Don’t Start a Walmart Store in 2022 Until You See This

by Tomer

September 15, 2022

Don’t Start a Walmart Store in 2022 Until You See This.mp4

Don’t Start a Walmart Store in 2022 Until You See This

Don't Start a Walmart Store in 2022 Until You See This

Tomer [00:00:04] All right, guys, welcome to another video. We have Carrie Miller here, which is a Wal-Mart expert, also an Amazon seller, and an influencer, that I just discovered you have 15,000 followers on Instagram.

And we just talked about a few things before this recording. How was Prime Day? And how were things going on? And I think that a lot of sellers are seeing a little decline in sales recently. That’s normal after the COVID hit and after competition hit hard, inflation. It’s not really the best time, but there is never the best time.

You know, even during COVID, you have the issues and even now we always are facing a new stuff. So that’s part of an Amazon seller, a Walmart seller, an entrepreneur. And I think this specific video is good for all of those people that saying, Oh, I wish I would start at 2014 selling on Amazon and I would be so successful.

So now you have the opportunity to do the same with Walmart. But I guess it’s not just for those people that complain, it’s for everyone. And I appreciate, Carrie, that you came over to share your knowledge and how people can get started again to sell on Amazon, and Walmart how it works and what they should know. So welcome. How are you? Maybe you can share a little bit about yourself and who you are.

Carrie [00:01:26] Yeah. So my name is Carrie and I actually am a brand evangelist at Helium 10, but I’m also a seller. I started selling on Amazon in 2016. I then opened up Shopify account.

I just made my own Shopify website and started selling on Shopify and running Facebook as that. And then also I sell on Walmart now, so I’m excited to talk to you all about Walmart today because I think it’s a really good opportunity.

The presentation that I have is a good mixture for people who are wanting to get started and anyone who’s already selling so that there’s something for everyone in the presentation. I’ve got a lot of good juicy stuff. So…

Tomer [00:02:04] Great, great. Thank you for preparing this and if you’re ready to jump right into it.

Carrie [00:02:12] Okay. So here we go. This is what I’m going to talk about. I’m going to talk about why you should consider selling on Walmart and some perks that Walmart has for sellers. I also want to just talk a little bit about the algorithm that Walmart has and also some Walmart PPC.

There were some recent changes, I think, that are really helpful to know and understand. And then I’m also going to show about show you some Helium 10 tools that we have to help you with your selling journey that we didn’t have before.

And they’re very helpful. So I want to show you those Helium 10 Walmart tools and then I’ll give you some bonuses at the very end. Like, I’ll give you some resources to learn more and then I’ll give you some bonus tips. So you want to stick around to the end?

Tomer [00:02:51] Perfect. I’m sure everyone would stay so.

Carrie [00:02:53] Yeah. Okay. So these are some reasons why you should consider selling on Walmart. So Walmart actually has a 120 million unique visitors per month. So that’s actually compared to about 200 million unique visitors a month on Amazon.

But Walmart has just over 100,000 sellers and then Amazon has around 1.9 million active sellers. So you can see there the traffic based on the sellers, you’re going to have a lot more potential, have eyes on your products on Walmart, because there’s a lot of traffic still, but a lot less sellers.

So the ratio there is definitely good for anyone who can get started selling on Walmart. If you’re already selling on Amazon, you already have products that you could potentially start selling on Walmart. So it’s not something where you’re going to have to source a new product and figure something new out.

You can basically take what you’re already doing and move it over to Walmart and just start selling there as well to kind of  expand your customer base and just reach more customers. And if you’re an Amazon seller, you already understand how to provide quality content. So images and listing, writing, and all that.

Now there are some differences that you will want to learn, but because you already know how to create this amazing content, it’s going to put you definitely ahead there. And then also the Walmart platform. You know, as an experienced seller, you’ll also have no problems learning the Walmart backend. It’s not very challenging. So it’s definitely a good perk if you’re already in the e-commerce space to be able to transition that way. So here are some perks to selling on Walmart.

So it’s an additional source of traffic. It’s going to give you exposure for your brand. So, there’s a lot of customers that are being pulled into. For example, Walmart Plus. Walmart Plus is kind of like the prime for Walmart. And they’re giving things like perks for gas, discounts and all kinds of things.

