Top 5 Amazon Sales Rank Tracker Tools – Which One Should You Choose?

by Tomer

September 29, 2021

Analyzing the performance of your Amazon sales of numerous products can be a tedious task when you do it on your own for. Finding the right Amazon sales rank tracker tool to help you see everything in one place can make each business day run smoother.

There are powerful tools out there that can track your Amazon Sales Rank for all of your products.

But first, let’s start with the basics:

What Is The Amazon Sales Rank?

amazon sales rank tracker

The Amazon Sales Rank – also known as Amazon Best Sellers Rank (BSR) – is a measurement of a product’s popularity. What does this mean for you and your business?

An Amazon sales rank tells you how well your product is selling compared to the rest of the products in the same category and several subcategories. The ranking can range from #1 up to #1,000,000.

What You Need To Know About Amazon Sales Ranking

It’s Different From Keyword Search Ranking

In sales ranking, your product is ranked throughout an entire category. On the other hand, Keyword ranking specifically refers to how a product ranks in search results while searching for the specific keyword(s) the product is associated with.

Some sellers like to keep track of keyword ranking because keyword popularity fluctuates just like sales ranking does. There are keyword ranking monitoring tools for Amazon sellers and suggest to them the keywords that can help their product gain more visibility on the platform.

It’s Calculated Hourly

You can view your product’s position multiple times a day since it is changing round the clock. The Best Seller rankings change hourly to reflect Amazon’s reputation of always staying relevant and updated.

You can locate the BSR of a product by scrolling down to the “Product Information” section of the product listing.

Knowing that your product is constantly being compared against the rest of the products in its category is good for you because it will keep you focused on monitoring the performance of your products.

Amazon Ranks The BSR Mainly Based On Sales Velocity

amazon sales rank tracker

It’s actually quite the mystery how Amazon exactly calculates the rankings for the BSR. What we do know is that the formula is based on sellers’ sales velocity.

If you have higher sales velocity, your product’s rank will be closer to #1. If your products are consistently ranking high on the BSR – which means they’re selling a lot – then they’ll be pushed up to the Top 100.

On the other hand, if you are in a very competitive category and you’re not selling that much, then it is possible for your product to get ranked up to #100,000+.

A drop in rank only means one thing: a reduction in the velocity of sales. You might have reached a plateau, or you can use a product tracker tool to analyze if other factors are involved!

What Is An Amazon Sales Rank Tracker?

amazon sales rank tracker

An Amazon sales rank tracker is a program that automatically monitors, tracks, and updates your products’ daily BSR (Best Sellers Rank). You can then use this information to change your marketing strategies and product listings.

Some even optimize the SEO for your product listings. To use one, you usually need to know at least the ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) of your product(s). It’s important to understand that these are different from price trackers.

Why Do I Need An Amazon Sales Rank Tracker?

By using an Amazon Sales Rank Tracker, you’ll save time by not having to manually check your rankings daily. Let’s face it, you don’t want to spend the time checking your sales rank, but this task is vital in determining the profitability and growth of your business on Amazon.

Due to their ability to automatically update your products’ BSR, these tools are great for sellers that have a high number of listings.

Properly understanding the BSR is the key to success. If you’re not tracking progress, then it’s hard to monitor what strategies are helping and which ones aren’t working as efficiently as expected.

What Amazon Sales Rank Tracker Tools Can I Use For My Business?

There are different tools available to monitor your sales ranking on Amazon. Each functions differently and provides different needs for your business, and it is up to you as a seller to determine what you need most.


amazon sales rank tracker

Claiming to be the most advanced software to monitor sales performance, it can keep you updated on daily changes to Best Sellers Rank across multiple categories of Amazon.

They provide the information in visually pleasing charts and grids and help you see how you compare to competitors.

DataHawk offers both a Free lifetime plan, but when you pay for an account, you can track more products and keywords as well as get a higher range of analytics.

AMZ Tracker

amazon sales rank tracker

A very popular sales rank tracker with a wide range of useful features, it can help you manage your listings including optimization tips, alerting you of negative reviews, and help you with Super URLs.

In terms of tracking, it helps with Sales Rank and keyword tracking, amongst other features. AMZ Tracker offers an extended Free Trial to test it out before purchase.


amazon sales rank tracker

Like others, SyncCentric offers more than just sales rank tracking. It can also help with filtering your search, helping you analyze more specific results. You can also analyze pricing, competition, and other kinds of listing data & metrics by importing the records directly into your account.

SyncCentric offers both Free & Paid accounts, with the paid account tracking a significantly larger number of products.


amazon sales rank tracker

More than just an Amazon sales rank tracker, it’s a market intelligence tool too. It helps you see the demand for products across multiple e-commerce platforms as well as sales performance over the last month.

It suggests similar products to analyze to help you be familiar with your competition. It is free for those in the Amazon Sellers community and costs $27.99 monthly otherwise.

AMZ Insight

In graph form, instantly track your Best Seller ranking and see a detailed overview of your products. It also generates keyword ideas, tracks your critical reviews and alerts you where you can find your next product niche.

Plans range from $39 to $129 monthly, but all plans are free for the first 10 days.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have more information on how the Amazon Best Sellers Rank works for sellers, the benefits of using an Amazon Sales Rank Tracker are definitely clear.

Including this strategy in how you run your Amazon business will help you understand how the market is doing for each product you sell. It removes the mystery of what’s not for your business because the data is right in front of you!

As for which one to choose? It really comes down to what your line of business needs most and what you, as a business owner, need to learn the most data about to understand how to keep your business afloat.

Still struggling to discover what’s holding your Amazon business back? Take a look at our 1-on-1 coaching and read our complete Amazon FBA guide. We’d love to hear from you!

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