✔ Amazon FBA Competition and Product Launching with Davide Nicolucci

by Tomer

January 29, 2021

Amazon FBA Competition is getting tougher as time goes on and Amazon gets it’s popularity. This will help you tips on how to surpass the current competition in the market.

Tomer [00:00:00] In this video, I have a very interesting guest, Davide from an agency that provides services to big brands and to a smaller brands on Amazon, we’re talking about the rankings, about tactics that Chinese sellers are going through, predictions for Amazon and trends in 2021 and many more.

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Davide Nicolucci [00:01:27] All right, guys, we have a new guest today in today’s video, Davide Nicolucci, I pronounce it well, Davide, almost Nicolucci Nicolucci, would you like a name that should be on a perfume or some other.

Davide Nicolucci [00:01:46] Yeah, yeah, yesterday. I was recording with Amy Wiess and she she referred to me as Davide Gucci

Tomer [00:01:53] So it’s a very cool name. I liked it.

Tomer [00:01:59] So we are a growth pack, an agency that help sellers. I will let him explain about it in more depth. So I think last week you released your Amazon predictions and trends for 2021.

I was also part of it. Sure, we can talk about predictions and what you think about 2021. But for those that don’t really know you, why don’t you share a little about yourself, how you got into Amazon, and then we can just have a little chat about some very interesting topics.

Davide Nicolucci [00:02:36] Yes. First of all, thank you very much for having me here. So I’m I’m originally from Italy and I’ve been doing digital marketing since 2010.

I started off as a social media manager and then I moved more into e-commerce and SEO. And in 2014, I from Europe I move in China. I was working at that time with Sambali tech that was one of the top sellers on Amazon and between top three or top five from China at that time, some of us and Amazon from China and probably some of you know, some of their brands, such as Raef Power, Teletronics, HooToo and other brands.

So I was working in marketing with them and I, I that really opened a lot of doors for me to understanding how Amazon works and how Chinese sellers approached this business on Amazon because they’re actually quite good. And Amazon.

I work with Sambali Tech for one year. And then I worked as I actually was upgraded with another company, one of their competitors as marketing director. That was until 2016. And then I just quit the job and I launched my own Amazon consulting agency consulting agency for Amazon sellers in Hong Kong.

At that time, it was the first consulting agency for sellers in Hong Kong for Amazon. sellers in Hong Kong. And yeah, I’ve been doing this since 2017 and it’s it’s going pretty well. So I we we we help a midsize to two large sized sellers, but definitely sometimes we also help beginners to launch their products on Amazon.

But our core business is more to help sellers who have been there already for a while to scale their business in Amazon to especially to spend less money, to understand better their ranking and their relevance to score or how they can optimize their PPC campaign and organic rank especially.

We’re working a lot on that. But yeah, we also offer a full variety of services for sellers. So from product launch to research to ranking to PPC, etc.. So this is pretty much what I’m doing.

Tomer [00:04:59] Yeah, I think that lately I’ve seen more and more agencies because, you know, it’s becoming more and more competitive and people can just be experts in everything.

So either outsource their PPC or their listing optimization or these these type of things, especially when you grow, you can just do everything. So, yeah, check his website and yeah. the post as well of 2021.

Yeah. We’re going to talk about it a little bit, but I didn’t really know that you were living in China. For how long did you live there.

Davide Nicolucci [00:05:34] Oh Yeah, I lived in China for a little bit more than two years. I, I moved in China end of 2014 and I left beginning of 2017. So two years in a few months with and I moved in Hong Kong in 2017.

So let’s say I’ve been in China for five years because I lived in Hong Kong for three years. I launched my agency actually I was the first one in Hong Kong because also Hong Kong is quite expensive. And in 2017 you still had still didn’t have so many Amazon agencies, especially in Asia.

I mean, now Amazon is just like you said, they’re popping out everywhere. Even in Italy. Yeah, everywhere in Turkey and in Romania, everywhere. So yeah. But at that time, you know, Hong Kong was very expensive.

You mustly had traditional marketing agencies, you didn’t even have really growth hacking agencies, but yeah, as our name says, we try to combine growth hacking with Amazon, growing your your business on Amazon using nontraditional ways of doing marketing.

So, yeah, I’ve been five years in China, let’s say two in Shenzhen, three in Hong Kong. I definitely love China. But for me, due to the circumstances of covid and a little bit of issues in Hong Kong, it was it was OK to move here in Thailand, at least for this year. And I mean, I don’t know for how long.

