Amazon FBA Inspection China: Everything You Need to Know

by Tomer

December 1, 2022

If you want to be successful with Amazon FBA, one of the things you should give high priority to is the quality of your product. Since most sellers purchase their goods from China, it’s important that your products are of high quality and are properly sent to Amazon Fulfillment Centers to avoid problems with Amazon.

In this blog post, I will explain what Amazon FBA inspection is and why it is important. I will also guide you on how you can identify the right inspection service provider for your Amazon FBA business.

Be sure to read until the end to find out which are some of the best Amazon FBA inspection companies that you can consider for your business.

Why does Amazon FBA Inspection So Important?

Amazon FBA Inspection China

Amazon has strict guidelines for their sellers, particularly for FBA sellers. Performing an inspection adds another layer of quality control to your products and gives you peace of mind and confidence, knowing that they were inspected before your customers received their orders. 

An inspection is especially important if you source your products from other countries, such as China. Since you cannot physically inspect your items yourself, you can hire an inspection company to do it for you. 

If you have a large shipment, you also benefit from performing a pre-shipment inspection. This ensures that your supplier sends the right quantity, follows the right packaging labels you instructed them to, and more. 

Doing an inspection before sending your inventory to Amazon is crucial because it helps you improve the quality of your products and avoid issues with your customers and Amazon. 

An inspection ensures that your supplier sends your products based on what you’ve agreed upon. This can prevent refusal, repackaging, and returns that may cost you more money.

Some of the reasons why inspections are critical to your Amazon business include the following:

Proper Packaging

Inspecting the packaging of your product is a crucial process. The goods have to be in good condition and shipped correctly. An inspection ensures that the products have sufficient padding and protection, so they won’t be damaged while in transit. 

Minimizes Defective Products

Performing an inspection ensures that your products are not defective before they are shipped to Amazon Fulfillment Centers. This can avoid negative feedback and returns from your customers. An inspection is performed based on the seller’s item specifications. 

Help Save Time and Money

If your shipment was not inspected properly and your supplier used the wrong shipment labels or incorrect box, an inspector can check it for you to ensure that your inventory is shipped to the right Amazon warehouse and will not be rejected, which may lead to delays and additional fees.

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How is an Inspection Conducted?

Amazon FBA Inspection China

The aim of an inspection is to evaluate the overall quality of the products sent to the seller or fulfillment centers. Products that do not meet the seller’s specifications and requirements will be reported to the seller through an inspection report. 

The inspector will perform a range of inspections that may include the following: 

Ensure the Correct Quantity Per Order

The quantity you ordered should be the same as per your agreement with the manufacturer or supplier. An inspection would be able to discover if a discrepancy like this occurred. Inspectors will conduct a quantity check to make sure that your supplier will deliver the exact number that you have agreed on. 

Verify if Quality Matches Seller’s Specifications

Inspectors will assess if the quality of the product meets the precise specifications that you and your supplier agreed on prior to production. This is important because your customers will expect the products to match your Amazon listing. 

Look for Product Defects

An inspector performs a thorough checkup of your product to determine if there are defects. There are three types of defects: minor, major, and critical. If there are deformities found, the inspector will take photographic evidence and file it in their report. 

Ensure Box Weight and Size Are Correct

Inspectors will measure the shipping cartons to verify that they are within your set instructions. The box used must be correct to avoid refusal of your shipment. 

Verify Packaging is as per the Seller’s Requirement

Inspectors will check that the internal and external packaging used for your products are similar to what you require them to do. It protects you from the cost and delays that come with having to repackage your products. 

Ensure Labels Meet Seller’s Specific Requirements

The inspector will check for proper labeling and markings of the product, including barcodes, size labels, carton labels, and suffocation warning labels set by the seller. Polybags are inspected as well, with warning labels given the highest priority. Inspectors also check the readability and the scannability of product and carton labels. 

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What’s Included in an Inspection Report?

Generally, all findings of the inspector are summarized in a comprehensive inspection report. 

The seller will provide a checklist to the inspection company of the things he wants to be checked or inspected. 

The report will typically be supported by pictures as evidence and other relevant information. 

The main sections of an inspection report include the following:

  • Summary of the entire report
  • Inspection results for: (This will depend on what you’ve discussed with the inspection company or what services they offer)
    • Product Quantity
    • Functionality/Visual and workmanship quality
    • Carton weight and dimensions
    • Measurements
    • Label requirements
    • Packaging requirements

When you receive the inspection report, read and review it carefully. If defects are found, contact your supplier and come up with a resolution for the non-conforming products.

The length of time it takes to receive the results of an inspection will depend on your service provider. Some inspection companies can send inspectors to a warehouse in 48 hours and provide an inspection report on the same day. Others can present an inspection report on the day of the inspection itself.  

How to Find the Right Amazon FBA Inspection Service Provider?

Amazon FBA Inspection China

There are several things to look out for when looking for an Amazon FBA Inspection company. 

