ASINspector Review: Does It Make Amazon Product Research Easy?

by Tomer

June 15, 2021

With more and more sellers getting registered with Amazon FBA, the competition is getting tougher.  And finding the most profitable product to sell on Amazon has become even more challenging. 

To make things less complicated, sellers opt for product research tools like ASINspector! 

Is the tool worth it?

Does ASINspector make Amazon product research and some other tasks easier?

This is a definitive ASINspector review you need to go through to decide if you need this tool or not. 

Furthermore, the article highlights the merits and demerits of ASINspector so you can make an informed decision.

I’ve even covered the pricing and how to upgrade to the PRO version in this ASINspector review.

What is ASINspector by the Way?

ASINspector is an easy-to-use Amazon product research tool that helps you determine whether a particular product is likely to be profitable for your FBA business or not.

The tool uses several advanced algorithms that help sellers analyze keywords, research the niche, and create product listings. You can even say this tool will automate some of the challenging tasks Amazon sellers need to do.

ASINspector offers you the essential data you need to enhance sales. Furthermore, the tool helps in increasing the up-sales, and you can outrank the competition while earning more with your Amazon business.

The Main Features of ASINspector

There are several product research tools available out there, but ASINspector seems to be the most versatile option. It comes equipped with several smart features that will make your Amazon selling activity easier.

Apart from providing the sales-trend-related information, the tool lets you use filters to make the product research even more explicit. 

Some other features of the tool include comparing different product categories to scout the products that are in high demand.

Here are some features ASINspector offers:

Best Seller Rankings 

It’s essential to find the best-selling products on Amazon to actually make good sales. Sellers can find such products using the bestseller rankings feature and can advance their search using intelligent filters.

The tool fetches all information FBA sellers need about a particular product or the category to decide if it deserves a place in their listing or not.

The Filters Make Research Easy 

Finding profitable products on Amazon is not a piece of cake. If it was easy, every FBA seller out there would have been earning millions. With ASINspector, you can search for the products likely to sell quickly.

To make the search advanced, the creators of ASINspector have added filters. You can use these filters to narrow down the search results.

Using these exact parameters will help you choose products wisely, and then you can compare them with different products or categories before creating a product listing.

On-page Quick View 

Like other tools, including Jungle Scout, sellers don’t have to leave the Amazon product listing page to get product information when using ASINspector. 

The tool shows you everything on the web page you are on, so you can manage things proactively. Just tap on the Chrome extension, add the product, and you get all the details you need. 

Accurate Revenue Estimator 

Using the revenue estimator, the FBA sellers can determine the monthly sales volume on Amazon. Furthermore, sellers can access the information regarding the total sales on Amazon and how the products are getting sold on the platform. 

Using this data, sellers can calculate the overall profit with maximum accuracy. Doing all these things without a tool can be pretty arduous, so tools like ASINspector are a big help.

Mobile Scan 

I liked the mobile scan feature since it helps you obtain the information of a product just by scanning its barcode. You can download the app on your smartphone to get essential details about the products anywhere and anytime.

All sellers need to do is open the mobile camera, scan the product’s barcode, and ASINspector will display the required information such as monthly sales, price, and more.

Hassle-free Product Sourcing 

To make more profit through the Amazon FBA business, sellers need to source good-quality products at low prices. ASINspector helps the sellers research several suppliers. The tool displays all the information sellers need to decide which supplier will be good for their business.

In a nutshell, ASINspector assists the FBA sellers in choosing the suppliers based on data so that they can generate more profit.

Research Your Niche 

Another impressive feature of ASINspector is “research your niche.” The tool helps sellers find the products they need to focus on. 

With ASINspector, sellers can get a clear understanding of the niche they are planning to sell in. The tool displays important information, including the product line-up, monthly sales, the biggest competitors, and more.

It is essential to choose the right niche to get maximum sales and profit, and that’s what ASINspector helps sellers with.

Keyword Analyzer 

Whether you are a new or an experienced FBA seller, you understand the need to use the right keywords. This is an excellent feature of ASINspector that helps you increase conversions using appropriate keywords.

The tool uses Google Trends and fetches keywords you can use to bring maximum conversion. However, the tool doesn’t cover other search engines like Yahoo and DuckDuckGo.

Random Keyword 

Another feature related to the keyword is “Random Keyword.” Not every buyer on Amazon search with the exact keyword. The tool shows the random keywords in the top right corner with a small light bulb on it.

Using these keywords, sellers can rank their products better, and as a result, it helps in enhancing sales. 

Bundle Opportunities

The best way to get more sales on Amazon is by selling products in a bundle. More sales help the sellers increase the total cart value, and they can generate more profit. 

ASINspector is a smart tool that helps you create product bundles. It is up to the merchant what they want to bundle with a particular product. 

