How Using Helium 10 Cerebro Gets You Ahead of Competitors

by Tomer

June 17, 2022

If you’ve been selling on Amazon for quite some time, you know by now how tight the competition is. Because of this, you must act fast and ensure you are always ahead of your competitors. One way to do this is by using a tool such as Helium 10 Cerebro.

In this blog post, I will explain what Helium 10 Cerebro is, how it can help your Amazon business, and how to find the best keyword for your listings and PPC ads.

Read until the end to find the answers to most of your questions about Cerebro to better understand how you can maximize this tool.

What is Helium 10 Cerebro?

Helium 10 Cerebro

Before we get into the details of Helium 10 Cerebro, let’s discuss first what Helium 10 is. It is an eCommerce solution aiming to help eCommerce entrepreneurs like Amazon sellers with their business.

The system offers several tools such as keyword research tools to help sellers identify high-ranking keywords for their ad campaigns.

One of the tools included in Helium 10 is Cerebro. It’s a reverse ASIN tool that allows Amazon sellers to identify the best keyword(s) to use in their PPC ads and product listings.

The great thing about Cerebro is that it has numerous filters that let sellers narrow down the most relevant and best keyword or words for a particular product that is ranked by Amazon. 

When running reverse ASIN lookups using Cerebro, sellers can choose the kind of results they want to receive. If they want a more precise result, they can use the Focus Slider or adjust the filters for more results.

With the help of Focus Slider, you can adjust how many keywords you want to capture. You can adjust it from narrow to wide. 

But what exactly is a reverse ASIN or product ID search? It’s using the product’s ASIN in the search bar to display which keywords the specific product is ranking for. Basically, the keywords that your competitors are currently using to get more sales. 

What Cerebro Can Do For Your Business?

Helium 10 Cerebro

Here are some of the things Cerebro can help you with your business.

Find Out Competitor’s Keyword Strategy

Cerebro allows you to see the keywords that your competitors are using to improve their performance and sales. It’s a great way to learn what works and what doesn’t work to help you launch your own products successfully. 

Examine Keywords Thoroughly

It’s important to give your keywords a thorough examination to create an effective listing. Cerebro allows you to assess your keywords from all angles to narrow down your search and understand the data on your product’s keyword.

This includes ranking data, search volume, number of competitors, and historical search data. 

Improve Brand Awareness

As your product shows up to page one of the search results, more customers will learn about your brand and products. As more customers become aware of your brand, the higher the chance you’ll also get sales. 

How Can Cerebro Find the Best Keyword for PPC Ads and Your Listings?

  1. To use Cerebro, go to Amazon and choose the marketplace where you are selling. From Amazon, search for a product. It’s up to you if you want to limit the category or not. 
  2. Search for a product that you want to research and copy the product’s ASIN. You can get the product ASIN from the product page or search page.
  3. Next, is to open Cerebro. You can open it by using the Helium 10 Chrome Extension or log in to your Helium 10 account on a new window then click activate Cerebro. 
  4. Once you’re in Cerebro, in the search field, paste the ASIN number or numbers that you copied from Amazon. You can try to enter up to ten ASINs in a single search. The more ASINs you enter, the more keywords you’ll get in the results.
  5. Select the right marketplace on the URL drop-down menu. Search results and ASIN varies by country. Click on Get Keywords and Cerebro will do the search. Its basic search will bring up a lot of data and a list of all identified keywords.
  6. In the first box, it will show the image of the product you searched including the ASIN, title, and the country where it is sold. If you’ve entered several ASINs, they will appear in a slide show. Just click the forward or backward button to go through them.
  7. The second box which is the Distribution will show the distribution of the indexed keywords of the ASIN/s. It’s a breakdown of Sponsored, Organic, and Amazon Recommended. 

Sponsored keywords are the keywords that the ASIN uses to run Amazon PPC advertising. Organic keywords are the exact words that Amazon customers used to find this product. Amazon Recommended is keywords that Amazon recommends for that product to be used for advertising. 

  1. The third box is the Frequently Bought Together. It displays the products that are usually bought together with your searched product. If you click on the text below on the Frequently Bought Together box, it will open a new Amazon window. 

It will show the items that shoppers usually buy together with the searched product. This information will benefit you in choosing products that you can associate with your PPC campaign strategies.

  1. The fourth box is the Word Frequency. It collects all the words that showed up in the keyword search. You will notice that there are numbers in parentheses beside each word. 

These numbers represent the number of times the words appeared alone or as part of a phrase. This data allows you to see which keywords are frequently used with the ASIN.

  1. If you want to see the top competitors for this product, click on the Get Competitors button.
  2. From the search results page, you can go through the list and see phrases or words that have been identified by Cerebro for your ASIN. 

Since there’s a lot of data and may seem overwhelming, you can check just check the organic rank column. This will show you the organic ranking for each keyword in descending order. 