Reputation and Integrity

Find an inspection company with a good reputation and takes pride in its work. Bribery is a common thing in China because the Chinese give high importance to establishing and maintaining good relationships in order to do business. These relationships may exist with investors, government agencies, inspection companies, and more to secure their businesses. 

Due to this, they are prone to corrupt practices like bribery just to maintain their good relationship and continue with their businesses. 

To avoid this, ask the inspection company how they handle bribery and how they prevent this thing from happening. It’s best if they rotate their inspectors so that it can prevent their inspectors and suppliers from being too comfortable with each other. 

It also pays to know if their inspectors have training or are educated on how they can identify any attempt at bribery and corruption.


You can also check reviews online to see what people are saying about these inspection companies. Just be careful with the fake reviews. 

You can also ask other Amazon sellers you know if they can recommend any inspection companies. This can help prevent dealing with fraudulent inspection companies or those who practice bribery.

I also use a trusted inspection company and have been working with them for years now. If you are interested in using them, please feel free to contact me, and I will refer them to you.

Legal Knowledge

Find an inspection company that is knowledgeable about regulatory and import requirements that your products should meet. This includes customs clearance, documentation, import duties, tariff codes, and more.

Having legal knowledge will prevent you from paying additional fees and having to ship your shipment back to China or where your supplier is located.

Experience Working with Amazon FBA Sellers

It’s a plus if they have experience working with Amazon FBA sellers, this way, they are already familiar with the common requirements and guidelines set by the sellers. It would be easier for them to check things such as proper labeling and packaging requirements.

Years of Service

Research how long the inspection company has been providing inspection services for Amazon FBA sellers. Extensive experience with various kinds of businesses is also an important factor that helps you find the best provider. 


An inspection company should be able to provide reliable accessibility, whether online or on mobile. This way, you can access your orders, obtain reports and collect inspection data regardless of time and place. 

Turnaround Time

An efficient inspection company provides fast services. They have the capability to send inspectors on-site in 48 hours, can provide same-day inspection reports, and can deliver reports in a matter of days. 

In addition, find a provider who is certified according to international standards. Official certifications are proof of their proficiency and skills in their line of business. 

Top Inspection Companies

The top inspection service providers offer a range of inspection services for FBA sellers. In general, these include: 

  • Performing inspections of products to make sure they are in excellent condition and in a usable state;
  • Inspecting for proper packaging and packaging shipments to make sure they comply with the seller’s specifications; and,
  • Forwarding the goods to Amazon fulfillment centers.

So, here are some other inspection companies that you can try.


K-Star is an independent third-party inspection service provider. They provide services across China and Asia. They offer a full range of inspection services depending on your requirements and needs. 

The services they offer are pre-shipment inspection, container loading check, factory audit, and sourcing agent. They also provide product inspection at any stage of production. 

China Inspection Service

The China Inspection Service provider is the first name in China due to its affordable inspection solutions, auditing services, engineering support, and part design. They offer a range of inspection and auditing services, together with engineering support and part design. The company offers one of the lowest inspection service rates in the area. 

FBA Inspection

FBA Inspection is a California-based inspection service provider that offers comprehensive FBA inspection services, from inspection to fulfillment, product photography, labeling, and repacking of deliveries. 

The company guides clients through the whole inspection process, from assembling an outbound compliant shipment to assisting in the completion of the outbound shipping plan. 


InTouch is an inspection service provider that many from western countries use. Based in Shenzen, China, it offers inspection services to importers and factories in China. Its services include:

  • Product-specific inspections
  • Social compliance audits
  • Supplier verification
  • Automotive production inspection
  • Factory audit services
  • QC document development
  • Production monitoring
  • Pre-production inspection

Asia Quality Focus

Asia Quality Focus (AQF) aims to be the quickest in the market with its time-to-market strategy. Established in 2007, the company offers the following:

  • Supplier qualification audit
  • Pre-shipment inspection
  • During production inspection
  • Container loading supervision

AQF promises to perform same-day inspections. They are known to deliver inspection reports within 14 hours. Their inspection services focus on these segments: electrical and home appliances, furniture and furnishings, apparel, and accessories.  

Effition Inspection

This professional inspection company in China has over 6 years of experience offering pre-shipment inspections, in-product inspections, container loading inspections, full checks, and factory audit services. They offer:

  • Over 50 experienced and well-trained inspectors in different fields
  • Services in mainland China and Hong Kong
  • A comprehensive inspection report is sent within 24 hours


Invest in a good inspection service to ensure that you have a thorough and quality inspection that will save you time and money. By getting the services of an inspection company, you minimize the chances of questionable products and unpleasant customer experiences. 

Don’t forget to check out my complete Amazon FBA guide to help you start your Amazon FBA business. You can also enroll in my Amazon FBA course to get more in-depth knowledge of how Amazon FBA works and how you can grow your business.

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