Can I Change my Amazon Store Name? Our Simple Step-by-Step Guide!

by Tomer

December 20, 2021

Are you looking to change your Amazon storefront name?

Maybe it’s time to make a new impression on customers with a fresh face. Whatever your reason may be, changing your Amazon storefront name is simple and easy!

In this blog, we have compiled some tips that will answer your question “Can I Change my Amazon Store Name?” and will guide you through the process of choosing your new storefront name. I’ve also shared some Pros and Cons of using keywords in your storefront name, and show you a step-by-step how to change it on Seller Central. This way, you can find continued success in selling!

Things to Do Before Changing Amazon Store Name

can i change my amazon store name

Your store name establishes your brand identity. What are you trying to communicate to the world? Changing the name is easy, but it is important to get it right.

Before you make the decision to change your Amazon store name, there are a few things you should do to ensure a smooth transition. 

First and foremost, you should consider your current customer base. Think about if the change would affect your loyal customers.

Here’s a checklist of what to do before changing your storefront name:

  • Explore as many strategies as you can to get sales with your current name before deciding to rebrand with a new name
  • Research the competition on Amazon to figure out how to be better
  • Research if this store name is used on other e-commerce platforms as well, because you may want to expand where you sell in the future
  • Do some keyword research to make sure the search terms have good search volume. This will help with potentially higher sales in the future!
  • Make sure your new brand name has an available “.com” or similar domain so that you can create a website for your brand
  • Try using an online Company Name Generator for ideas (BusinessNameGenerator also checks for domain availability)
  • Use a brand name that doesn’t limit your niche so that you can expand your product line in the future
  • Make sure there aren’t any trademarks on your new name (your competitors may already own it)
  • After ensuring it’s not trademarked, have a new logo created
  • Prepare and use new packaging for your products with the new name and logo (if you change your storefront name before using new packaging, customers who receive orders with old packaging may get confused)

Choosing the right name can’t be done impulsively, because it is just as important as choosing the right niche to sell under.

Make sure that you have a clear vision for your new brand identity and that the new name accurately represents your products and your business, because changing your storefront name several times can turn away customers who follow you if they cannot keep up with the changes.

Pros and Cons of Using Keywords in Storefront Name

can i change my amazon store name

If you put focus on selling a certain type of product, like supplements for example, the “Supplements” keyword can be included in your storefront name to communicate to customers that you are an expert in this particular niche. 

However, I personally don’t like to limit myself to a certain niche so that I can freely expand my product line.

This all depends on you as a seller if you are already decided on the niche you want to focus on if you are passionate about it!

With that in mind, take a look at some pros and cons of adding keywords to your storefront name:


  • Makes it easier to rank higher in Amazon search results
  • Help customers who are looking for a specific product stumble on your store
  • Easier to rank on Search Engines as well
  • Your storefront name is “straight to the point” and customers know what kind of products they’re getting when viewing your store


  • Limits creativity in choosing a storefront name
  • Can be limiting if you want to expand your product line outside of the niche you initially chose
  • Might sound similar to other sellers and confuse customers
  • Might prevent you from being seen by new customers outside your niche
  • It can be difficult to try to rank for multiple keywords at the same time

How to Change Amazon Store Name

Now that you know what you need to do and have taken the necessary precautions before changing your Amazon store name, it’s time to take the leap and head over to Seller Central.

  1. Access Seller Central and make sure you are the main account holder
  2. Hover over the Settings wheel and click on Account Info
  3. Under Seller Account Information, it will say “Welcome, [Brand Name]”. Click on Edit next to your Brand Name.
  4. For each Marketplace (countries you sell products in), you can change your Store Display Name by clicking Edit next to each of them. You can also change the Storefront Link.
  5. Double-check your new store name for typos and errors before submitting it to Amazon. The search bar will also inform you if the store name is still available.
  6. Click the yellow Submit button to finish. Your new storefront name will be visible to the public within 24 hours. Otherwise, contact Seller Central support to figure out why.

Note: Use of others’ trademarked or proper names is against Amazon’s Policies.

On the Amazon site, your Storefront name will display underneath product names on your listings, in the Buy Box (where other sellers for the same generic item are displayed near the Add to Cart button), and on your actual storefront page.

For a visual tutorial, watch the Sourcing Monster video on How to Change Amazon Store Name

Best Practices

can i change my amazon store name
  • The new store name you choose should sound good when put next to your product names.
  • Avoid using unusual characters and numbers that are difficult to type in search bars. Use common characters.
  • A brand name is generally recommended to be three words maximum
  • Keep the store name short enough to fit on product packaging. It’s easier to recognize the logo this way!
  • Keep the store name short enough for customers to recall so they can easily search for it online
  • The store name should be appropriate and professional. Avoid restricted words, such as profanity or unflattering keywords. This applies even if you’re selling under a niche of “sensitive” products. This is because a lot of search engines filter out explicit results.
  • Keyword optimization in listings is more important than putting keywords in the brand name. Many sellers use a single-word brand name unrelated to their products and rank well because of listing optimization!

Final Thoughts

If you’re planning to change your Amazon store name, I hope you can see now that it’s an easy process but not an easy decision! You want to make sure you have considered all aspects before diving into this, like thinking of the competition, the practicality of the name, and if it’s even legal to use.

I recommend considering our blog post carefully before deciding whether or not to go ahead with this major decision. Talk to some friends and family to get more opinions if they think your new name sounds good!

You can even talk to me and get my opinion! Keep on reading the Sourcing Monster blog to learn how to make the best of your selling experience. Don’t know where to start? Enroll in my Amazon FBA course now to learn the right mindset, methods, and disciplines!

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