How You Can Use An Amazon Short URL To Earn Extra Income!

by Tomer

October 8, 2021

We are all looking for ways to earn extra income, especially during the time of COVID-19 where we are spending much more time at home than before. While surfing the web and scrolling through your social media feeds, you may be encountering “” Amazon short URL links.  What exactly is this link and why are they everywhere now?

In this blog we will demystify Amazon short URLs and show you how you can get involved in Amazon affiliate marketing!

What Is An Amazon Short URL?

Amazon short URL

An “” Amazon short URL is a shortened address that directs to the Amazon website. “” alone already directs a user to the home page of Amazon, but there are also other unique links that serve specific purposes.

It can either be a simple shortened link for a product on Amazon, following the format of “” or in most cases it is an affiliate link. Amazon short URLs eliminate long complicated URLs that are eye-sores.

Amazon short URL affiliate links are a convenient way to refer people who have visited your page to a specific product on the Amazon website. When your visitors click on an Amazon short URL affiliate link that you have promoted, you will earn a commission from the sale if they purchase the item. This is a great way for anyone with a blog, YouTube channel, any kind of website to earn money online while doing what they love! It is all part of the Amazon Associates program, an efficient way for you to monetize your content on the web!

What Is Amazon Associates And Affiliate Marketing?

Amazon short URL

Amazon Associates is a program for individuals like bloggers, vloggers, publishers,  businesses, and other kinds of content creators to engage in affiliate marketing. In affiliate marketing, an individual or company receives a commission from a product sale after promoting it as long as the buyer purchases directly on the webpage with the affiliate link. The commission rate will depend on the category that the product is in, but affiliates can earn up to a 20% commission per sale.

These affiliates will often create a blog, video, or other types of content and describe why they love the product. They are able to track which of their affiliate links get the most views or sales to give them an idea of how well they are promoting the product.

Benefits Of Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Amazon short URL

It Can Help You Brainstorm Your Next Content Ideas

A plus side to being an Amazon affiliate is that when thinking of products that you want to promote, it can become part of your brainstorming process of what to talk about next on your site. For example, if Summer is coming around, you can create a blog or YouTube video on your Top 5 Must-Haves for a Day on the Beach!

You Can Personally Choose Which Products You Want To Promote On Your Site

Amazon values its partners and sellers and they want an authentic experience for everyone involved. It’s best that as an affiliate, you only promote products that you truly use and would personally recommend to a friend or family member.

It Is A Great Way To Make Money Online With Minimal Experience!

If you are just starting out on building a following, you may not be ready for sponsored brand posts yet. These kinds of projects usually come along for those who have a larger following and dedicated audience already. As an affiliate with minimal experience, you can start to earn extra income from the products you promote – and there’s no limit on how much you can make! 

How Can I Sign Up For The Program?

If you have read Amazon Associates’ Program Policies and feel like you fit in well, you can sign up in these simple steps!

  1. If you don’t have one already, create a page or blog for your content
  2. Click “Sign Up” on the Amazon Associates homepage
  3. Disclose your account information
  4. Provide your website address and preferred store ID
  5. Explain to Amazon how you are able to drive traffic to your site.
  6. Choose your payment method
  7. Create your own Amazon Affiliate links!

How Can I Create My Own Amazon Short URL?

Amazon short URL

If you are all signed up and ready to start promoting your favorite products from Amazon, the platform has its own dedicated page for you to create your short URL affiliate links to post on your page!

  1. Log in to your Amazon Associates account and navigate to the product listing on Amazon that you would like to promote
  2. At the top of your screen on the Amazon Associates toolbar, click “Text” under Get Link.
  3. Choose your Store ID and Tracking ID under the dropdown menus
  4. The platform automatically generates an Amazon short URL affiliate link for you
  5. Copy and paste the short URL on your page!

Amazon Associates offers affiliate links in the form of images and Text+Images as well, but the most common way of promotion nowadays is through simple text short URLs.

An Alternative Way To Create Your Own Amazon Short URL Affiliate Link

  1. Visit the Amazon Associates site and click on “Product Links” under the Product Linking dropdown menu
  2. Search for the product you would like to promote by ASIN or by keywords. On this page, Amazon also recommends the best selling products by category. You can also filter products by Featured, Pricing, Average Customer Reviews, and Newest Arrivals.
  3. When you see the product you are looking for, click on Get Link. This will bring you to a Customize and Get HTML page
  4. Customize and get the HTML or Amazon short URL affiliate link for the product
  5. Copy and paste the affiliate link on your page!

Final Thoughts

The Amazon Associates program has made a fun and easy opportunity for bloggers and content creators to supplement their income. The reason why you may have been seeing these Amazon short URL links everywhere is that Amazon’s affiliates genuinely love sharing their favorite products with their followers!

It’s a way for them to create special relationships and ways to interact with their followers when they all enjoy buying the same products.

Now it’s your turn…are you going to give Amazon Affiliate Marketing a try?

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