Helium 10 Coupon: Get Up to 50% Off Your First Month!

by Tomer

January 11, 2022

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Are you looking to save some money on Helium 10?

Using the tool is well worth the investment – and will be even more worth it when you use my coupon!

In this article, I share my special coupon codes, tell you how I use Helium 10 as a 7 Figure Seller, explain how they’re different from other tools out there, and answer the key question:

Is Helium 10 really necessary to have as an Amazon seller?

Read the entire post to find out why Helium 10 is a cut above the rest!

How Much Can I Save Using a Helium 10 Coupon?

helium 10 coupon

Helium 10, a leading product research tool for Amazon sellers, wants to make its product more affordable to help business owners increase their conversions and scale their businesses.

You can use one of my codes for everything you need to start and scale your business on Amazon!

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These coupons can be used on any Pricing package you choose!

Later on in the article, I’ll show you how to properly sign up using my coupon code. 

First, I want you to be fully aware of exactly how I use the tool so you can see how it’s significantly contributed to the success of my brands!

How I Use Helium 10 For My Business

helium 10 coupon

In this video tutorial, I go through the entire suite of Helium 10’s e-commerce tools.

Several Helium 10 tools drastically helped me grow my business and find new product opportunities! in this section of the article, I go over the sub tools inside Helium 10 that I use the most to achieve these goals.

For a full list of their tools, visit their website!

Chrome Product Research Extension

As a seller on Amazon, you will spend a significant amount of time doing product research. A very valuable tool that Helium 10 offers is through their Chrome extension, which makes it very convenient to use while browsing on Amazon.

In the extension are the Xray, ASIN Grabber, Profitability Checker, Inventory Levels, and Review Insights.

I personally use Xray and Review Insights the most from the extension.

  • Xray

You may be wondering what the Xray tool is! It provides quick insight on Best Seller’s Rank, a seller’s monthly sales, revenue on a particular ASIN, a sales graph, exact FBA fees, number of active sellers, number of reviews, review velocity, category, size tier, fulfillment method, product dimensions and weight, and product listing creation date.

Having all of this data and information is extremely helpful in understanding how saturated the market is for the niche you are researching. This is so much information provided through a simple browser extension!

You can do an Xray search on a specific product page, in search results, and the best way to research, the “rabbit hole” method, which is searching on a seller’s page where you can see the wider range of items they sell.

  • Review Insights

As for the Review Insights tool, it helps you easily see reviews of a particular Amazon listing. You can see customer feedback, the Q&A section, and the review analysis. It is much faster than viewing the default reviews section on the Amazon site.

The review analysis section of the Review Insights tool has been very helpful for me during the copywriting process because it highlights specific terms that are frequently used by customers when describing my products.

Since that is the real experience that they will get from my products, using the customer’s language is also very effective in creating A+ content and product descriptions that actually convert.

Alternatively, you would also know right away the negative reviews and directly pinpoint what needs to be improved in your products or selling process.

Black Box Product Research Tool

Next, I want to talk about their Product Finder & Product Research tool. It’s simple enough for beginner sellers to use!

You may be wondering how this tool is different from the XRay browser extension. Black Box is a standalone tool because it allows you to go through Helium 10’s database and filter product results for categories, monthly revenue, price, review count, number of stars in reviews (review rating), and shipping size tier.

They have so many advanced filters (too many to mention!) for the other ways to filter through Black Box, and it’s best that you give it a try to see for yourself!

It’s not just products that can be filtered, but they also have numerous other tabs for filtering through Keywords, Competitors, Niche, and Product Targeting.

The type of filters that you should be using from all of the available ones depends on what you need – because using all of the filters wouldn’t drive you the best results.

Keyword Research

  • Research a Keyword

Conveniently on the Dashboard, they offer a keyword search bar to help you see how your current keywords are currently positioned on the Amazon space in terms of search volume, number of competing products, and competitors.

Alternatively, you can also search keywords that you are eyeing to use if you want to see how effective they would be in optimizing your listing.

To get deeper into the data, you would have to open the Magnet and Black Box tools.

You can search by marketplace (countries Amazon is available in), which is important because good keywords on the Amazon US site may not be good keywords for Amazon UK! This way, you can include effective keywords for all the marketplaces you sell in.

It’s important that you regularly check the positioning of keywords to know what’s trending.

A free account can only use up to 3 keyword searches per day, and selling long-term on Amazon means that you will be doing a lot of keyword research! It makes the most sense to start investing in a paid account!

  • Cerebro (Reverse ASIN Lookup)

This is one of my favorite tools on Helium 10. When you input an ASIN, it will provide for you all of the keywords that the ASIN is ranked for.

It’s extremely useful when checking out your top competition, as well as instantly knowing the right keywords to use for new listings and PPC campaigns.

They show you the number of total keywords, organic keywords, sponsored keywords, and Amazon recommended keywords. They show the most used terms and their frequency.

One nice feature is that they even show the products frequently bought alongside the ASIN that you searched. You can consider the items for a bundle, or use keywords that are broad enough to also accommodate all the products that are frequently bought together.

Available filters on Cerebro are search volume, Cerebro IQ score (score based on the ratio of estimated search volume vs. number of competing products), organic rank, word count, title density, match type, Amazon Choice, as well as their advanced filters.

They have recently released a beta version for reverse lookup of Walmart products!