So if you go into Walmart stores right now, you’ll see that they have all these incentives and they’re wanting you to actually join Walmart plus. So there’s an additional source of traffic that’s going to give you more exposure. And they’re doing a really good job at bringing more people all the time.

Tomer [00:04:59] That that’s that’s super true. I also got the Walmart plus subscription.And like you said, it’s like  Amazon Prime membership and what I do now, which I find it, you know, I never did it before, but let’s say I want to order something.

I check it first on Amazon and then compare it on Walmart’s. Yeah, a lot of a lot of times you will see it cheaper on Walmart and I get it the next day too. So I’m sure it’s not just me, it’s other people doing this comparisons too. And that will bring more business to the third party sellers and to Walmart.

Carrie [00:05:32] Yeah. And I actually have some strategies for you to be able to control the pricing on both sites. So I’ll talk to that. I’ll say that in the bonus.  

Tomer [00:05:41] Yes…You told me about this last week.

Carrie [00:05:43] Yeah

Tomer [00:05:44] Yeah. That’s a good point. I have to say that.

Carrie [00:05:45] PPC costs are also much lower and they’re less competitive than Amazon. I know an app on Amazon just for myself. I actually was just I just launched a new product and by the time I was able to launch it, the competition had grown quite a bit and so the PPC costs were pretty high and I was able to move that product onto Walmart and I’ve been selling it and actually more profitable on Walmart because of that. So that’s something to consider.

There’s less competition, like I mentioned before. Also something that’s really cool is you have a potential to be invited to sell in the Walmart brick and mortar store. So that’s not something that Amazon can offer, but it’s a really great opportunity for Walmart sellers. They actually just had an open call.

They do this every year where you can go and present your products. So it’s something that you could really get in and just really grow your sales exponentially just by this one thing. Walmart actually won’t allow you to sell in their stores now unless you prove that you can sell well online. So that’s kind of a prerequisite right now for getting into the Walmart stores.

Tomer [00:06:53] So something you compare the Amazon stores to the number of Walmart stores, it’s not even close, right?

Carrie [00:06:59] Yeah. I think there’s one like there’s like a few random physical stores but not yeah, nothing like Walmart. And it’s just a great time to optimize your listing and set yourself up to dominate the competition.

Like we were saying at the beginning of the video, people like I wish I would have started selling in 2014. On Walmart, it’s kind of like that. You have the opportunity to optimize your listing and get to the top of the ranking and stay there. So it’s really, really good time to get all that prepared.

Even if you’re not seeing sales immediately, iyou’re just going to position yourself for long term success. And then also there are around 800,000 product opportunities with no competitors. So lots of product opportunities. So let’s talk about Walmart versus Amazon. So the application process is different on Walmart.

You actually need to be an experienced seller to be able to sell on Walmart. So on Amazon, you can join as a beginner, a newbie Walmart. They only want brands that are more established and that have an established sales.

So yeah, that’s something to know. You also need to be kind of like in the U.S. to be able to sell. There are some international sellers, but it’s it is more challenging. They are going to open up, I think, eventually. But right now it’s really mostly.

Tomer [00:08:12] They open to the end of last year to everyone, and that’s when all these Chinese sellers started to join there too. But yeah, it’s actually I think one of the most viewed videos on my channel is how to create an open apply to Walmart. And yeah, it’s tricky.

It’s not that easy. I also talked with you about last week. I just opened a new seller account on Walmart because I sold my other brand and it wasn’t easy. It’s like all over again. And they ask all these questions and even like you just have the PPC, which is something when you open a seller account on Amazon, it’s built in, it’s by default open.

Here you have to apply to Walmart Connect like it’s a little more headache. But like I said before. I think that it’s a more opportunity than an issue because a lot of other sellers or people would just give up and not really follow this process, you know?

Carrie [00:09:07] Yeah, exactly. And that kind of weeds out the competition, too. So if you can persevere and make it through, then you’re going to have better results long term. So yeah, definitely. Yeah, that is another difference.

