yeah, I will click on it. This one is yeah, easy.

Tomer [00:34:15] Yeah, Yes. Perfect. So that’s really like that’s this is crazy. This is crazy, that’s going to save a lot of time. You know, just showing. Zoom in pictures with the features. And then maybe the text that you use at the bottom, it’s something that you create to touch emotion. Explaining them that’s the product that they need.

This is going to save a lot of time to a lot of sellers. This is very powerful. Yeah. I am very excited to see like when you got to come up with more templates and more dollars and most stuff, you know, but you can change the colors of all of the elements, like they said of yellow and blue to whatever color I want or it’s not.

Conrad [00:35:03] Yeah, you can. The best way to do this is to because the templates are based on the color palette you have on your product so you can have your own, though some presets that if once you set a color palette, you save, it changes everything. Oh, so we can have consistency across the images.

Same color of text, same color background well, and you can customize this thread to be anything. It’s a bit hard. I would say I haven’t improved this parts in a long time, so I think it’s a bit hard maybe to preview what the impact will be like. So you have to.

Tomer [00:35:45] just play with it. Yeah, but still be much faster than the you know there, once you are done and you like the colors, you’d like to say this save the color palette that will be applied to the rest of the images.

Conrad [00:35:55] Yeah. If you can change your seven images, if you use a pallete, you can change all your images in just changing their color pallete. But yeah,

Tomer [00:36:04] Yeah. All right. Is there You know, I know there are a lot of exciting things in there. You know, in your sleeve, like ah editing pictures and some other stuff, why don’t you just briefly share what is the plan?

You know, like I said, I know you’re kind of small team and I hope that, you know, more people now will realize that it could save them a lot of time and that they will use it. And I’m currently using it. Then I’m going to after you showing me some of the new features.

They’re going to test it and play with it more, especially now we’re in the process of improving my second brand, and this tool will come very handy and save my team a lot of time and ah, but. What are your plans, what you’re working on you? You mentioned PPC and some other stuff. Maybe I don’t know. I give you a idea with a video for the future and other stuff.

Conrad [00:36:57] Yeah. Obviously, since I told all the time with my customers, I know exactly what the plan is and what are the biggest needs of Amazon. So when I started Intellifox, I wanted to go all the way for product optimization. But now I’m looking at the biggest issue for Amazon sellers and is having profitable ads on Amazon.

And I’ve looked into the issue and to me, that’s not rocket science. That’s mathematics and mathematics again, to me that you can encapsulate in algorithms and that’s what I’m working on right now is how to create profitable ads on Amazon with automated software.

And yesterday, just yesterday, I had a live webinar with more than 50 of my customers. We do live webinars in French every three weeks and this one, was a big one because I finally showed what was going to be released very soon. So probably at the time you’re looking at this video, you’re probably going to already have the features on Intellifox, to manage your ads and make them more profitable.

Tomer: It’s going to be next week. Are you, sure?

Conrad: Yeah. In the next few days, I’m starting a better, you know, because it’s kind of a thirsty process and you don’t want to be messing with too many campaigns at first. That’s a yeah, what I’m explaining is that just to be profitable with us, it’s not rocket science. You have to understand what’s your budget, what you can you spend and just decide, understand your conversion rate of your ads and basically understand how much you can spend per click.

And this is a value that makes you that makes or you kills your profits. And if this gets automated for you and computed for each company, its keywords easy targets and it can be automated. And if you have a clear way of seeing if that’s profitable because to me, that’s really hard in seller central right now.

The campaign manager is really how to know if you made a profit on it with your ads and it’s complicated with all the acronyms ACoS, the TOS, PPC, everything is. That’s confusing for many of my users.

Tomer [00:39:23] Yeah, I think I had a very hard competition with this, with the tool with Eric recommended that it’s called Scale Insights. It’s a game-changer because my approach, I tried a lot of A.I. tools that kind of I don’t know about what your plans are, whether it’s going to be fully automated, like AI got completely or you kind of have control. What I like about Scale Insights to really try and get a lot of software is even the expensive ones, Perpetua and all of these guys that it’s AI-based, they’re very expensive to take.

You know, they take a percentage of your ad spend and those stuff that, you know, I don’t like that it’s you cannot really control and know what the software is doing. So what I like in Scale Insights, is you can customize the rules, so you kind of in control on everything.

And I think it’s very important. So your kind of hands on, you know, what you do and how the tool works. So in case things go wrong, you know how to fix them. So again, I don’t know enough about like, what are your plans, how the tool works? Maybe you can do another call and you showcase this and you know, we can see how it can help sellers, too.

But Conrad, thank you so much for everything you’ve shared here. I can tell that you are very passionate about this. And then the tool is constantly improving and growing, and I’m sure a lot of people, you have any trial or something they can do or they have to commit some pricing, maybe you can share with us.

Conrad [00:40:53] Yeah, of course. So we do have a 21 free trial, 21 days sorry so we can try just connect with your Amazon accounts and just try the tool for 21 days for free. This, I think, is the best way to do it. And if you are, there’s no risk. Yeah, there is. There is no risk, no commitment and the price of the software it starts with. For most people, it will be of $59 per month.

And the thing I want to offer your audience from a sourcing monster is having the first month. So outside of those 21 days can get the first month for 50 percent off, so only $30 for the first month. With using the code that we are going to have to make because we didn’t make this before, but you don’t have a code in the description, I guess.

Tomer [00:41:48] Yeah, I didn’t know about it. So thank you for surprising me with this discount for my audience. And yeah, it’s going to be a big help. First of all, you know, it’s right, 21 days. I’m sure you’re going to love it. And yeah, Conrad will provide me this discount code. Thank you for that. And so you can get even more discount for your first month, paid month. And yeah, that’s very exciting. I wish you really a lot of success with this.

This is really a new message to a seller and a tool that could save a lot of time. I see definitely the value in it as an advance, even for beginners that just kind of don’t have all the resources to pay expensive photographers.

Maybe like I have like an established business, but I know at the beginning I would just try to save any penny, and this tool could save you a lot of time and money. So definitely to any kind of level seller at any level. It would help. And yeah, I hope you enjoyed this video. And yeah, thank you again, Conrad.

Conrad [00:42:52] Thank you very much for that.

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