Tomer [00:07:03] You know, that’s that’s very cool that you can do you can work and enjoy like like a vacation place like that, like Thailand. I never been, but I really want to welcome them over when they when they see that, you know, you mentioned something that really caught my ear about like that Chinese seller that quite good in what they do.

And I think the consumption here for US seller is that the Chinese seller don’t really know what they’re doing. And and, you know, people think that way. But I think it’s I think it’s wrong. And I think that their attitude is what’s really important.

And we, as Amazon US sellers should really look at because there are not stubborn, but they will keep improving. They have this mentality. There are not.

They look at this as a long term game. And and I’m curious to hear from you. Like what what do you think of why you think they’re doing like a good job and how practically like it comes to what is their practices? Obviously, they have the language barrier, so how they deal with it, how they operate.

More about Amazon FBA Competition

Amazon FBA Competition

Davide Nicolucci [00:08:13] So that’s a very, very interesting question. And it’s definitely one hundred percent on the spot. And trust me, I’ve been talking about this topic since twenty seventeen.

So me and you, we pretty much started talking because you gave me very good content for the articles that I made on my on my website. And my blog is OK. We have a lot of readers. It’s very well targeted, specific. We go very much in depth.

And the very first article that I released on my on my blog is an article that actually reveals unveils the secrets of Chinese sellers. It’s a very long article. Yeah. Probably someone of you already have seen this article. We publish it in twenty eighteen when pretty much the world was asking how many sellers are so good.

And I know because as a consultant I was getting this question every day from my potential clients or from my clients. Some of them even invited me to Germany to have a chat for one hour.

I turned out being five hours, so I was taking notes and then eventually those notes turned out being a blog post of around ten thousand words that I wrote in around three months. I did a lot of research. I interviewed a lot of people and we had this. So probably we can put the link of this later. It’s called The Secret.

It’s called The Secrets Behind the Success of Chinese Amazon Sellers, as revealed by the Insiders. I was interviewing mostly people who lived in China or who did business with Amazon Chinese sellers. From the supplier point of view, from the marketing point of view, and myself having worked in-house into a different Chinese companies. So I shared a lot of information.

And I can definitely tell you Chinese people know what they’re doing. They have this mentality, this mindset that is full on business. They don’t take an interest until they get to number one page. They would work all the time, weekends included. And if they’re not working, they’re learning how to overtake other sellers.

Language is probably not as much as a barrier right now because, you know, most of the most of the people can speak English pretty much anywhere, or they can outsource marketing or branding to other agencies like pretty much mine.

In the beginning, my first sellers were Chinese, so my first clients were Chinese. So now I work more with Western sellers. I’m living this part of the business to other agencies that are more present in China. But I started off actually with Chinese clients and the job was was really good.

I mean, we have a huge amount of good brands, especially on Amazon, that now are becoming worldwide recognized. There are from China. Let’s talk about Anchor, for example, or even Nike or a Tineco or all the other brands from from somebody I worked with pretty much all of those brands.

And they are doing a very good job. So they have a very different and targeted, focused way of approaching business. And I really suggest everyone go read that blog because it goes very much into detail.

And even though it was published three years ago, it’s still very, very actually. So you can understand the difference. Yeah. Yeah.

Tomer [00:11:25] Yeah, you know, it’s it’s a very interesting topic usually that Chinese sellers that you met or or dealt with there are the factories themselves or it’s just someone that see the potential and then start to do business like we do from here from the US.

Davide Nicolucci [00:11:44] Now, most of the most common business models, by the way, I just send you the article link on Facebook. So there you have it, the most common way.

It’s a big company with a lot of money invested in the company whose biggest objective is to is to get it really an IPO like anchor like somebody did. And they they start putting out as many brands as they can. Like one every every other month. They would try different categories.

They they really followed the market a bit different, different brands and different categories. And they they have a very different structure. They would divide into different brands or different categories, their their team members.

So it’s very interesting to know how their organization organization works at the human resources world and not only how they do marketing and being that they actually are from China, they have a much better relationship with their suppliers. They have a very good supply chain. So they they have this kind of advantage.

So they have a lower price to start with, because we know that on Amazon, price is very, very important, especially when you’re launching your product, then they definitely have this advantage.

