Amazon Creative Assets Explained

by Tomer

August 17, 2021

Amazon has launched a new feature called “Creative Assets.” It allows you to quickly and easily upload your creatives or assets in one location for fast approval. It works well with the new Creatives Dashboard, which has long been a popular tool for visualizing all of your creatives on one page.

Through Amazon Creative Assets, you can upload images, videos, 3D content, and 2D content like product shots or icons holistically and immediately. You no longer have to wait days or even weeks for approvals when uploading creatives through Creative Assets.

There are also controls that allow you to preview your assets before they’re uploaded and ensure that they’re in the correct branding colors. The interface is intuitive and lets sellers visualize everything in one place, without having to shuffle around multiple windows.

Amazon Creative Assets


Creative assets will help make your advertising and marketing efforts more efficient by providing tools that have been requested by sellers for some time.

The biggest benefit is that you can upload assets without waiting for approval, which will help you with your short-term marketing campaigns and give you more flexibility in your daily tasks. Because the submission process is so simple, it’s easier to ensure that all of your inventory is up to date. You no longer have to worry about lacking time to upload your assets.

One of the biggest challenges for sellers is making sure that all of their products are being advertised with current and updated images; with Creative Assets, you can update all of your images in one place, ensuring that they’re accurate across every version (or size) on Amazon. This means less time spent hunting down updates, and more time creating new products.


Creative Assets was created so that vendors would not have to upload their creatives every time they want to use them on Amazon, which saves time and reduces errors. Another benefit is that it allows for a consistent experience when using the creative assets across all channels. It provides you with a one-stop-shop for all your creatives and it is also an added benefit to Amazon sellers because it helps them to be more organized and efficient with their work.

The new feature is an important addition to the platform because the core infrastructure that’s powering it was designed by sellers themselves – specifically for sellers who are selling through Amazon Handmade or Fulfilled by Amazon. The feedback and insights that went into making this possible came directly from sellers, which is vital to keeping sellers happy and engaged with the platform.


The Creative Assets feature is not available for all products. At the moment, it’s only available for Amazon Handmade and Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) inventory, but will be rolled out for other product categories in the coming year. At its core, this is designed for third-party sellers to use on products they’re selling through Amazon Handmade or FBA.

Amazon Creative Assets


First, you need to set up an Amazon Handmade or FBA account as a Seller Central user. You also have to go through the registration process for “Creative Assets.” Once that’s done, you can start uploading your files; from there, you can select up to five creatives (video, 3D objects, or 2D images or icons) at once. You can choose whether or not you want the creative assets displayed on your product pages.

After submitting your items for approval, wait a few hours and your assets will start appearing on your pages.

Steps to add an asset:

1) Log in to Amazon Seller Central and hover over ‘Advertising’ then ‘Campaign Manager’ and then ‘Creative Assets.’

Amazon Creative Assets

2) Click ‘Upload assets.’

Amazon Creative Assets

3) Upload assets by uploading your media either by uploading the files from your computer or uploading from Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive.

4) Manage your assets by organizing the following:

  • Name – create a name of the uploaded file
  • Type – select the type
  • Tags – add appropriate and helpful tags
  • Products – add individual ASINs that are applicable to the uploaded assets

IMPORTANT: You must also have the Creative Campaign Manager linked to your account for those ASINs. Add this link as soon as possible and make sure that you’re linking it with the most relevant version of your product (size, color, etc.). This will help consumers find exactly what they’re looking for on one page.


To fully benefit from this new feature, sellers should also make sure to follow these simple guidelines:

1. Make sure that your ASINs are on the Creative Campaign Manager list. You should also link it with the most relevant version of your product (size, color, etc.). This will help consumers find and buy exactly what they’re looking for on one page.

2. Be sure to name your assets and organize them according to type (video, 3D objects, or 2D images or icons).

3. Remember that the aesthetics matter whether or not you think they do. If an item looks nice in its photo, it will most likely sell; if an item looks cheap or poorly made in its photo, you will lose a lot of potential buyers. This makes high-quality creatives extremely important.

4. Keep your information accurate by checking for typos and misspellings. If you’re having problems with this, use a spell-checker to help make sure that all of the correct words are used properly and in their proper context.

5. Be sure that your products are successfully submitted to Amazon. Watch out for low-quality or inappropriate images by looking at the “Creative Metadata Status” column.

6. Be sure that you are updating your page and making good changes to it. This could mean changing the price, color, name of the product, etc. To do this, change one element at a time and wait for the page to update. If you’re having trouble uploading a file or it isn’t showing up in your “Creative Assets,” try using a different browser or the Amazon app on your phone.

7. Repetition is key: You want buyers to see and remember their favorite pieces from you. Use repetition to build brand recognition.

8. Use generic tags for your products, like “bracelet” and “necklace.”  Some of the most popular key-tags are: “fashion,” “jewelry,” and “accessories.”

9. Do not use more than 5 different creatives per campaign because this will jeopardize your campaign.

10. If you have access to the Amazon app, it has a very handy calendar feature for adding inventories and creatives with due dates.


Creative Assets is just getting started. There are plans in place to make enhancements to it based on customer feedback, which will help improve its usability even further.

You can expect to see updates in the future that will allow you to upload multiple creatives simultaneously. You’ll also be able to add photos and descriptions for each asset, which should help you with your daily tasks and come at a faster pace than before.


If you’ve been waiting for the ability to get your assets up and on Amazon, this is a step in the right direction. As with other features that Amazon has introduced for third-party sellers, it can take some time to roll out across all categories.

You don’t have to stop with just uploading your creatives; use the rest of your time updating those listings and getting them ready for the holiday rush. Just remember to take advantage of this new tool so that you can focus on what’s really important. You can still do that by manually uploading your creatives in the meantime, but keep an eye out for this new option going forward.

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