Recommended books for Amazon FBA Sellers


One of the best books I read recently, will shift your thinking from being all over to being laser focused and knowing that if you focus on one thing only, starting your day focusing on the single one thing that will make everything much easier or unnecessary.

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I read this just before I started my Amazon FBA Journey! This book allowed me to be successful on Amazon because I had no choice but to wake up early and work on my Amazon Business due to my 9 to 5 job, this book help me understand the power and the quite time you have waking up early while everyone else are sleeping!

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One of the most famous self development books if not the most popular one in the entire history written by Napoleon Hill. This is a book that I read at least once a year and he is covering there how by strong desire to something and a plan you can achieve anything in life! 

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Excellent book that will change the way you think about setting goals and getting to your goals quicker, it changed my mind because if you adopt the principles that are been shared in this book you can dream bigger and understand you don't need X amount of time to get to point Y, recommend you all reading this book! 

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I follow the compound effect principles before reading it, I strongly believe that to achieve something big, you have to build a plan and slice it into small actionable pieces that you can digest and that are attainable.

This book is all about small steps that leads to huge success, I was able to learn Spanish in 5 years investing 5 minutes a day for 5 days a week (it didn't feel hard because I did divide it into something easy of 5 minutes a day)

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