Inventory Status in FC Processing? What it Means for Amazon FBA Sellers

by Tomer

June 3, 2022

Amazon has made it easier for FBA sellers to manage their inventory and deliver packages. All FBA sellers need to do is deliver their products to Amazon warehouses and ensure that they follow Amazon guidelines. The seller’s inventory goes through different phases and one of these is FC processing. 

In this article, I will explain what FC and FC processing means and how long FC processing takes.

Read the entire article to find out how FC processing is different from FC transfer and put an end to your confusion. 

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What Does FC Mean in Amazon?

FC Processing

FC in Amazon stands for Fulfillment Center, which is what Amazon calls its warehouses. Amazon sellers enrolled in the Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) program can store their inventories in these warehouses. 

FBA sellers can also enjoy the perks of being in the FBA program such as storing inventory, having Amazon pick and pack customer orders, as well as ship orders, and have their customer concerns get handled by Amazon. 

What is FC Processing?

FC Processing

When an FBA seller sends their inventory to one of Amazon’s FCs, it will go through several processes. Sellers will be given updates on the status of their inbound shipments. 

To send inventory to Amazon FC, sellers need to create a shipping plan, pack their products, and send them to the FCs designated by Amazon. FBA sellers can send their items through their preferred carrier or freight forwarder. 

I have a video tutorial on How to Create a Shipping Plan if you need help on how to do it. 

Inventories sent to Amazon warehouses are scanned and checked to ensure that products are properly packed and sellers complied with Amazon requirements. When an inventory has a status of Reserved – FC Processing, it means that the Fulfillment Center is still inspecting the items and they are still not available for sale. 

This means that FC is still checking the items based on their set parameters, they are dealing with the shipment process, and are sorting the customers’ orders. Products on FC Processing status will undergo verification of the validity of the product, checking the weight and dimensions, and other needed FC processing.

It usually takes at least two to three business days for the delivery to happen. But this varies depending on how busy the FC is. Sometimes it can even take up to five to seven days depending on the inventory size and the payment methods. 

What is the Difference Between FC Processing and FC Transfer?

FC Processing

Some FBA sellers, especially the new ones, may be confused between FC Processing and FC Transfer status. FC Transfer means that items or units are being transferred or redistributed to another FC so that they are closer to the address of the customer.

Products with FC Transfer status are those that are now available for sale. However, customers may see a future ship date in case there are no available units in the FCs to be shipped immediately.

There is no specific timeline for how long it will take for FC Transfers. It can take up to twenty-two to twenty-five days to complete, but these are usually rare cases. This may happen due to weather conditions, COVID-19 limits, or if the items need more investigation.


It is important for FBA sellers to understand and know the different status of their inventories when they send them to Amazon FC. This can help them anticipate when their items will be delivered to their customers and also manage their inventories better by matching them with their Amazon inventory strategies

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