Can I Merge Two Amazon Accounts: How To Do It Without Getting Suspended

by Tomer

May 20, 2022

Can I merge two Amazon accounts? This is the question that most sellers have in mind. Amazon is strict when it comes to having multiple seller accounts. In fact, some Amazon sellers who opened a new seller account were either suspended or have been shut down completely. However, there are exceptions to their rules. 

In this blog post, I will discuss whether Amazon sellers are allowed to have multiple accounts, how they can merge two accounts, how to sell in a new country and if there are any subscription fees for merged accounts.

Make sure to read the entire post to learn about the policy on merging Amazon accounts.

Are Sellers Allowed to Have More Than One Amazon Account?

Can I Merge Two Amazon Accounts

Amazon has strict rules when it comes to opening multiple Amazon seller accounts. However, they can allow this as long as you can present a strong business reason for wanting to have another seller account.

If you open another seller account with the same credentials, it is against Amazon’s Terms of Service, and your account will be shut down. However, there are exceptions, and if you can provide a solid and valid business reason, they might allow you to open one.

Sellers who wish to create another seller account must fulfill Amazon’s requirements, such as: 

  • Having different brands.
  • Opening another account will improve their business performance. 

For the first condition, sellers with different brands may be allowed to have a separate account for each brand to make it easier for sellers to manage them. 

For the second condition, sellers must present a concrete explanation of how opening another account will help enhance their business performance. Again, sellers must provide hard proof for their request to be granted.

To request another Seller Central account, you need to send a request to Amazon that you wish to create a new Seller Central account. Provide a clear, justifiable, and backed by facts explanation of why you need another seller account. Then, wait for Amazon to process your request. 

Note that Amazon does not approve all requests, but if they agree to your reason, then Amazon will approve your request. To avoid disapproval, here are some things you should remember.

  • Do not use the same bank account on your new seller account. 
  • Your new account must be under a different email address.
  • In addition, the products and brands you will sell on your second account must be different from your existing seller account. 
  • Your existing seller account must have Good Performance metrics, and you should only request a new seller account if you have been successfully selling for quite some time with your first account. 
  • Make sure you have your Trademark for opening several Amazon accounts.

Can I Merge Two Amazon Accounts?

Can I Merge Two Amazon Accounts

Amazon allows sellers to merge their accounts provided they are global accounts. If you sell in several countries and would like to merge those accounts, here’s how to do it.

  1. Once you’ve signed in to your Seller Central account, go to Settings and from the drop-down menu, click on Global Accounts.
  2. On the Global Accounts page, choose Merge Accounts.
  3. You will find the instructions there. Simply follow them and choose the accounts you wish to merge. 
  4. You will be asked to sign in again. Input the email address and password for the account you chose to merge.
  5. After you’ve signed in, it will show you a preview of the merged accounts.
  6. Click on Confirm and Merge, then accept the terms and conditions. After that, click again on Confirm and Merge. 

While Amazon allows merging two accounts, it should be done with caution. It is always best to ask permission or inform Amazon about your plans of merging two accounts and a valid explanation before doing it yourself. This may help prevent sudden suspension or shutting down of your seller account.

How to Register and Sell in a New Country?

Can I Merge Two Amazon Accounts

Amazon sellers can sell in a new country through Global Registration. If you are interested in selling to a different region, here’s how to register.

  1. Sign in to your Seller Central account in the country you are selling already and click on Sell Globally. You can find this on the drop-down menu from Inventory.
  2. Find the tab of the region or country you want to sell and register and click on it.
  3. Click Register for the region or country where you want to start selling.
  4. When asked to sign in again, use the email address and password you are using for the country where you are selling already.
  5. To complete the registration, you may be asked to provide additional details. Be sure to give the correct information needed. When you are done with the registration, the new country or region you registered to sell will automatically merge.

Are There Subscription Fees for Merged Accounts?

Expect to pay a Professional selling plan subscription fee for your merged accounts. Professional selling plan fees vary from country to country. However, Amazon is offering it at a reduced price. 

The fees when you merge your accounts will either be:

The total subscription fees for every country where you have active listings or the equivalent of $39.99 per month in USD, whichever is lower.

For instance, you are selling in Singapore and in Mexico, and you both have active listings in those countries. As per the conditions above, the fees will either be the total subscription fees or the equivalent of $39.99 USD, whichever is lower. 

In this case, you only have to pay for the subscription fees in Mexico, which is 600 MXN or $30.43 USD, since there are no subscription fees in Singapore. The total sum is 600 MXN, and since it’s lower than $39.99 USD, Amazon will only charge you the lower fee. 

What is the Policy on Merging Amazon Accounts?

Amazon’s policy on merging accounts is fairly simple, and sellers are expected to adhere to it. As per Amazon’s policy, only the owner of the accounts can merge them. An integrator who’s assigned to manage the account or a web agency is not allowed to do it. It is only the owner who is allowed to merge their global accounts.

It is important to remember that once you have merged your account, you cannot undo it anytime in the future because it’s permanent. So, make sure to think about it hard before deciding to merge your accounts.


While Amazon allows merging accounts or creating multiple seller accounts, it is best to read and understand the Terms and Conditions, especially their Business Solutions Agreement. You wouldn’t want to get your account suspended and have to hire an Amazon seller lawyer to reinstate your account. 

Please share your experience selling globally and merging your Amazon accounts in the comments. 

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