You do have to apply, to that PPC. So that is it is something extra, but it’s definitely doable not to completely derail you. Seller fees. There are actually pretty similar, but I will say there are lower fees on Walmart’s in some categories. So I actually did write a blog post about this on Helium 10, if you want to check it out. I actually go through all the different seller fees, but it’s definitely,  pretty, pretty similar.

But again, the PPC costs are going be lower and some of the referral fees are lower. So you might actually be more profitable on Walmart. The traffic to each site, traffic to Amazon is about 200 million unique visitors versus Walmart, 120 million unique visitors a month. There’s also Rich Media versus A-plus content. So the Rich Media is Walmart’s version of the A-plus content.

And the difference here is that you actually have to find someone to host your rich content on Amazon. You can just do it on the backend, on your seller Central, on Walmart, you actually have to kind of go through a paid service to be able to host the Rich Media on there.

So that’s a difference there. Walmart also has in-store pickup, which is another perk for  Walmart. I know they are using some back site backends of Walmart stores to warehouse products for WFS. So that means that, there’s potential that somebody could be able to actually pick up your product in store.

Listing optimization is, you know, you still want to have those great photos, you want to have great content, but the listing optimization is a little bit different, the structure is a little bit different, and you really want to focus on main general keywords more so than stuffing a lot of long tail keywords in there.

So there is a little bit of a difference there. So just learning that is important. There’s also Amazon Prime versus WFS . Amazon Prime. There’s a lot more warehouses right now that do Amazon Prime than WFS, which is Walmart Fulfillment Services. But Walmart Fulfillment Services is growing.

They’re definitely expanding and they have the capabilities to catch up very quickly. And then also the possibility is they’re selling Walmart stores, like I mentioned before. So the ranking algorithm. 

So one thing that I think is really important is like if somebody is not ranking for something or if they’re having struggles, check your product type, look at what your competitors are listed as their category and product type because you might have been put in the wrong product type and that will cause you not to rank for keywords. 

So what where you can do this is you can go to the growth opportunities tab and you just look on there on your listing quality score area and you can see what your product type is. And if it’s wrong, you can open up a ticket and they’ll change it for you.

Usually get you choose your category usually and then they kind of put you in the product type. So sometimes it is wrong and that can affect where you’re at. But each type, each product type has a list of queries that’s associated with it. So, if your keyword isn’t associated with that, you won’t really necessarily show up. Optimization, relevancy, it’s based on your listing quality score.

So they want you to have really good content, fast shipping, reviews, all that goes into your listing quality score. Conversion is also important and there’s some other factors that they mentioned, but those are the main ones that are for optimization and ranking.

Pinned items. This is something that’s different on Walmart. There are spots that are chosen by actual people that are working for Walmart, Walmart merchants, and they actually can pin products. So if you have great images, they might take you from spot 50 all the way to spot one because they like what your content is and they can pin you in that spot for however many days they want to.

They can also do the opposite, which is maybe you’re a spot one and they pin someone else that is spot one and put you to spot four or five. So it is a little bit different and that’s something we can’t control. So it’s something to be aware of. I don’t think it’s something to stress out about or be completely worried about, but that’s something to remember. So here’s some suggestions to improve rank on Walmart.

Now I do get this a lot of people like I’m not ranking at Walmart or I’m not selling anything and they’re not usually doing basic things that you would always do on Amazon. So I want to kind of remind you of some basic things and give you some strategies here.

So the first one is utilize Walmart fulfillment services, it gives you rankings use. They are really emphasizing they want people to use their fulfillment so you actually get a boost in rank when you start utilizing Walmart fulfillment services, which is amazing.

Tomer [00:13:45] And you also get to do the badge, which helps with conversions.

Carrie [00:13:49] Yeah, exactly. So the conversion is really important for rank. So it does help with that too. Increase your listing quality score and that will help you with your rank. The higher your listing quality score, the better. If you have a low listing quality score, which means you have a terrible content, you didn’t fill out your attributes.

You’re not giving a good, fast shipping or you’re not offering good prices. You don’t have reviews. That’s all going to play into your listing quality score. And you want to stay at about 80% or above, so make sure that you’re keeping up with that content.