  1. However, Cerebro allows you to sort the data based on the criteria you want to analyze. You can use the Sort By drop-down menu or click on a column heading. 

Here’s what each column heading means on Cerebro

  • If you click the first heading, it will show you the Cerebro IQ score. The IQ score is calculated by Helium 10. It rates the products by comparing the popularity and number of products available to the number of organic searches that use the specific keyword/s. 
  • For the Search Volume column, the data here allows you to see the search terms that customers are using most frequently for a certain type of product.
  • By clicking on Sponsored ASINs, you can see the number of individual paid ads that are using the keywords recently. 
  • The CPR 8-Day Giveaways column shows the number of products you need to sell at a discounted price or give away in about a week for the product to show up on the first page of the product search when using the keywords.
  • The Match Type column allows you to see how the keywords are ranking the ASIN you are researching. An A means the product is ranking as an Amazon recommended keyword. 

AO means the product is ranking organically in the first 306 positions, and S means the product is ranking in the top 96 sponsored positions somewhere.

  • The Amazon Recommended Rank column shows if a keyword is ranked or not for Amazon Recommended and how high the keyword is ranking.
  • The Sponsored Rank column shows where the product is displayed on the search results page when the specified keyword is used to run a paid ad. 

If you want to download the information, simply click on the Export button. You can choose which format you want to download. It might take a few minutes if you’re downloading a large list.   

What is the Difference Between Helium 10 Cerebro and Magnet?

If you’ve heard about Helium 10 Magnet, you’re probably asking what makes Cerebro different from Magnet since both are keyword research tools.

Magnet is designed to search for a wide range of related keywords to your main keyword. It can help you find the best keywords that you can to your listing to add traffic. 

So, basically, the difference between Cerebro and Magnet is that Cerebro is designed to “spy” on your competitors since it’s more of a competitor keyword research tool. 

Helium 10 Magnet, on the other hand, requires a starting keyword or seed keyword to search for related and relevant keywords. Cerebro uses product ASINs to search-relevant keywords while Magnet uses a seed keyword. 

Also, Cerebro focuses more on finding the keywords that a product is ranking for at least near the top in search results. 

You can also check out my article on Helium 10 Adtomic and find out how it can help you manage your PPC campaigns more efficiently

Related Questions on Helium 10 Cerebro

Helium 10 Cerebro

I’m sure you still have a lot of questions about Helium 10 Cerebro, so here are some of the common questions you might have in mind and answers to them. 

How to Use the New Advanced Filter in Cerebro?

The advanced filter in Cerebro was introduced in February 2020. It aims to help users widen the scope of their keyword research. The advanced filter is designed to look for keywords that have low average rankings but are ranking high for at least one or more of your ASINs. 

  1. To use the new advanced filter in Cerebro, go to the Helium 10 dashboard and Advanced Rank Filter. Please note that you can only use the Advanced Rank Filter if you are searching for multiple ASINs.
  2. On the Product ASINs field, enter the ASINs that you will base your keyword research on, and then click on the Get Keywords button. 

This might take a few minutes depending on how many keywords you have entered. Cerebro will get all the relevant keywords for all the ASINs you have entered. 

  1. Since it’s a basic search with no parameters, expect to get a high number of keywords. But it doesn’t mean all of them are highly important. 
  2. So, let’s apply some filters that are recommended by Helium 10. Set the search volume to 1,000, the Position Rank between 1 to 25, and Ranking Competitors filter to at least 4 as the minimum. 

The result of the search will narrow down and give you the most relevant keywords for all of the ASINs you entered earlier. 

So, it’s possible that one or more of these ASINs are ranking on the first page for specific phrases but some are not. To find out what these important relevant keywords are, using the Advanced Rank Filter, remove the Position Rank and Ranking Competitor from your search. 

What is the CPR Score in Cerebro?

Cerebro Product Rank (CPR) score is a static number. It is the estimated number of promotional sales that you need for a product to rank at the top of page one for a keyword. The score takes into account different keyword attributes and the products that rank for it. 

When Does Cerebro Update Its Organic Rank Data?

There is no specific range of time as to when Cerebro updates its organic rank data. However, Helium 10 updates all its keyword ranking data once a month.

But there are some keywords that are updated more frequently, for instance daily. If you want to know when a particular keyword rank was last checked, hover the cursor on the data.

You can also use the Keyword Tracker if you want to track a specific keyword’s daily rank. 


Helium 10 Cerebro is a great tool to find out which keyword ranking strategy your competitor is using so you can also improve your own listing. This will also help you launch new products successfully by bringing more awareness to your products and brand. 

Are you also using Helium 10 Cerebro? How is it helping you so far with your listings? Please share your experiences in the comments below so that others can find out how effective this tool is. Don’t forget to check my article on Helium 10 coupon to save money and find out how I use it for my business.

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