Here’s an example: 

asinspector review

This is the Fitbit Versa that sells on Amazon for $199.95. With ASINspector, sellers can create product bundles to sell more products to increase the overall order value.

asinspector review

This is a product bundle you can create using tools like ASINspector. Now the total order value will be $216.89

Similarly, merchants can add high-value products depending on what they are selling.

ASIN Import 

The tool’s named ASINspector, so it has a lot to do with the “ASINs.” Researching and reviewing the ASINs manually is a tiresome task, but the tool makes it easier.

With ASINspector, sellers can upload numerous ASINs and can search the desired ones with a click. 

Store and Save 

This feature enables the merchants to check their search history to get back to the products they searched for. In short, sellers can save the search results to view them whenever they want.

Window Option 

Sellers that opt for the ASINspector Pro version can open the products in different window tabs to search for information easily. Unfortunately, this feature is not available in the standard version.

Remaining Inventory 

This is an interesting feature that warns the sellers when they are running out of inventory. To make more profit, the sellers should have a good inventory at all times.

With this tool, merchants can quickly have a look at the stock they have.

Idea Generator 

The idea generator feature is extremely useful for merchants dealing in several product categories. The feature helps the sellers determine how to take advantage of the best keywords, niches, and products. 

Furthermore, this feature of ASINspector suggests the merchants’ several strategies to improve their sales.

Some other features sellers get with ASINspector:

  • It tells you where to source the products from.
  • The tool gives you warnings for products that aren’t likely to generate sales.
  • It displays price history, sales trends, and sales ranks.
  • It gives suggestions on different product ideas to source from portals like AliExpress) both private label and arbitration) 
  • Tracks the competition and fetches the competitor’s ranks. The tool even tells the sellers about the number of units their competition is selling and the revenue they are generating through the sales.

ASINspector Pro Features: Should You Upgrade to the Pro Version?

The features that I’ve covered in this post are available with the standard package, but there are some exclusive features that you only get with the Pro version.

Look at these exclusive features, and decide if it’s worth it upgrading to the Pro version. Further in the article, I have covered the costs of both plans, and that will help you make an informed decision.

Listing Assistant 

If you go for the Pro version, you will get access to an ASINspector’s amazing feature, that’s listing assistant. The assistant suggests keywords while creating product listings, so you can use the right set of keywords for better rankings and more sales. 

FBA Net Payout Calculator 

If you are an FBA seller, you understand the importance of a good net payout calculator. With the ASINspector Pro version, you get the calculator in the extension. Just use it to calculate the net payout with unmatched accuracy.

Sponsored Ads Data 

This feature helps the FBA sellers know about the exact worth of the products so that they can plan the promotions accordingly. With this feature, the merchants can easily manage the sponsored ads. 

Advanced Filters 

The product search filters available with the “Standard Version” are good. But the filters you get with the “Pro Version” are of advanced level. With these filters, sellers can search for the most profitable products quickly.

The price between the Standard and Pro version isn’t huge. Also, you pay a one-time fee only to use ASINspector for a lifetime. So, it is worth it to upgrade to the Pro version.

If you are a new seller, you should start with the Standard plan. Once you start getting enough business from Amazon, you can upgrade to the Pro plan.

ASINspector: How Much Does the Tool Cost?

ASINspector is available in two plans: Standard and Pro. Both plans have some significant differences in features and functionality. 

asinspector review

The Standard plan costs $97, while sellers have to shell out $127 to get their hands on the Pro plan. Both plans require a one-time fee. The best part is that the sellers only have to pay the difference between the Standard and Pro plan’s price if they have taken the Standard plan.

ASINspector Review: How Easy Is It to Use?

Well, the tool is easy to understand, and even newbie sellers can use it without any courses. 

The Interface 

asinspector review

As you can see, the interface is clean and has no complex features at all. FBA sellers can easily figure out the rank, brand, estimated sales, ratings, and other such things they should know.

After clicking on any product, the tool shows you its essential details:

asinspector review

The Chrome Extension 

Installing the ASINspector Chrome Extension is as easy as installing other extensions. All you need to do is search for the Chrome extension on Google and click on “Add to Chrome.”

Enter your credentials, and you can use the tool to upscale your business as an Amazon seller.

ASINspector Review: What are the Merits and Demerits?

To decide if you should use this tool or not, it is essential to understand its merits and demerits. Here’s everything you need to know:


One-time Payment 

With ASINspector, there’s no need to pay a monthly payment to use the services. In fact, the creators of ASINspector have eliminated the hassles of renewing the subscription. 

You pay a fee one time, and you get access to the tool for a lifetime. If you get the “Standard version,” you can upgrade to the Pro version at any time. 

The Extension Makes It Easy to Use 

There is no need to install software on your PC. All you need to do is install the Chrome extension, and you are good to go. You can operate the tool while making product listings on your Amazon Seller Central Account.