They can get a much better price because we all know I mean, you’re giving a lot of advices for now to source your product. You know, you have to make this relationship with your supplier. You just don’t just go on Alibaba and look for the best price or whatever.

And also, we have explored a lot their culture of breaking the rules of using blackhead or using unconventional ways of launching products. So that’s also part of the game. When you are dealing with Chinese sellers, they also go look for every kind of keyword in every different category.

They really break the market. Some Chinese companies are so good that they don’t use external tools. They develop the tools in the house also because they don’t want to give data to anyone that might be Jungle Scout, a Helium. You they just develop the tools.

They probably they will use the tools the beginning, right? Yeah, they would they would have different accounts. They would use the tool in one of the accounts and then they will copy and they would, they would code there, there, there are tool and they would make it themselves.

So this is this is also something very interesting. It’s it’s like another level. They really approach this business on a very high level and they can pretty much launch products as as many as they can in different categories.

So I don’t think the Chinese sellers are only copying you or only trying to take you down. There are, of course, some a lot trying to do that. But there is a huge part that is shooting for the long term shooting for the stars.

Davide Nicolucci [00:14:31] Definitely they they definitely want to get there. It doesn’t matter if they don’t make any profit for the first year. Some of the companies are workwear.

They gave up the profit in order to be number one on Amazon. And that’s very, very common for the Chinese companies that sell on Amazon. So this already helps you to understand more about the Chinese culture on selling, on Amazon, on e-commerce in general.

Also, because you have to you have to understand they come from a background where if they didn’t sell on Amazon, they would sell on Taobao or other Chinese platform. There are super competitive. There are not as many controls as an Amazon. It’s pretty much a wild west.

Davide Nicolucci [00:15:09] So for them, selling on Amazon is actually much better because they can sell as much as in China, because you make billions of dollars for Singles Day or whatever, you know, like the prime day of China. I think the last time was like thirty eight billion dollars. I can’t remember right now, but it’s easier for them to sell on Amazon, actually.

Tomer [00:15:30] That’s that’s very interesting. I’m very surprised, you know, what what you said, because, again, my my way of looking at it is like some of the people here, like, we think that they copy.

Of course, you see those like Bren’s that stand out and, you know, they know what they’re doing. But, you know, lately what I did, I started to get into Chinese forums. They start talking about Amazon and I’m using the Google Translate.

Now, obviously, it’s not really accurate. You cannot really understand everything. But you get the idea. You see they talk. You see the way that they approach things. Like you said, a lot of things. They talk about blackhead because they don’t care.

No one will really focus except for their account, even if they can’t get to spend the day, like, open a new one just like that. I think Amazon also want them to be on the platform like they would encourage them. They give them more tools and.

And infrastructure to to make it, because at the end, they want to cut the middlemen. We are the middleman here. Yes, exactly. They want to take the prices down.

So it’s more attractive for but a device that you can give to someone that is outside China, still be competitive, still be on top of the game and compete with with the Chinese sellers that we don’t look long term.

And they have more advantages like the prices, like, I think more than price. It’s the fact that there are there first of all, they don’t need to build. There is already kind of a trust.

And I’m sure if they if you if you come to a factory in Europe, you speak Chinese, you’re Chinese, you’re from the same height, of course.

Davide Nicolucci [00:17:10] Yeah. Yeah, exactly. The level is much better. So this is the I mean, it seems like we planned this conversation, but we didn’t because it’s going so it’s both.

And this actually the natural question that a lot of people ask me, OK, how can I compete? How can I come up with this? How can I save my ass from this bloodbath?

I actually wrote a few months later another article on how to defend yourself so I can just give you the summary of that article that if it’s still in the same blog, the it’s so funny, the name of the article is War is on how to fight, how to compete with at least its competition, something like that, how to how to protect yourself anyway.

And that article is even longer than the first one. I have interviewed a lot of people. I think there is also Kevin Kevin King there. He gave me a lot of insights and all the other experts anyway. Yes. So I would say, first of all, you you have to understand that this is a real business.

Selling on Amazon, on Amazon is not anymore just doing it part time while you’re doing your nine to five job. It could have some luck. Yes, it still happens, for example, as it happened to one of the other contributors to our article for twenty twenty one to Tiffany, she had a very good outcome, just working part time.

But it doesn’t normally happen like this anymore. You have to understand how Amazon works. You have to be registered and you have to have a good lawyer because that will help. And also you have to know how they could attack you.