Also, the attributes a lot of people just forget to fill in the attributes on a back end. I know on Amazon people do this so like there’s all these other things to fill out, but I don’t really do it. You should definitely fill them out as many as you can on Walmart because it’s going to help you with your ranking utilized to try and buy this is going to help with conversion. It’s not illegal on Walmart. So if you utilize that strategy, that’s a good one to use.

Tomer [00:14:49] So this is an important point. So you mentioned something that people are confused about. We all hear about the news, at the end of last year about the search and find it’s not allowed. It’s not super URLs. All of those changes  make people think that, maybe they shouldn’t do it more and more. But it’s not against their RS. Right now it’s allowed.

Carrie [00:15:13] Yeah.

Tomer [00:15:14] And that’s very powerful. That influence. Yeah. Like a search rankings or take for those that don’t know what they search by and by. Maybe can explain, like how it works with Wal-Mart.

Carrie [00:15:22] Yeah. So, yeah. Do you want to explain or you want me to?

Tomer [00:15:27] You can explain.

Carrie [00:15:28] Yeah. Yeah. So basically you’re.

Tomer [00:15:29] The expert here today.

Carrie [00:15:32] What you do is search fine by is, you would  basically give away your product or kind of reimburse somebody for your product and they would search a certain keyword, find your product and buy it, and that would help increase your rank under that keyword. And on Amazon, they actually said that’s not allowed anymore. So now on Walmart, you actually still can do this to help with your rank. So that’s something to consider.

Tomer [00:15:56] Because it shows like natural behavior of the customer and that’s that you’re kind of tricking in the system thinking like, Oh, okay, you know, what am I look at it. Oh, okay. People searching for this keyword and buying from it. So let’s show it higher.

Carrie [00:16:10] Yeah, exactly. Yeah. A review syndication. This is something that’s really helpful to get reviews right away. And that is you can actually take reviews from your Shopify site and have them uploaded to Walmart. So this is really helpful.

I would suggest just googling Walmart review syndication and applying to do the review syndication through Walmart. You can do paid service services through like YOT Power. I think there’s another one, but you actually can do the same thing for free through Walmart.

So I don’t recommend paying for it because it’s going to be the same process. They’re just going to charge you for it. And if you start with a paid service, then you can’t utilize the free Walmart service. You’re kind of disqualified and you’ll have to use the paid service. So go straight to Walmart and do the review syndication. It takes a little bit of time sometimes, but I would recommend definitely being patient with that and persevering and doing it through Walmart.

Also start utilizing Walmart PPC. Like I mentioned, some people are not doing basic things on Walmart that you would definitely always do on Amazon and they’re like, Well, why am I not selling anything? Utilize Walmart, PPC, and that’s going to help you with your ranking and your sales. Also, you can send outside traffic. There actually are some Walmart influencers, although they’re not as many. I think it’s kind of up and coming.

You can go on TikTok and you can go on Instagram. You can search for those hashtags like Walmart Influencer or any of those kind of influencer terms for, like founded on Walmart or something like that. There’s a bunch of different hashtags you can find, you can search, and then you can find some Walmart influencers or Walmart partners.

That’s another to hashtag #Walmartpartner. You can find some Walmart influencers that way you can also do Google Traffic. There’s a bunch of different ways that you can send outside traffic and it does help boost your rank. Okay, so Walmart, PPC, this is something that’s changed a lot recently and there are some really good improvements.

So Walmart actually switched from first price auction to second price auction, which is making it more efficient for and cost efficient for sellers to advertise. So basically what it used to be is if you were bidding $5 on a keyword, you would pay $5 even if the going rate was a dollar. So now you have the second price auction. So if you bid $5, you’ll pay the dollar that it’s going.

So that is definitely something that is very, very helpful and will save a lot of people money. Because I think a lot of people lost money on that because they didn’t know about that. So that’s really good change. And then also, you used to only be able to rank to advertise in the top 128 spots and disappear in that grid. Sorry. 

You would only be able to advertise if you were in the top 128 spots, which is kind of hard, because if you’re trying to rank, you want to use pay per click to rank. It doesn’t work out well. So now you can actually get to the top of the search.

