Amazon Done For You Service: Is It Worth the Investment?

by Tomer

March 8, 2022

If you’ve heard about what goes into starting a private label, then you know that there is so much work to be done – from product research, choosing suppliers, testing and experimenting, and shipping negotiations. And that’s not even counting the time it takes to maintain the business after it has launched!

That’s where an Amazon Done For You service can come in handy.

Amazon Done For You service

In this blog post, we will discuss what an Amazon Done For You service is, the services that can be handled by one, the pros and cons, testimonials, and if I would ultimately recommend it to you.

Read the full article to learn about some alternatives if you decide that a Done For You service is not for you!

What is an Amazon Done For You service?

To help sellers to manage their storefront, an Amazon Done For You service handles several different tasks based on the agreement between the service provider and the seller.

Think of it as a business manager, except the services are tailored for Amazon. Aside from handling the day-to-day tasks, they also help you to stay competitive in the marketplace.

Done For You is a general term that can refer to either an agency or individual service providers.

Many people use the “Done For You” term to refer to Amazon Automation.

What is Amazon Automation? It is a type of software that automates processes to handle repetitive tasks. Examples of these repetitive tasks that a software can do would be things such as paying Amazon seller fees, managing inventory, shipping products, and more.

Done For You services and Amazon Automation are two different things, so pay attention and research what is being offered to you before you start paying for it!

If you want to learn more about Amazon Automation, read my article about it here.

Be aware that in this article, we are mainly referring to agencies when we talk about Amazon Done For You. 

​​What Services Are Usually Included?

Different service providers or agencies offer different services. Some offer packages that are “all-in,” in which services can include, but are not limited to:

Agencies that handle practically everything can charge a lot of money, but it can be worth it if you want to be completely hands-off from your business and just reap the rewards.

If you decide to hire a service provider instead, they will be able to handle a handful of these tasks, and you will still need to be very involved in the process.

Pros and Cons of an Amazon Done For You Agency


  • Free up time to focus on what’s more important
  • Mainly have to worry about capital 
  • They only contact you for important decisions
  • Higher chance of business success because the managers are experts (however they cannot guarantee anything – you hire them at your own risk)
  • The agency handles obstacles that would be very stressful for a seller to handle on their own


  • Can be very costly – up to tens of thousands of dollars
  • If the owner decides to stop using the service, they didn’t learn business skills to maintain the business afterward
  • Some service providers require a percentage of the seller’s profits
  • Service might be difficult to terminate, and the owner may have to continue paying even if they can’t afford it (depends on the provider)
  • You might not like how the managers run the business down the line
  • An agency may be working with several clients at a time which may slightly slow things down

Remember that these Pros and Cons depend on who the agency is because no two experiences are the same. You must ask them all your questions and check for reviews before hiring one. 

Also, consult with your lawyers before signing any contracts so there aren’t any hidden surprises later down the line!

Reported Testimonies from Amazon Done For You Clients

After doing some research, I have gathered this information from clients who have claimed to partner with a particular Done For You agency.

Take note that their experience may not be the same as yours if you were to hire your own Done For You agency. Not all agencies work the same way, and they will not all be able to produce the exact same results.

You are still responsible for asking your own questions and doing research.

  • It can cost around $30,000 upfront (depends on agency and terms)
  • They contact their client before making any decisions with the money they have invested
  • The products still belong to the client even after an ended contract if that is what is agreed on
  • The agency can help a seller choose the best category to sell in and how to make a product better than the direct competition
  • They are involved in giving options for variations of products and giving advice while testing them
  • You can work with different people in a team who help with aspects that they specialize in
  • The agency can negotiate the product photography if it is part of the package
  • The agency’s commissions can depend on the number of sales
  • One client reported it taking 10 months to finish a product due to 2021’s supply chain issues. (It may take less time or more depending on the supply chain situation and many other factors)

Would I Recommend It?

I handle my own business, and it can be difficult, but I believe that it’s a valuable set of skills to learn.

I have been selling through the private label model for almost 4 years now and have a lot of fun with it because this is my passion and has changed my life.

If you want to get your hands on some of the sweet profits then make sure they are not only who they say they are but also get clear with them on how much it’ll cost before starting anything new.

It has worked out for entrepreneurs who have their hands tied with other businesses they put more focus on and just want to sell on Amazon without worrying about it as much.

Think of what your long-term goal is for the business, because that is how they will know how to help you. Do you want it to run itself or do you eventually want to sell it?

Be aware that there are some Done For You services that get bad reviews, and you are responsible to do your research because there are service providers who are great at marketing their services that don’t produce the expected results.

If you decide to go for it, consult other sellers you personally know, make sure you can afford them long-term, and hopefully they offer exactly what you’re looking for!

I would personally recommend that even if you don’t manage the business hands-on, you learn how to manage an Amazon business, and invest time weekly to stay updated about how the Done For You managers are handling your business.

What You Can Do Instead

Hire a Virtual Assistant

If you don’t want a company to manage your store’s every detail and charge you a fortune, there is also an option to hire an Amazon virtual assistant. They are available on job sites like Upwork,, and Mynimo.

I have my own team of virtual assistants! They may not be able to start a new label and manage the business like Done For You could, but they do take some of the heavy lifting off my plate so I can handle the nitty-gritty Amazon responsibilities myself.

General administrative tasks virtual assistants are available, but there is also an increasing number who specialize in certain skills like account management, content writing, or graphic design and specifically handle those needs for you!

Watch my video, The Complete Guide on How To Use A VA For Amazon FBA Business, to learn how to make the hiring process much easier. I also have an article, The Ultimate Guide to Hiring the Right Amazon Virtual Assistant which goes over a few things not mentioned in my video.

In my video tutorial, you will learn about my personal method of hiring which I have spent years of trial and error learning how to improve.

Take a Private Label Course

There are many courses available out there designed for completely new sellers who have no idea where to start. 

They usually go over the steps of business requirements, product sourcing, supplier negotiations, shipping options, listing, and finally launching. Some also get into how the business can be well maintained and scaled.

I have a video and article for Tim Sanders’ Private Label Masters course review, which also shares alternative courses for you to check out from other expert sellers.

Get Business Coaching

Although following a business course can teach you how to do things on your own, it can often be dull and unmotivating. Not having someone to hold you accountable can make it difficult to get the work done.

Business coaching can be a better option because it provides entrepreneurs with the personal support they need to succeed. Coaches are there to provide guidance and advice, and they can also help entrepreneurs stay on track with their goals.

Do you wish there is someone you can talk to? Who can guide you? Who knows exactly what it’s like to be in the same spot as you?

Sourcing Monster’s Amazon FBA 1-on-1 coaching is great for new sellers who don’t know where to start or existing sellers who need help identifying a problem that is hindering them from reaching their greatest potential.

With 1-on-1 Coaching, I will teach you on how to scale your business to become a global brand. We will get organized and develop a plan, and together, we will create a customized strategy for growth fitted to your needs.


An Amazon Done For You service is a great option for sellers who want to focus on their lives outside of business and are willing to pay the price.

It can be very expensive, however, sellers still go after this option because their own mistakes can be even more costly! Some sellers lose the same amount of money as it would take to invest in an Amazon Done For You service!

If you can’t afford a service worth up to tens of thousands of dollars but still want to make your life easier, I have provided several alternatives for you to consider in this article.

Are you going to consider a Done For You service? If you don’t want to, you don’t have to worry. The Sourcing Monster blog is full of information and resources to help you get your business running!

About the author

My name is Tomer, and I founded Sourcing Monster to share proven tips and methods that I use every day for my Amazon business to provide value and growth for you as well as you journey through your own business!

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