It Comes with Video Tutorials 

Sellers can check out the video tutorials to understand how the tool works and how it can help them fetch product details. 

Easy to Use 

Using the tool is pretty easy, and there are no complicated features you cannot use. Even if you are a new seller, you can understand the functionality of every feature.

The Mobile App is Handy 

Sellers cannot be on the PC all the time, but ASINspector makes things easier. Merchants can use the mobile app to get product information without a computer. Just scan the barcode to know everything about the product.


Works only On Chrome 

The extension only works on Chrome. If you use Mozilla Firefox or any other browser, you have to switch to Google Chrome. Migrating to another browser with all the essential data and log-in information can be challenging. 

Customer Service Isn’t That Great 

The customer support team can take time to resolve the concerns. Compared to other tools like Jungle Scout, the customer service is subpar.

No Free Trial 

ASINspector doesn’t offer a free trial. And to use the tool, you have to purchase a membership. 

The Accuracy Is Less Compared to Jungle Scout 

When compared to a popular tool like Jungle Scout, the accuracy of ASINspector isn’t that good. 

No New Windows 

Sellers cannot search for multiple products in one go. The Chrome extension window remains the same no matter how many tabs the sellers open. 

It’s a little disappointing and takes more time to check details and create product listings. 

Is ASINspector Better than the Competition?

It is essential to get a good tool for Amazon product research, as it impacts the total sales, and therefore the overall revenue and net profit. Jungle Scout is the biggest competitor of AISNspector.

And FBA sellers often find it challenging to choose between these options. To help sellers make an informed decision, I compared both tools, and here are the results.

This table has an in-depth comparison of the features of both product research and automation tools. 

FeaturesASINspector ProJungle Scout Suite
Software Format Chrome ExtensionWeb App
Accuracy 75%90%
Email and Promotional Campaigns NOYES
BSR (Best Seller Rank)YESYES
Product TrackerNOYES
Helps in Finding Suppliers YESYES
Average Star Ratings YESYES
Search Result FiltersYESYES
FBA Net Payout Calculator YESYES
Listing Assistant YESNO
Export Results to CSVYESYES
Automated List Builder NOYES
Favorite SearchesYESNO
Delete Search History YESNO
Related Products YESNO
Product Bundles YESYES
Sponsored Ad Data YESYES
Mobile Scan YESNO
Amazon FBA Training YESYES
Promotion Products NoYES
Price $127 (One Time)$69 (Monthly)

As you can see, both tools share some common features. AINSpector offers the features Jungle Scout lags and vice versa. 

However, the biggest merit of using AINSpector is the price. Using Jungle Scout costs $69 a month, whereas ASINspector costs $127 for the lifetime. 

If you are looking for a cost-efficient tool that has all the basic features, you can opt for ASINspector. On the other hand, if you need high accuracy, you should choose Jungle Scout. 

Frequently Asked Questions About ASINspector 

Q: Is ASINspector a scam?

A: Not at all! It’s an amazing tool you can use to automate Amazon product research. Furthermore, the tool offers a plethora of features FBA sellers use to get more sales.

Q: Is ASINspector better than Jungle Scout?

A: Both tools have some merits and demerits. Check the comparison section in this article to find the better tool to get more sales on Amazon.

Q: Can I use ASINspetor on Firefox?

A: No! You cannot use this tool on Firefox. Download Chrome, and install the extension to keep using it while accessing the Amazon Seller Central Account. 

Q: Can I use ASINspector with different Amazon domains?

A: Yes! The tool works perfectly fine for,, and other such Amazon-owned domains. Even if a seller changes the country or expands his business, he can keep using ASINspetor to get more sales. 

Q: What are the alternatives to ASINspector?

A: There are several product research tools out there that compete with ASINspectpor. The biggest competitor is Jungle Scout, and you can check out the in-depth comparison I’ve done in this post.

Some other competitors are Unicorn Smasher and Helium 10. Unicorn Smasher is a free chrome extension sellers can use to get in-depth information on Amazon products.

Helium 10 is better in terms of accuracy and is a more helpful tool Amazon FBA sellers can use. The choice is entirely up to you, which tool to choose for selling on Amazon. 

Final Thoughts: Is ASINspector Worth Using?

Well, it depends on you whether you need such a tool for product research or not. As an FBA seller, it can be overwhelming to manage several things, so a tool like this can be a big help. The biggest advantage of using ASINspector is the price it is available at.

Also, it is a one-time fee, so you don’t have to pay a monthly fee like Jungle Scout or other product research tools. 

Overall, ASINspector is an excellent tool with numerous features onboard. You can use it to search products, get information about the keywords, and do several things required to rank your products and make more sales.

Just make sure to check the features available in the Standard and Pro version so that you can make an informed decision.

Still at a loss with your Amazon FBA business? Let me help you by enrolling in my Amazon FBA course!

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