So you can say, okay, I’m going to use sponsored AD and you can get to the top no matter where your rank is, it doesn’t matter. So that is a really good change from Walmart. So you’ll be able to just basically free ads and spend as much as you need to. Now, it used to be also that you could only advertise up to your organic rank, and that’s not true anymore either.

So you can say you’re at spot 50, you can advertise all the way to spot one if you want to. And there’s a lot of keywords where it’s like wide open. There’s no sponsored ads on it. So items used to also have to have the same product type to run ads, but now, as long as it’s relevant and they have a bunch of different, relevant kind of calculations that they do for the search queries. 

So this is actually making long tail keywords a little bit more relevant. So that is something that’ll be really helpful. And then also now more items are showing for organic and sponsored placements before you could only show organically or sponsored. And so you have to turn off your ads in order to see your organic rank. But now you’re showing up for both spots. And we have a tool on Helium 10 that you can actually track both your organic and your sponsor.

Tomer [00:20:09] That’s a big thing. I remember I always had issues with that. So yeah, that’s just recent right?

Carrie [00:20:15] Yeah, that’s really recent. Yeah. Okay. It was June 6th.

Tomer [00:20:19] Okay. Yeah. Okay. That’s a big news.

Carrie [00:20:21] Yeah. Sponsor products are available for Marketplace sellers, but their search brand amplifier is currently at 1P. But I have heard a rumor that it will be available in August for third party sellers to will just need to keep an eye out for that so keep watching Helium10  and we’ll we’ll keep you updated on that.

Ads can appear on the homepage, the browse, the search and grid item pages and stock up pages. Those are all kind of the placements that you have. I found that the searching grid and the buy box placements are actually the best converting. So that is something you might want to strategize and start with. And those ads are search based on product relevancy and bid price. So the more relevant that your product is the keyword, then the more likely you’re going to get that spot.

There’s automatic and manual. Just like on Amazon, you’ve got exact broad and phrase match and you can only advertise on kind of like the base item, which is basically the parent item. So something you might want to strategize doing. Say you have a bunch of different colors, you might want to just have them in separate, separate variations and just so that you can advertise each different color. 

That’s kind of what I did. I actually have a product that has sizes and colors, and I just kept the sizes together and then I have all the different colors and they’re all variations that I can advertise all the different colors. So I have more real estate. I can take up a lot more real listing. And you cannot do negative targeting right now. So they are annoying. Yeah. Yeah. Their last webinar, they said it’s not on their roadmap, so we’ll just keep you updated on that. I think it’s something they’re going to have to do.

So how do you get started? You can go to and then that’s how you apply to do ads. There’s the self-serve type of campaigns and a lot of people have this idea that you have to spend thousands in order to do advertising, but you don’t have to. 

You can do your own ads and you can manage it through Walmart Ad Center. And there’s no minimum annual budget. It’s $50 minimum campaign budget and $10 minimum daily budget. So you can definitely, advertise for stuff and sometimes you don’t even spend that much. So,it’s definitely not what people think it is. And they have the misconception that you have to do 100,000 now.  

For managed services, you do have a requirement of 100,000 through Walmart, and that’s your annual budget. And then there’s also some platform partners like Pacvue, which is actually really related to Helium  10. They can actually manage your campaign as well through API. So they have the minimum fees as well, so you can do it yourself or.

Tomer [00:23:05] Do they have access to add negatives?

Carrie [00:23:08] They don’t now, but they do have access to easier you know, you can see their auto campaigns where they’re converting. You can see a lot of things a lot easier and better through Pacvue, I will say.

Tomer [00:23:18] Yeah.

Carrie [00:23:21] So here’s some tools for you to help you on your journey with all this. Cerebro you can perform reverse product I.D. searches, that which is like a reverse ace and search where you can actually see all the keywords that your competitors are ranking for.

Tomer [00:23:36] Im sorry to interrupt. But remember, it’s part of Helium 10 and we’ll put links and everything in the description for you. But it’s just one of many tools that’s available for Amazon sellers and now they’re available for Walmart too.

