Unveiling the Revolutionary New Influencer Marketing Program: Amazon Creator Connections

by Tomer

October 17, 2023

I’m thrilled to bring you some exciting news from the e-commerce giant, Amazon! Recently, I stumbled upon a new influencer marketing program introduced by Amazon, named Amazon Creator Connections. This program is designed to bridge the gap between FBA sellers like us and social media influencers, making it easier than ever to partner and drive more sales through influencer marketing.

What is Amazon Creator Connections?

Creator Connections is Amazon’s innovative influencer marketing program that aims to pair brands with prominent social media influencers to boost traffic and sales for products on Amazon. Brands can target influencers specific to their product niche, while influencers earn commissions on the resulting sales.

Benefits Galore

The program offers a plethora of benefits for brands and influencers alike. For brands, it provides a straightforward way to find and collaborate with relevant influencers.

Influencers, on the other hand, create customized content that resonates with their audience, thereby driving more traffic and sales for brands through a transparent, performance-based structure.

How to Access the Program

Accessing the program is pretty straightforward. To create a campaign, navigate to “Advertising” and then “Creator Connections” in your Seller Central.

From there, you can view existing campaigns or create a new one by selecting your brand and defining your campaign parameters, such as name, message to creators, campaign goals, key talking points, and more.

Amazon Creator Connections

Creating a Campaign

Creating a campaign involves defining its name (visible only to you), crafting a message to creators (including campaign overview, goals, key talking points, and things to avoid), and specifying additional details like promotion codes and legal disclosures.

You also need to set the start date, define your interests by choosing relevant categories, set a budget, and select your product. Once all details are filled in, the “Create Campaign” option becomes active, allowing you to launch your campaign.

Key Takeaways

  • The program simplifies influencer marketing for FBA sellers.
  • It offers transparency into campaign performance.
  • Regularly check your Seller Central for access to this powerful new tool.

Join Me on This Journey

Together, let’s explore the potential of Amazon Creator Connections and unlock new avenues for our products on Amazon!

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