Amazon FBA Exit Case Study 2022: $10K to $1,768,422 in 3 Years

by Tomer

October 9, 2022

Have you ever thought of selling your Amazon business? If you’ve just started, it may not be something you’re thinking about now. Perhaps, you’re more worried about how you can grow it. 

But everything may change in the future, and you might want to sell it. Or, if you’re already in the process of selling your Amazon business, then make sure that you read the entire article to learn how I successfully sold my business.

When I was just starting my Amazon business, of course, it crossed my mind, but selling it wasn’t something I was constantly thinking about. Not until I realized the risks involved in having an Amazon FBA business that made me changed my mind. 

This is why I created this case study, so I can share with you my experience and what I went through on how I started the brand and how I sold it three years later for $1,768,422 with an original investment of $10K.

It will be a long article but read it thoroughly because it’s packed with value, and there are some hidden gems here that you can apply to help your Amazon business grow.

🔥 Major Highlights

👉Total revenue of $395,868 in the 1st year of selling 2019
👉Total revenue of $1,673,815 in 2nd year of selling 2020
👉Total revenue of $2,657,926 in 3rd Year of Selling 2021
👉Inventory worth $268,422 when selling my business.
👉Total time from $10K investment to $1,768,422 exit is 3 Years
👉Estimated profit within 36 months outside the exit: $910,793

Do you want to learn how to EXIT your Brand As I did for Almost 💲2 MILLION❓

The Million Dollar Exit Case Study is a free 28-pages educational that helps people learn how to sell on Amazon as we launch our own product and show every step of the process of me selling my brand a few months ago.

Few Highlights from the Case Study:

👉Business Sold for $1,768,422
👉Estimated profit within 36 months outside the exit: $910,793
👉Inventory worth $268,422 when selling my business.
👉My Plans for 2022 – 2023

To get a FREE copy of the CASE STUDY click on the link⬇️


About the author

My name is Tomer, and I founded Sourcing Monster to share proven tips and methods that I use every day for my Amazon business to provide value and growth for you as well as you journey through your own business!

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