Cerebro is helpful to use alongside Helium 10’s Frankenstein tool, which is their keyword processor.

Using Cerebro is very limited on the Free plan, allowing only 3 daily searches and Keyword search. Competitors search is for paid accounts.


  • Alerts

Under the Operations tab of Helium 10, they offer important alerts for a user’s products or seller account. It does hijacker, product, and review monitoring.

It will only work most effectively if all of your ASINs are listed in Alerts.

For example, it will alert you instantly of suspicious activity on your account, if one of your listings was marked by Amazon as an Adult product, and progress of customer reviews on a particular ASIN.

  • Follow Up

A tool that helps with email automation by connecting your Seller Account to it.

It can help you encourage customers to send you a message, request reviews, and more. They make it easier by providing email templates to users and allowing you to create rules for the automated emails!

Many email marketing tools charge users for the same thing and only offer automation! Why not save your money and use Follow Up from Helium 10?


  • Keyword Tracker

This is different from the keyword search on the Dashboard because in Analytics, they provide graphs where you can easily spot a trend.

You can easily spot increased or decreased rankings and take action to optimize them!

  • Market Tracker

Another tool that gives user alerts, but this time for the trends in the market that they sell in. You provide keywords that best define your market, and Helium 10 takes care of the rest by showing your market share, the market’s top products, trend information in graph form, and other important metrics.

Bonus: Learning

Helium 10 wants to educate its users!

They offer a Free Beginners PPC Course that is very useful because PPC is a significant method of gaining more conversions on the platform, so it’s important that you learn about it as early as possible. You can register for this free course even before upgrading your account!

For upgraded accounts, they have Freedom Ticket, an Amazon FBA seller training course. It is taught by Kevin King, one of the most prominent Amazon sellers in the world.

If learning how to use Helium 10 seems a bit difficult for you, they have the Pro Training section for video tutorials and the Academy sections to help you master their software through training, quizzes, and a certification test at the end.

Helium 10 vs. Jungle Scout

helium 10 coupon

You may have heard of Jungle Scout, another very popular seller tool. 

You will encounter many different tools that will have strengths different from Helium 10.

It is up to you as a seller to determine what kinds of features are most important to you based on your line of business, as well as how much you need to learn about the Amazon platform.

Jungle Scout is one of the most well-known tools for Amazon sellers, and it’s considered the largest competitor of Helium 10. They claim to be the industry’s original product research tool, available on both Chrome and Firefox.

How are they different from Helium 10?

  • Free version – Only Helium 10 offers users the chance to use their tool through a Free version. It may have limited use, but trying it first gives users the ability to decide if it’s worth paying for. Jungle Scout does not offer a free version or even a free trial of their tools, but they do offer a 7-day money-back guarantee on their standard plans if a user is not satisfied.
  • Pricing – Helium 10 is more affordable, even without using a coupon code yet! Their most basic package starts at $39 monthly, while Jungle Scout starts at $49 monthly. For annual billing, Helium 10 starts at $339 while Jungle Scout starts at $349.
  • Browser Extension – Both Helium 10 and Jungle Scout have browser extensions, and Jungle Scout’s product research tool provides pretty much the same metrics that Helium 10’s Xray does.
  • Data accuracy – Jungle Scout claims to have 14% higher accuracy than Helium 10 when reporting data from Amazon as well as for their users’ businesses. 
  • Integration – One area Helium 10 is different from the rest is that it offers integration of a seller’s Walmart and Alibaba accounts into the tool. In 2021, Jungle Scout acquired an advertising software platform called Downstream Impact that does integrate with Walmart, however, it is separate from Jungle Scout.
  • Features & Functionality – Helium 10’s strength is in Product Research, while Jungle Scout’s strength is in their Product Sourcing tool. They have several identical tools and a few tools that the other doesn’t. For example, Helium 10 has Competitor Keyword Spy and Refund Genie, while Jungle Scout doesn’t have those features. On the other hand, Jungle Scout has a Supplier Database and Giveaway Platform, and Helium 10 doesn’t.

How to Sign Up with a Helium 10 Coupon for 50% Savings

helium 10 coupon
  1. Access my affiliate link for a Helium 10 Coupon. It’s very important to follow through this link.
  2. Choose your preferred discount and click on Get Started Today
helium 10 coupon

3. View the provided Pricing options and choose your preferred package, then click the blue Buy Now button

4. Complete the basic sign up

5. Answer Helium 10’s questions about you and your products

helium 10 coupon

6. Click on Upgrade Now and insert your chosen coupon code at the top, then click Subscribe on your preferred pricing package

7. A window that asks for your card details will appear, complete it to finish upgrading your account

Final Thoughts

Always keep in mind that the biggest sellers (and even your niche competitors) use seller tools like Helium 10.

You may be wondering, is it really necessary to have Helium 10 if you are an Amazon seller? For me, the answer is Yes! This specific tool is what stood out above the rest to help me become a 7 Figure Seller!

Not ready to invest in Helium 10 yet? Make sure you’re at least using other E-commerce Tools to help you with productivity!

If you used my coupon, what have you learned so far while using Helium 10?

Do you have any questions about Helium 10? Let me know in the comments!

About the author

My name is Tomer, and I founded Sourcing Monster to share proven tips and methods that I use every day for my Amazon business to provide value and growth for you as well as you journey through your own business!

Feel free to comment or share any feedback down below!

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