Carrie [00:23:50] I will say that all the Walmart tools are only available on the Diamond plan. So if you are a Walmart seller, it’s definitely a good time to upgrade to Diamond so that you have access to all of the Walmart tools. 

It’s definitely not much more expensive and you’ll get an entire new marketplace, so definitely worth it. Plus, there’s a lot of other perks that you get with Diamond for Amazon sellers as well. So I think you have maybe a code for Diamond. I’m not sure that maybe you could offer that. Correct. Tomer?

Tomer [00:24:21] What is that?

Carrie [00:24:22] You have a code for people to upgrade to Diamond?

Tomer [00:24:25] I’m not sure. But in the landing page, they have this option, like to get like 50% off and yet they can do it to any plan. Yeah.

Carrie [00:24:33] Okay. Yeah. So definitely take a look at that. So back to Cerebro. This is one of the best keyword research tools for Amazon and now it’s also available for Walmart. So it’s there in Helium 10 and you basically can see your competitors where they’re ranking organically, where their sponsored ads are.

So I actually like to spy on their sponsored ad campaigns so you can spy on their PPC strategy, you can sort keywords and you can compare your keyword strategy to your competitors. 

So this is what it looks like, very similar to the Amazon version. You can see the search, the estimated search volume on Walmart and it’s right next to the search volume on Amazon. So it gives you a good idea of how much more of a search volume it is on Walmart.

Something to realize about Walmart, too, is people use a lot of filters, the original search volume. But then there’s also filtration that they do that people do. So you want to target those main generic keywords so you can find those in Cerebro and then people filter down from there sometimes.

Magnet is also an amazing tool to help find search volume on Walmart and it helps you easily compare the search volume for on Walmart and Amazon. And so here is what it looks like. You’ve got some different filters up here and yet it’ll show you the estimated search volume right next to the Amazon search volume. 

So this is very helpful. Again, with your PPC strategy, I actually find keywords instead of using auto campaigns for my pay per click, I’ve actually been just using Cerebro and Magnet to find really good keyword opportunities. And I actually have been doing just manual campaigns because it actually is has been very profitable. Whereas when I was doing auto campaigns I was just like wasting a ton of money.  

Tomer [00:26:19] Yes..You can. Negative. So it’s not really effective in sometimes a keyword that you don’t want to get traffic gets all the traffic again.

Carrie [00:26:25] Exactly.. That’s why I think manual campaigns are the best and which is why it’s almost like you pretty much have to get these tools if you want to be successful with pay per click. And then also just optimizing your listing.

We also have Xray which is going to show you the monthly estimated sales and units sold. Basically it’s a Chrome extension and you go on to Walmart and it’ll show you all the you pull the Chrome extension, it’ll show you all this information. 

It’s going to compare the Walmart data side by side with the Amazon data. And this is what it looks like now. There’s a lot more columns over here. It actually even shows you your competitors listing, quality score. So you can see if they’re doing a terrible job with their listing quality and then you can improve your listing quality.

Something I always like to take a look at is percentage of the WFS products, because the lower this number is, the better. Because that means that you can go in and rank a little bit quite fast for that keyword because your competitors aren’t taking advantage of WFS and they’re really pushing us. So I’ve seen some products once I’ve gotten them and they’ll shoot up in the rank for some keyword.

Tomer [00:27:32] Quick question, Carrie. You know, my strategy is obviously to launch products for Amazon and then I just take them and list them on more and more. Would you think that will shift to sellers that will launch product dedicated only on Walmart?

Carrie [00:27:47] Okay. So yeah so basically for launching new products, there are some products opportunities. I do think that maybe you’re too competitive on Amazon that are really good opportunities on Walmart right now.

So I actually I think it is a very good potential to just launch Walmart only products. Actually, the product that I’ve I told you, it wasn’t selling as well in Amazon. I think it’s doing better on Walmart. So there are certain products that will potentially do better. You can offer kind of a lower quality product that’s a Walmart kind of product only. So you can offer a lower price. That’s another strategy. So.

Tomer [00:28:28] Yeah. That’s something that I will definitely look into because it’s a really low hanging fruit to just go through the best sellers on Amazon and then reverse check it on Wal-Mart. There is a lot of competition, especially with WFS, where the barrier to entry is a little harder for international sellers, Chinese sellers specifically.  And then, just get this market here and be the first one just with little changes to the product, you know?