So, for example, go read that article that I publish about Black Hat that is pretty much the same and also be very, very different. Be very creative or try to differentiate your your supply chain. One of the best advices that someone gave me was, for example, don’t source all of your products from the same factory.

Davide Nicolucci [00:19:08] And also, if you have a very complex product, that’s better because it’s going to be more complicated to duplicate.

If you have something that makes it unique, like a unique material or that they cannot find in China or is too expensive to source from China like something that is made, I don’t know what you need in Germany, the US, that you need to have some certification, then go for that, try to be very creative and different, differentiate your products, don’t copy other people because you know, you’re going to copy the same category where everyone is going try to stay on a DSR in a in a category that is not too low because otherwise they’re going to attack you.

They want to have low BSR, they want to make quick money. So try to stay in your competitive niche, try to to make it different, try to break your supply chain, have different ways of showing your value, do a big use of social media because that will really help.

Davide Nicolucci [00:20:04] And these are pretty much also good advices for anyone who’s starting on Amazon. Also how to launch a product, be creative, try to see all the tools that you have available on Amazon, protect your brand. It’s really important to protect your brand all the time.

Tomer [00:20:20] Yeah, I agree, you have to be it doesn’t matter if you compete with them or with the US centers or centers around the world, you have to be innovative and always be thinking about your next move.

Tomer [00:20:31] And I I in my business, I also like to make my products very complicated to copy. Whether that’s with some mothers or some features that will create this high entry barrier, yeah, that’s that’s very interesting.

Now, you mentioned the about the blackout tactics, that tactics. Do you have any, like two or three that you can share for people? Yeah, because like I said, if you know what there are attacks are, you can be more prepared and keep yourself protected. Thank you. So.

Davide Nicolucci [00:21:10] Yeah, so I’m going to I’m going to share this article we do once again so you can you can share it on the on the video description so everyone can take a look.

And I have this article where I explain how to identify the black hat. I also say pretty much how you can protect yourself. We go through everything that is going on.

For example, when they take over your listing or when they file false claims or they try to take down your entire account or buy your products or they leave negative reviews and, you know, this kind of stuff. So we we actually go in detail through each one of them.

The funny thing is that, for example, we see that those kind of tactics are still used today in twenty, twenty one. It’s it didn’t pretty much change a lot. Now, Amazon, if we have to be completely honest, is is doing much better then than they could do before.

They are swiping off a huge amount of reviews of fake reviews or potentially fake reviews. Someone says also that potentially Amazon could hide a number of reviews because it would actually make it very imbalance between senators who are just starting and other cities who have millions of reviews, for example.

So probably things would change, but it’s pretty much the same. It’s it’s all about trying to mess with your listing, trying to get your sales, you buy books, this kind of thing. So these are the most common attacks.

Tomer [00:22:48] And we also request Amazon like infringement and stuff like that. Or do you think it’s it’s a relatively easy let’s say.

Davide Nicolucci [00:23:03] Yeah, yeah. And also, for example, flagging a product as old like I said, I’ve seen any kind of product flagged as although that was definitely, you know, a black hat by a competitor or even a word.

Tomer [00:23:18] So, yeah, someone uploaded a flat file from Amazon account. I don’t know is that it’s probably from China and they didn’t really, like, give me the IP, but, you know, it’s on from there. And they just stuffed my listing with, like, drug related keywords, which was like three weeks down because of that.

Davide Nicolucci [00:23:40] Yeah. My God, it’s terrible. Yeah. But sometimes it just takes as little as just trying to report the listing. It doesn’t always happen, but it could be. Depends how you do it. Yeah. Yeah. It happened a few times already or so.

Yeah. But it’s, it’s interesting but definitely as a seller you should know what’s going on in the black at work.

Tomer [00:24:02] For sure. For sure. You know, do you think that if someone traveled to China you can, you can learn and being with Chinese sellers there, any meet ups and stuff like that, you know.

Davide Nicolucci [00:24:18] Yeah. Yeah, yeah. So in China, I mean until before covid, they used to be a lot of meet ups, both only Chinese and in English and especially in Shenzhen.

Shenzhen is like the Amazon Center city where I think the statistics until 2019 were that 40 percent of US sellers are based in China or something like that, or more than 40 percent. And something like 40 percent of Chinese sellers are Baozi Shenzhen or or something like four hundred dollars, I can’t remember.