Carrie [00:28:57] Yeah. And I mean, there are a lot of products on WFS that are 10 to $12 products. So if you can do a lesser quality of something and maybe source it for like a dollar,  that’s a good opportunity on Walmart, I think.

So there’s a lot of great things that maybe you couldn’t do necessarily on Amazon, but you can do them on Walmart. And then this Xray shows, the total revenue for that keyword and then also the average revenue per seller on Walmart next to the average on Amazon and then also the average price on Walmart versus the average price on Amazon.  Right here, this one shows that it’s lower, but I have actually seen some keywords where the price was actually higher on Walmart. So it just depends. And you can check what.

Tomer [00:29:39] What’s  the total revenue against their revenue. So all the sellers together sell for 3200 total?

Carrie [00:29:47] This total revenue for this keyword is 3,000,199.

Tomer [00:29:51] 3 million. Okay. I’m sorry.

Carrie [00:29:53] This one is like 3 million. Okay. It’s for seller, so. Yeah. Okay.

Tomer [00:29:58] Perfect.

Carrie [00:30:00] Okay. So this is what another thing that you can look at, you can actually go to your competitors pages and you can see their listing quality score with Xray. It’ll have just little drop down. You can see their content discoverability score there, where the breakdown of it, their offer score and their ratings and reviews.

So you can kind of take a look. It’s not going to be exact to what’s on the back end of their Walmart, but it’s kind of a good calculation that we put together that’s very, very close. So it’ll help give you an idea like, what is your competition for this? Do they have amazing listings?

All of the top sellers, they have tons of reviews. I mean, it’s kind of the same process you go through on  Amazon. You’re going to want to do that same process on Walmart.

Keyword Tracker. This is one of my favorite tools ever, especially because you can track keywords, you can track the organic and sponsored rank at the same time. And especially when you’re launching, it’s really, really helpful. It’ll help you optimize your PPC campaigns, make them more efficient.

And then something that we have is that I really love is Boost. And you can actually click on this little rocket ship right here and it’ll check your rank every hour and you have 25 of those at a time. So I really like to do that when I’m launching so I can see exactly where we’re at. And then,you have the search volume listed on there so you can prioritize which keywords you want to focus on.

You can see the trends and again, the organic and sponsored rank. Those are really, really helpful. This is one of our newer tools, and I think it’s probably one of the best. Just especially when you’re launching to keep track of everything.

We also have profits, which is going to help give you an easy to read overview of your profits on Wal-Mart. It can also help you favorite different products, keep an eye on products to track sales and profitability.

So it makes it easy to see kind of the success and failures in terms of products. So that you can make good business decisions and you actually have to connect your Wal-Mart seller account to Helium 10 in order to view this. So it’s really important that you connect your Wal-Mart token to Helium 10 to get this information. 

And this is what it looks like really easy break down. You can sort by different dates. You can sort by products, you can see all the different breakdowns. So it’s very helpful. And we have a full learning explanation video that’s on actual to itself. You can click on the Learn video and I will go in detail with that.

Project W is also available on YouTube. So we have this YouTube series that we did and it was basically walk you through from A to Z how to start selling on Walmart using your products from Amazon. 

I will say I think Episode two has been really popular because it shows you the whole application process. So that’s, something. But we went we walked through the whole thing on Project W

And then we get more into the nitty gritty on Freedom to 3.0. So Freedom Ticket 3.0 is for paid Helium 10 subscribers. So if you have any level of paid subscription, you can actually get access to this. And it’s a full course in detail about how to do different things, like how you do book uploads and variations and all. There’s PPC stuff in there.

There’s a lot of the nitty gritty that really detailed information that you wish you could find everywhere on YouTube, but you can’t. So I did this with Michael Lebharr and David Milstein. They’re from Sellcord and they’ve been selling in Walmart for years and they’re multimillion dollar sellers and so they were really helpful. And I think that you’ll really get a lot of that if you’re starting to sell on Walmart.

Tomer [00:33:26] Very cool. Very nice.

Carrie [00:33:28] Here’s some bonus tips. So here they are. First of all, Walmart allows you to download your customer information, the emails, phone numbers and the physical addresses now.  They used to be able to do this on Amazon, but then they took it all away. Now you still have this access on Walmart and you can download all this information to keep track of it. You can add them to your own customer database, you can retarget them with Facebook ads.

Tomer [00:33:52] There’s still ways to do it on Amazon. By the way, if someone really livid in the comments and I might make a video about it.

Carrie [00:33:59] Oh yeah. I would love to like to hear your thoughts on that. Search Find Buy again, like I mentioned before, is perfectly legal. Still on Walmart, you can syndicate your Shopify reviews to your Walmart listings again and it actually shows your website on the reviews. It’ll say syndicated from your website, so it gives you exposure to your brand and your websites. So maybe somebody might go to your website and and take a look at your other products.

Enrolling in Walmart fulfillment services. Like I said again, will give you ranking juice and then this is the another one that’s kind of a strategy a lot of bigger sellers are utilizing with that pricing that we were talking about. 

So guess what, Amazon and Walmart, they scan pricing like pretty much daily to make sure that you’re not offering your products at a cheaper price on another site. So they actually take the UPC codes and and kind of compare that way. So even on Walmart, you’ll see daily on the listing quality score, they’re like checking off if you have the lowest price on Walmart or comparable pricing.

So what some sellers are doing is offering basically changing the UPC codes on the products and doing different UPC codes for Walmart. So they’ll be like a unique UPC so that they can’t scan and compare. And so you don’t have to worry about the different specials that you do on either site. You can you can do whatever price you want at Walmart and whatever pricing on Amazon.

Tomer [00:35:21] You can edit an existing listing. The UPC, I don’t think is and Walmart, right. I cannot go to an existing listing and edit and change it.

Carrie [00:35:28] No, you can’t. You have to do it. Create your own new listing. Yeah. So you would create a new listing for your product.

Tomer [00:35:34] Okay. I wish I knew this trick before.

Carrie [00:35:36] I know. I know. Yeah, it’s definitely helpful for  that pricing. Especially, when you go there’s different sales that you run. You never know if they’ll shut your get your listing down because of that. So definitely a good strategy to try out if you want to start experimenting with that.

So that’s basically my whole presentation. Hopefully that was helpful. I wanted to get something in for beginners and more advanced, so hopefully that was helpful.

Tomer [00:36:06] Yeah, it was. It was awesome. Carrie, thank you so much for all these tips,all these preparations you did for this. I know it probably took some time, but I learned a lot of new things.

I’m sure many of these people are going to watch this video will take this more seriously. There is a lot of opportunity that you show. There is a lot of things that you can do. I just wrote here in my my notes to just find new opportunities to just launch products only for Walmart.

It’s not something that I did or thought of doing. But after, X ray and these numbers as you go with it, it’s just like it should be no brainer. Everyone should do it. And we have people here in the US have advantage, I think still, and we should grab this opportunity.

Thank you for coming and spending time with us. Really appreciate it. Thank you again. And, you know, people are looking to reach you or find you anywhere how they can do it. You have like I think you have like an Instagram page, right?

Carrie [00:37:11] Yeah, I have Instagram. Facebook’s probably best so you can find me actually in the Helium 10  Winning with Walmart  group. I go live every Thursdays.

Tomer [00:37:22] Called winning with Walmart?

Carrie [00:37:24] Yeah Helium 10  Winning with Walmart. So I would love it if everyone could join that group. There’s a lot of different levels of sellers in there and that people help out with different issues all the time. And then I always try to go live. And I’ve been bringing in different experts to help with different topics for Walmart. So it’s a really good resource for anyone who wants to start selling at Walmart.

Tomer [00:37:47] Yeah, we will put a link to it and I will also join. I didn’t even know about that group, so I’ll definitely join after this recording. And yeah, I appreciate it. Again, thank you so much. You have a great day and I hope everyone will start selling and taking this opportunity to the next level.

Carrie [00:38:03] Yes, me too.

Tomer [00:38:05] Thank you.

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