But a huge amount of sellers are busy. Shenzhen. So just because you live in Shenzhen, your Amazon game upgrades, you know, the Holy Spirit. So it’s there’s definitely events going on every day, every hour, every week, both in Chinese and in and in English.

So it’s definitely you would definitely learn a lot. And then you have all of these conferences, like, for example, the Global Forces Summit organized by Megalo. You have the Global from Asia organized by Mike. I’m often speaking at both of them.

And then you have different other events that are very, very interesting and you can meet people from all over the world. So definitely, yeah. If you if you’re planning to step up your Amazon game, you should consider having a trip to China for sure.

Visually speaking, Chinese already or in the I, I could speak when I was living there, but now I pretty much lost almost everything also because in Hong Kong we don’t speak Mandarin and people speak English. So yeah. How about your your you’ve been in China.

Tomer [00:25:57] I know. And I could never been, I was supposed to go in March but then the whole started and it was canceled. But you know, I always say you don’t have to be in China. But I think that like you said.

If you want to step up your game, whether that’s creating a better relationship with your suppliers, with the people who work there and also like seeing your eyes, I’ll factories work how your products are being manufactured.

I think it’s important if you look at it like as a long term something you want to do. And that’s what I plan to do it, to do it. Like once they release here the vaccine to younger people, I’m going to get it. And then I yeah, you said something that very interested and and about.

I have another question actually not really related. You mentioned before that your background is like social media. And so I’m running an experiment with SEO right now, creating a very big profile of back to my best seller listings.

So basically, I’m trying to create rankings for high volume keywords on Google so I can get all of these free traffic after the initial investment. Of course. And I wanted this data, although it’s actually changing the bottom line.

And if we talk about things to innovate and build, again, most of the sellers don’t do it. So I’m sure Chinese sellers, some of them are doing it. But I don’t think that there are a lot of them focusing on SEO externally. And, you know, you always have to be and find this new thing.

But from your experience, is it easy to rank Amazon listings on Google? I know they have a great deal. So it’s relatively easier because they have like a crazy link profile already. But if you’re doing it for a client or have expensive it, yeah.

Davide Nicolucci [00:27:53] So this is something we don’t push too much, but it definitely helps.

There are different ways of doing it. And to to give you a little hack, you can not only rank your listing but also, for example, rank your Q&A or better better say increment your Q&A content on the Amazon listing to to have a better rank so you can actually do what I used to call like a 360 circle, where you give signals from Amazon and from Google and from your backlink structure.

So that really helps. And if you add the cherry on the cake is social media, if you thought it was social media that by default have a very high page rank, that really helps. So definitely, yes, it is relatively easy to rank on Google for I would say it’s very easy to rank on Google your Amazon listing for your brand name.

Definitely. And for your for your top keywords. Definitely, yes. So that’s already a good thing. But then that’s how sometimes we don’t do it, because that might conflict.

If you, for example, have a website, a store, if you have your own e-commerce store, then so my clients, they don’t want me to touch their SEO or they don’t want Amazon to be too visible, because if Amazon ranks before their e-commerce store, they will lose a lot of money from the e-commerce store because most likely on Amazon, the price is going to be cheaper.

So if a customer finds you there, but it all depends on your strategy. If you want to focus only on Amazon, then definitely do it. Go for it. Focus. Definitely, yes.

If you if you are more e-commerce company, then be careful. Or maybe you can rank for some particular keywords on Amazon because you want to increase also your at your rank there. So Google and Amazon, you, you leave those key where they’re are more relevant for Amazon and more competitive, you have more customers there, whatever, and then some other keywords. You want to leave it for your e-commerce store.

So that would also make a lot of sense. So I would say, yeah, definitely. But try to see your strategy first.

Tomer [00:29:58] Yeah. Makes sense. Makes sense. No, you know, the purpose of this call was kind of talking about product launches, but they went through many other interesting topics and there but these days, any recommendation to what works, what is safe, how are you guys? A lot of new products using PPC giveaways. What is a good strategy that you recommend to maybe beginners?

Davide Nicolucci [00:30:26] Yes, that’s also a very good question. Normally, we don’t do a lot of giveaways. I’m not a strong believer of giveaways. I’m not a strong believer of chat boats.

I tend to stick to the what to what works. We use a lot social media when we can. We use CRM from Google when we can and we do definitely heavy use of BPC. We make it clear with the client that launching a product using PPC is not is going to be a little bit painful because your costs will go up.

But as long as you see it in the long term and you care more about your total acres, then it makes sense. We I would say, as in yourself. I was trying to launch a product or also as an experienced seller who wants to launch products, pay a lot of attention to the score, you have to understand this.

I did a bunch of webinars there on YouTube. If you look for 11 to score with my name or with my company name. So that would include your biography that you would find a lot. And there are some tools that can actually help you.

So some people think that Supari URLs don’t work or they are black and it’s not like these. It depends what kind of super superhero you do. We use picks a fight.

It works very well. Is not a black hat, is not black by Amazon. It’s completely safe. We’ve been using it since 2000 19. So it’s two years now. And it definitely helps if you know what you’re doing. I did a lot of, you know, in-depth trainings or for free on YouTube so you can check it out.

It’s quite long, like forty five minutes and then we support with other tools to find different keywords and we support with social media. So my suggestion would be, yeah, social media ranking you URLs if you can, if you want, and Facebook definitely.

And also. Yeah. Try to optimize your listing and try to find your niche. That that’s the most important thing. And I know that you gave a lot of good advices for that with listing optimization. Yeah.

Tomer [00:32:32] I think like you have the best marketing off Amazon in Amazon if you don’t have a great listing or photos or company and of course the actual product, it doesn’t it’s not going to work.

Tomer [00:32:45] I can see it in my products. Even I launched like in two thousand and twenty last year. I like twenty or twenty five products and you can see that, you know, even product that is going to be like the home run, like perfect.

Sometimes you just don’t know when. My success rate is like 60, 70 percent and three or four products out of each, then I’m just like letting them go, selling out and just move on. And your focus is going to be more like Monster Products product.

It’s like at least two hundred, 300, 400 k a month. And I’m curious to hear from you and compete with as a new seller with a listing that have 50 or 60 thousand reviews.

And the strategy, of course, should be different. You will lose a lot of money before you start making any and and, you know, any good advice or experience that you have with renting those monster products.

Davide Nicolucci [00:33:42] Yeah. So the best advice here is try to understand who you want to compete with. My best advice would be if you’re starting from zero, don’t even try to compete with those monster products because it wouldn’t make any sense then.

It still depends. If you’re coming from a big company who doesn’t very much care about investing, then yeah, go for that. You’re going to lose a lot of money. But if you’re a seller who’s struggling to launch five products in one year or it doesn’t know what to do, then don’t do it.

Try to focus on a smaller niche, try to focus on a different needs of the customer and try to put the attention on this needs. So why this product? Why a customer should buy this product? What is this product?

What kind of need this product is solving is, you know, what kind of problem is so solved? So try to differentiate and put the focus on the added value of that product.

But definitely it might be very, very risky trying to compete with the big ones in all cases. And you have the delivery obvious example of that. When you’re trying to do PPC, you’re trying to bid on the same keywords and is going to cost you the value of your product. So with one click, you’re already gone. Yeah.

Tomer [00:34:59] What what what question do you maybe you can share your experience. You dealt with many, many sellers. I always say that selling on Amazon or doing anything, any business, it’s I would say like 70 or 80 percent is the mindset is dead and the house is like twenty or thirty percent.

And what kind of advice do you have to people to to fix their mindset for success? Because sometimes you see people, they want something, but they’re not really putting the work or there are not really like knowing what is the next step, how they can learn more and just like to be successful selling on Amazon.

Davide Nicolucci [00:35:38] I would actually say that the way you are approaching this business is probably one of the best ways, like don’t get stuck in products just because you think they’re going to work it. It it wouldn’t make the difference.

I see a lot of sellers and a lot of my clients that I mean, not a lot, but some that happens especially not very big clients, big not big sellers. They get stuck into this. They always want to focus. I mean, if it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work.

We try to really everything you have to move on, like you said. So it’s a business. It’s not that you like this product, but not millions of customers would like it or probably they they can’t see because you’re not investing a lot of money, you know, enough money.

So this is the advice from me. Try to launch a lot of product, as many products as you can that would make sense for your store. So if you’re if you’re selling electronics or home appliances or clothing, try to launch as many as you can.

And that’s that’s the best approach because some might work, some might not work. And also it takes time. It takes a lot of time to see results. So be patient and you have to invest your time and your money.

I mean, it’s the biggest marketplace in the world, but in the Western world. So, you know, it’s going to be competitive. So you you really have to I mean, a lot of a lot of newbies ask me, hey, I have five thousand dollars.

I want to start selling on Amazon. Don’t do that. Go on a holiday or buy a piece of Bitcoin. Don’t start an Amazon with five thousand euros, don’t you?

Tomer [00:37:14] Yeah, I actually think and I think that you could start with five thousand, but but the take in mind that you like most likely you will lose these five thousand, but this is the money that you’re going to invest in just getting and understanding how Amazon works.

And then you need more money for sure. But you can start with cheaper. It’s harder and harder. Yeah, I agree. It’s not that easy like before. No, no. You know, before we wrap it up, I do have a million more questions, but I want to talk more about the pose that you would use about the Amazon predictions.

What do you think, first of all, is the future for for for new sellers selling on Amazon? Twenty, twenty, twenty one. It will be harder than previous years. They will need to come with a different approach since we talked about like the initial investment.

Davide Nicolucci [00:38:10] Yeah. So, you know, it’s so funny because being in this in this business for four, seven years now, I say in 2014, I have seen this question in the evolution of the answer multiple times. And I can tell you.

It is going to be harder, but you’re going to have a bigger market, so you have to see like this, you’re going to have a smaller piece of the cake because there are more sellers, but the cake itself is larger. So you can still make a lot of money if you know what you’re doing.

So it’s all the same, the same thing. You know, it’s it’s all a circle. It all comes back to the fact that you have to do a good job setting. So I would say, yes, it’s definitely more competitive. You have millions of sellers entering the market, I think only in twenty eighteen.

I don’t remember how many millions of sellers and probably one million new sellers entered Amazon. Twenty eighteen only in the past. In the past year. I was reading the Market Bulls report.

We had less sellers entering the market, but the the market size was expanding because of covid, of course, and it’s becoming more a dog eat dog scenario where the big fish is the small fish. And it’s the same thing is happening to the agencies.

For example, now you have to compete more. You have to differentiate before an agency could do a sourcing and PPC and listing optimization. You can do that now. You have to be explicitly you have to be experts. So I’m an expert in ranking.

You know, I yeah. You’re an expert in sourcing and and probably something else. We can do the same job, you know. So the Amazon fool management from from zero to hero doesn’t exist anymore. And if it does exist, it’s probably a huge company because that you need a big team.

But if you talk about in my company, we have around 20 members, all remote. We couldn’t do that, you know, because if you consider all the people that we need for copywriting and managing the accounts and all the languages because we provide content in ten different languages, then you already made half of the team.

So. So, yeah, it’s it. Yeah, I think, I think you get the point. So see that in the future is going to grow, your potential would grow, but you have to know what you’re doing.

Tomer [00:40:39] It’s a couple of years already that people think and you see it that it’s becoming first of all, the big sign for it is that you have all this money sitting by investors that are coming and buying the businesses, that a sign that their whole industry is going to be more professional and more competitive and more money comes in.

So like you said, the bigger fish will eat the smaller fishes. So, yeah, I 100 percent agree. And I see it like you see new product launches like the level there, whether that’s the listing or the PPC or the strategies is much better than before.

Like I said, I could talk with you for like two more hours. I think that you have been one of the fun guests here with I really enjoyed this call. And you’re very knowledgeable. And I’m sure many people here will get a ton of value, including myself.

I got a look at different topics in a different way. So thank you for being a guest here. It was really a big pleasure. I hope we can talk about some of the other questions in the future. Yeah, definitely. Link to the two posts you mentioned about how training centers operate and how you can protect yourself.

I think that every seller should should know about those things because maybe you will not have problems normally. But it just takes one time that, you know, to create a big mess in your business. You what is the website again, if you can share it with the audience [inaudible]…

Davide Nicolucci [00:42:12] Yeah, wearegrowthhack.com. And you can find me in every social media, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Instagram is more private life. I share my other passions, but Facebook and LinkedIn is definitely good.

And my website. So [email protected] and. Yeah. So I mean, thank you very much for having me here. It’s a pleasure. We talked about a lot of interesting things I would say, and it’s it’s very nice for me to see that people still care about those topics right now, like what’s going on in the other part of the world. It’s it’s really interesting. Thank you.

Tomer [00:42:47] Yeah. Thank you again. I’ll put all the links down below and hopefully we’ll see you soon, here again, I wish you really you and your agency success in twenty twenty-one and saying yeah. Yeah. To everyone. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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